Monday, November 12, 2018

Treal Toonz Have An Award Winning Time At "FALL ART ON THE SQUARE"!

The Certified Treal II:Art Tour has been really making it's impact. And placing Treal Toonz creator, JaFLEU in the most amazing of places. This time, JaFLEU was the featured live painter at the renown "Fall Art on the Square" in downtown Delray Beach, FL.

The two-day juried art festival featured 80 talented creatives from all over. Happening on Old School Square, JaFLEU's Treal Toonz booth was perfectly place directly in front of The Cornell Art Museum as art lovers entered.

Boy was this a weekend to remember as JaFLEU/Treal Toonz recieved one of the three"Merit Of Honor" awards.

Speechless, inspired and
in awe... The Haitian American cartoonist launched in on his piece.
Selling the live painting directly off the easel soon as it was signed!.

During the weekend the sales came through! Be it posters, originals and even his merch... like these two Treal Toonz backpacks that are being sent to Germany!

Influence by listening to Jay-Z "American Gangster", JaFLEU's live art ended up creating a new character called "The American Gangster"

The American Gangster: Do I Look Concerned?
$25 Posters

The American Gangster: I Play My Cards, Nice
Buy The Original
$25 Posters

This weekend was extremely validating, and further prove the course we're on is the right path!

All Praises to The Most High, Ancestors & Spirits!

Stay Tuned for the next dates.


Friday, November 9, 2018

TREAL TOONZ Partners with Wild Fig Coffee and Book Shop x JAFLEU Live The Weekend!!!!

Treal Toonz are on the move!!!! Ladies and Trealmean!!!!!

Treal Expansion

The times just keep getting more exciting for Treal Toonz!!! We've been blessed with the honor to have Treal Toonz posters and soon to be merch go on sale at The Wild Fig Coffee and Book Shop interested in Lexington, Kentucky!!!!!

After building a friendship with April of the black owned establishment during JaFLEU's trip to The Highlander Center in Tennessee. A deal was made to carry TREAL Toonz.

But how's this for a twist. A dew years ago, JaFLEU artwork was the cover art for Shauna M Morgan's newest poetry book. And it would happen not only did she do a reading there but copies of her were there already.

Which is now in what we like to think of as "The Treal Toonz Section" with more work like author  Jasira Monique's "Woman On The Move" soon to join it!!!

"It's moments like these that give me goosebumps!" - JaFLEU

Be sure to follow and fist Wild Fig Coffee and Book Shop!!!

Treal Toonz Ready For "Art on The Square"

Yes, yes y'all and it don't stop!!!! We're set and ready for this weekend art festival "Fall Art on The Square" where JaFLEU is the featured live painter all weekend.

 And you'll be able to find him set up right in front of the museum!!!!

Saturday & Sunday 10-5p!!!

Don't miss out!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Catch JaFLEU Painting Live at Fall Art On The Square!!!

Haitian American Cartoonist and Treal Toonz LLC creator, JaFleu The Artist's Certified Treal Il: Art Tour takes it next stop. As JaFLEU will be the featured live painter for during the Juried Fine Art Show presented by Cornell Art Museum featuring fine artists from around the country showcased on the beautiful lawn surrounding the Cornell Art Museum at Old School Square Center for the Arts.

Treal Toonz Artwork will also be available! Be sure to come out ro the two day art festival and enjoy the vibes and collect amazing artwork.

Book JaFLEU:

Checkout More Happy Treal Toonz Merch collectors!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

"TREAL TOONZ VOL. 1" A Collection of Editorial Cartoons! Out NOW!!!

Ladies and Trealmen.... TREAL TOONZ VOL.1! We know you've enjoy looking a reading the Treal Toonz. We know this because blog number hits don't lie lol. So since we love that you love us, we've put together a comic/magazine of the past 2/3 months Treal Toonz editorial cartoons.


Now these cartoons ranging from various subjects in black life are ones that aren't being/published in other publications outside of our site.

We hope you dig it!

We plan on doing it every couple months. The mission, bi-monthly. This is our first go around and we plan on making it better and doper everytime.

Just another way to support Treal Toonz LLC.


Stay Treal!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New Treal Toonz Christmas/Kwanzaa Merch & More!!!

Tis the holiday season! And we've got some trealness  just for you and yours!

It all starts with Treal Toonz LLC creator, JaFLEU's handdrawn and watercolored cartoons featuring the Treal Tales characters!

Which leads us to what's treal!!!

Treal Toonz Holidays Merch:

$25 Posters

Merry Trealmas

Happy Kwanzaa

Holiday Cards :

Merry Trealmas

Happy Kwanzaa

Christmas Stocking:

Merry Trealmas


Merry Trealmas

Happy Kwanzaa

GET Your Treal Toonz LLC Merchandise!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kings Hit The Road To Keep It Treal in Jacksonville Art Show!

October has been quite exciting. And the
final stop of this month's Certified Treal II Art Tour led to Jacksonville, FL for Pusha: Kings Road Edition.

Being held at Studio Zsa Zsa Lapree Art Gallery. Visualist & JaFLEU traveled to North Florida to show how they hold it down.

The energy and vibe was amazing, the other artists and performers where nothing short of greatness. And JaFLEU also put it down performing "To Whom It May Concern" & "Young, Gifted & Black".

It a perfect way to close an October weekend.

November & December's tour dates are to be announced soon.

To Book JAFLEU to Live Paint, Perform & more email