Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm on my shizzle right now... Shine (Prod Damien Becton) Snippet

Oh yeah baby Confessions Of An MC is like a rolling stone right. Won't stop and crushing everything in sight. I'm just bugging right now. But I been on my shizzle (do people even still say that) lately. Dame hit me up this mourning and told me "git err dun" and yeah man bada bing bada boom kablaow!!! (R.I.P Billy Mays btw). So peep the snippet of Shine. Also I gotta at the homie Smoove AB who been owning me since forever!!!! (R.I.P NBS LOL) And I got this track called "Never Leave Me Alone" that he did that I know ya'll gonna feel. Anywho I'm a little hype as you can tell by reading this. I got to update the tracklist for COAMC do to some new songs. I told ya'll July 4th is a long way and we in the zone owwwwwwwwww. Now all thats left is that darn Flowzmen collab!!!!

Shine (Prod Damien Becton) Snippet

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Snippet "My Confessions" Prod Damien Becton and Vote Eric Young Infinite

To set this off right I want you guys to vote for my homie Eric Young Infite a dope MC from the Chi's song "Money, Money" by Major Leauge feat Eric Young Infinte.

Also check him out at his Myspace

And here's a new snippet from Confessions Of An MC called "My Confessions" produced by none other than Damien Becton, Holla back

My Confessions Snippet (Prod Damien Becton)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson.... Update On Confessions Of An MC *Tracklist*

First and foremost R.I.P. Michael Jackson. Anyone who really knows me, knows how much of a fan of MJ's music I am. He wasn't just some guy who could sing, he was the ultimate performer and a amazing songwriter. If you examine his lyrics they often times read as great poetry. It sucks that he's now gone but he'll never be forgotten. So rest in peace MJ, your music has done what any real artist you dream of. And that's not just huge records sales and fame, but touched lives and changed the world. You were never a gimmick, you always remain true to who you were with your music. Bareing your soul and passion everytime you hit the stage. You were so Bad, that you were Off The Wall. Your music was Dangerous to the fake, History is what you made. Your were the Thriller, InvincIble. God knew that in heaven's choir that you Got To Be There, a close friend to all like Ben. Made us believe in Music and Me, so you'll live Forever Michael.

So i'm pretty much 99.9 % done with Confessions Of An MC. All that's left is my features to get back to me with there vocals. Wanted to keep it short and to the point. The purpose of this project was just to vent a little. As for now this is the tracklist, I mean there is a lot of time between now and the 4th of July. So who knows if i'll get anymore inspiration or beats or what have you. As far as a cover I'm going to just you this unless something comes up.

1. Lonely At The Top (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
2. Only God Can Judge Me (Prod Damien Becton)
3. Dear Hip-Hop II ft Nicey, Soopa, Krispy K (Prod Damien Becton)
4. Know What I Feel ft Nicey (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. My Justified Love (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. You'll Getbye (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
7. Hazard To My Self ft Nike Laos (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
8. Lost (Prod Snapy Dee)
9. My Confessions (Prod Damien Becton)
10. Chasing Rainbows (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. I Pray (Prod Damien Becton)
12. Breakaway (Prod Snapy Dee)

So there you have it. July 4th is the release date. Plenty of time for me to mix, re-mix, mix again and record tracks lol.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My lyrics to "Beneath The Winters Cold" a feature for Swaggz joint *Song Added*

So Swaggz hit me up about doing a collabo on this track called "Beneath The Winter's Cold". This song sounds so beautiful. I had to hunt down the orginal. I was inspired and knocked out a verse quick. I happen to think its a dope verse btw lol. I think it just fit the zone I'm in as I'm working on Confessions Of An MC so he caught in me while I'm in my zone. Look forward to it being completed and Swaggz dropping it.

"Beneath The Winter's Cold" lyrics

Summer in my city

But why does it feel

Like the coldest winter

When they

Gaze at me

I feel


Flowing through my body

Need God to guide me

I’m loosing my mind



And they keep on piling

Boulders and boulders

On my chest and shoulders

Like it’s my fault

The good days are over

Everything has a season

Some acting like its treason

For me to chase my goals

Just leave me alone

Tried to look up

But the crown’s

Just to heavy to hold

Dear heavenly father

They say you’re the author

So I need for you to

Write something to go


In my life

Cause I’m tired of the strife

And everyone acting like

I owe them

My life

I’m just barely getting bye

Reduced to the cries

Being hunted

By rumors and lies


And once again thanks for the myspace views on "I Pray" snippet and feedback. Been hearing good things and my page got over 60plays plays on my page for that day for just a snippet, cool. :)

Song Added Click Link to check it out

Swaggz - "Beneath The Winters Snow" feat JaFleu

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recorded the dopest song last night “I Pray” *Snippet Added*

So far so good, the tracks are coming out crazy, way better than I expected. There’s one song I’m especially excited about called “I Pray” produced by none other than Damien Becton. I just so happen to have this beat still laying around I guess it was for this time. It’s such an incredible instrumental, very soulful and sets the mood. Dame did his thing on it. I used the bedside prayer as the hook

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep

And If I Die Before I Wake

I Pray The Lord

My Soul To Take

Sent it to Talton and Dame and they both agreed it came out classic. Did a few more mixes on it. And I’m satisfied with how it sounds for now. Debating rather I should drop the full song or just a snippet or just wait til the project is complete. I’m leaning towards putting a snippet on Myspace. And I just did the “as of now” final mixdown of “Chasing Rainbows”. It came out dope. What ya’ll heard was the unmixed version. I’ll holla.

Click To Listen To

"I Pray" Prod By Damien Becton Snippet

Monday, June 22, 2009

New song off Confessions Of An MC...Chasing Rainbows (Prod Snapy Dee)

Snapy Dee flip a classic sample of Blue Magic's "Chasing Rainbows"

And it was just the perfect track for me to do some more venting. So here's another song from Confessions Of An MC which is moving along way faster than I expected. Guess I been inspired by recent events in my life. Looks like I'll actually make this July 4th date.

Chasing Rainbows (Prod Snapy Dee)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Razor "Must Of Been Blind" feat JaFleu (Prod Snapy Dee)

New song by my homie Razor featuring me called "Must Of Been Blind" produced by Snapy Dee. Song basically touches on betrayl from a close friend. From the UK to the USA connection.

Razor "Must Of Been Blind" feat JaFleu (Prod Snapy Dee)

Also check out he's last project "Soundscape"

Track Listing

1. 4th Dimension (Intro)
2. Feelin’ So Good
3. Unforgettable
4. The Titan
5. Part Time Rapper (ft King)
6. How To Get Started
7. Adrenaline (ft Nicey)
8. I Wonder
9. You Know
10. Underestimate Me
11. Violence
12. Close Your Eyes (ft JaFleu)
13. I Believe
14. Beware (Bonus Track)

[url=]MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service[/url] [url=]Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem![/url]
Before I go in on why I wrote this song let me give you a "backdrop" on what exactly a Restavek is:


Haiti's Forgotten Children

Thousands of children are living in slavery in Haiti -
taken from their families in the rural villages
or given up by desperately poor parents for the promise
of a better life in cities like Port-au-Prince, Jacmel or Les Cayes.

The promise is rarely kept.

Instead, the children, some as young as 3 years old, are whipped and abused, forced to fetch water, mop floors, wash dishes, care for babies not much younger than they are. They are forbidden to eat at the table and are forced to sleep on concrete or dirt floors.
They rarely get any schooling.

A United Nations study in 1998 estimated
there are 300,000 such children - known as restaveks,
a Creole word meaning "stay with".

The restavek phenomena, like slavery is a system that stresses ownership of the person versus the use of cheap or underpaid labor. The reason that so many of these children can be mistreated and often times beaten to death without any intervention from authorities or other adults is found in the reality that they are seen more as property than child laborers.

The life of a restavek is one that is comprised of continual day-to-day menial chores where they must serve everyone around them, and refer to them as monsieur or madame (sir or mam), even to those younger than themselves. They are strictly forbidden to speak unless spoken to. They are not allowed to display any emotions without fear of reprisal, or even voice any opinions about their daily needs. They are rarely provided with a chance for an education, an if so, they are relegated to second rate schools where they may or may not graduate based on the whim of the families who own them.

A restavek is easily discernible within the streets
of Haiti with their torn rags and tattered clothes
hanging from their strained and feeble limbs,
often times begging for food and money.

Unlike a "bonne" (maid) or a "gerant" (grounds keeper),
restaveks do not get paid for their services,
and are forced to perform chores
that others would not dream of doing.

However, the most gruesome reality for most of them
is that they are too often killed, raped and abandoned
in the streets once families no longer wish to keep them.

That such children even exist came to widespread attention
with the 1998 publication of the autobiography of
Haitian born Jean-Robert Cadet, a Madeira man
who himself was a restavek.

He returned to Haiti and heard the stories of other restaveks.

They are children like these:

"Rene' was severely beaten with a "rigoise"( a whip made of cowhide). Every strike lifted the skin and formed a blister ... He was made to kneel on a bed of hot rocks while holding two mango-sized stones in each hand high above his head. His puffy face was twisted to one side and his ragged shirt was glued to his broken body."

Modelene Doristan, a quiet girl about 8 years old,
who was brought to Foyer Maurice Sixto,
a shelter in western Port-au-Prince, by police.

"They beat me all the time at the woman's house",
she says. Modelene is whispering, pausing to pick
at a wound above her knee as she talks about her owner.

Naki MacPherson, a small boy with dark scars on his forehead and chest,
who looks about 7, but doesn't know his age. His owner beats him with a rock
when he doesn't work hard or fast enough. He is safe this day, playing a game
of marbles at Foyer L'Escale, a shelter in northern Port-au-prince
for restaveks who have run away.

A 13 year old restavek girl whose owners burned her severely when they covered her
with hair spray and lit it. "They lit the spray on the child to find out if the
spray was really flammable", said Haitian journalist Godfroy Boursiquot. The girl,
who had lived at Foyer L'Escale for three years, also told Boursiquot she was
sexually abused by the 18 year old and 20 year old men who owned her.

These restaveks are, surprisingly, not slaves of Haiti's rich, but of those too poor to hire domestic help. "Some of them live in an owner's place that is worse than the place they were living in the countryside", said caretaker Clermei de Rameau, better known as the maternal figure "Mamy George,"at Foyer Maurice Sixto.
"Some of them have slashes on their backs", Ms. Rameau said.
"Some of them get food at home; some of them don't".

"Once one of those kids was sleeping in a warehouse and a rat chewed
the bottom of his feet," said Ms. Rameau.

Social workers at Foyer L'Escale don't discover until well after the restaveks come to stay that many have been raped. Some refuse to tell their stories. One of the girls told Cadet last April how her owner had "given her the pepper", or rubbed a hot pepper in her crotch after finding someone raping her.

There are even a few restaveks who work for families that live in the street,
said Boursiquot, the Haitian journalist. Most owners are reluctant to send restaveks to public school not only because they have to pay for books and uniforms but, more importantly, they lose those hours the child could be working.

Most restaveks, alone and defenseless, live in constant fear of abandonment and punishment. Because it is a longstanding custom, an accepted slavery,
usually no one intervenes.

The Haitian National Labor Code makes it illegal only to use children under 12 as restaveks and obligates owners to pay for a medical exam for restaveks every six months, but they usually cannot or will not afford medical care for restaveks. Sick restaveks are most often abandoned.

The restavek system has existed nearly since the time Haiti was founded by freed African slaves in 1804 and has been virtually ignored by the worldwide aid community,
the U.S. and Haitians themselves.

This Is Cielo ...

All He Wanted Was A Chance ...
And A Way Out ...
To Be A Child Again.

He's Safe Now.
He's One Of The Lucky Ones.

Help The Others To Be Found.
Help To Give Them A Way Out
And A Bright Future.

Meanwhile, restaveks like Modelene, whose pink dress open to reveal a dark scar on her back where she was whipped, grow up invisible in a society that refuses to see them, and the descendants of freed slaves perpetuate a system of brutal captivity.

I too sing Haiti.
I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.
I'll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody will dare say to me,
"Eat in the kitchen," then.
Besides, They'll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed -
I too am Haiti.
- Langston Hughes

This is a scary, painful horror that goes uncheck in my home land. How can we as Haitian's pride ourselves in being the 1st Black Nation that was Free and yet enslave ourselves? I personally couldn't turn a blind eye to such a topic and just had to bring some kind of light to the situation in order to look myself in the mirrior and call myself a huMAN. I pray for my people everyday cause they are really suffering in more ways than I can imagine. And yet our society, no our so-called leaders of the "free world" ignore it. They rather go golfing and send our brothers sisters, mothers and fathers out to die for oil than lift a finger to help their neighbors.

I wrote this song because it's been on my heart for a minute. This is just the type of artist I am, I like speaking from my heart. I like tackling different topics, there is enough guys out there to give you songs about bling and traps etc. That's not what I'm hear to do rather you like it or not. This song means a lot to me, and i hope those that listen get something real out of it. Thank you all for taking the time to listen, and keep my people in your prayers.

Restavek's Song (Prod Mr. Vinyl)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Next project up is..................... Confessions Of An MC

Ok so I decided I'm going to do a 10 track tape/mini album called "The Confessions Of An MC". I've beeb going through some trials and what have you and need to vent if you will so this will be my outlet of sorts. It won't be fully centered around me cause as you know I love to talk about what I see and hear so maybe I'll have some POV stories, social commentary and what have you. You know the usual. We already know that Mr. Vinyl is going to appear on this production wise due to "Lonely At The Top". The first song I did for this project. The plan is to have the usual suspects, Damien (god willing), Snapy Dee, Crim and so on. Feature wise, dunno if i'm really looking to have any outside of the probable Flowzmen collabo and maybe the homie Razor. Will see what happens. I know I got tracks I need to finish for Nike Laos and Razor and I promise I got ya'll come Saturday (i'm a start on them NOW). So thats it pretty much, ya'll know how I get's down. Thanks for riding with me. I'm also getting started on the The Prodigal'Sun album, hopefully I'll get a cover from the homie Sai for that and I need to ask him for a cover for this project. Had a few chats with the label and we ready to really get it in, shoutout to everyone at Black Minds Ent. Now that I think about it there is another joint I'm a point on this tape that's already done featuring Nicey, produced by Snapy Dee called "Know What I Feel". I dropped it after M4N came out, it was one of the songs I cut from there. Just re-mixed it down so check it out. Once again it's on. Send beats my way if you got them/ want to peace!!!!!

Know What I Feel feat Nicey (Prod Snapy Dee)

And thanks for the prayers for my family, really appreciate it.

Oh and I'm a have the balls to actually put a release date on this for................................. July 4th.

One more thing Nicey - Late Graduation coming soooon owwwwwww

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peer Reviews Of Market 4 Nigga$


I'm diggin this tape man, i'ma be bumpin this frequently. DJ Mack wasnt lyin...

Welcome to the Market
Wow @ you speaking from a industry n1ga perspective. sh..t is tru yo, shame tho. damn @ the quality, you always got nice quality holmes. word bond. heard a bit of autotune, couldve done without but its barely noticeable. feeling that chorus yo, luv dat beat! but overall, this track is a great way to start off the title of your tape dawg, now less see what else u got in "store", lol...

My Stereo's Type
I like your delivery to this...flow is bangin yo. you really upped ya game after dat Hulk joint...i'm diggin this "true life story" vibe, u soundin like dat lady on BET off The Boondocks on that chorus, you was tellin da damn truth. LOL @ 3:39, "jus gotta get wit me babe!". it do feel like aint no point to put up a fight, N gotta get wit tha stereotype. man, this song got a great message, you REALLY upped ya game yo, no doubt. OK, next track...

Black Enough
dope beat yo...great flow for your standards ( lol ), kinda shaky but u breakin outta dat yo. i dig the Chris Rock samples, couldve been upped wit some more compression, but its right. i aint black but i feel where u comin from 100% percent [no homo]. def a great track N i think i might lop this on repeat soon. OK, next track...

Crabs In The Bucket
AYO how old is Daddy Mack? haha, well anyway, dont be a crab in the bucket...

Dead Silence
i used to follow dis dude when i was younger (Cam'Ron), i'm glad i'm a helluva lot smarter now. N hearing that interview made me realize how dumb he really is yo. but DOPE beat, i need to spit on dat one day. i'm well too familiar wit tha No Snitchin movement, works wit them "real snitches", but it dont help none when tha kids invloved. dis sh..t hits deep on some spoken word genre. flow was nice, delivery matches. DAMN you shouldve got me on dis sh..t yo, i'm really feelin dis right here. i cant say no more, next track...

Yo i remember this...some of them samples was off beat like a muhfuc yo. back when u was still experimentin tho so i aint trippin. luv dat beat, flow is nice like before. nice change in topic a lil to take minds off real life. but u already kno. OK, next track...

I'm A Nigger
dis beat aint got no bass...not even tha kick...well anyway, HAHA @ that chorus...then you come in like "...i aint tryna be funny". i digs the message tho, you mastered your charisma dawg, you are now identifiable. dope beat (but no BASS?!), nice melody, overall coo track homey, you really out doing yaself now...

Make Believe
I like the way that beat start up, but dat CHH need to be turned down some. damn, i'ma have to get some mixing tips from you holmes, i wanna do my mic justice. great chorus, nice Fleu, N that second verse sound like its based off Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan or sumptin of tha like. but i digs this mellow sh..t, its real moody. OK, next...USED TO CUT YOURSELF?!..n1ga,,,N1GA!!, LOL...OK, next track...

Nicey Interluge
fuc wrong wit Nicey's mic? shouldve fixed, Nicey's a funny n1ga yo...

Down 4 My Nigga$
This sound like another version of Razor's "Adrenaline Rush", but Fleu flipped it. wasnt feelin da punchlines on Nicey's part too much, but he jus said he luvs to boast did ya thing too tho, i likes the beat. nuthin much impressive, but i like Nicey's outro. OK, next track...

I Believe, I Believe
Ya peeps would be proud (that kind of story). change has come. i dug the beat, chorus coo. this one of those "JaFleu" tracks anyway, so aint much to say here but nice sh..t yo.

Missing You
*looks around for LL Cool J* this beat sound like sumptin he'd do/rip. i like it tho, good melody. great soulful track, mixing nice yo. whoever u dedicated this to would be proud i'm sure, so aint much to say to "these" kinda tracks. keep up the versatility.

As The World Turns
damn, what kind of mic you usin?...well anyway, i like the beat OK, sounds like church samples, chorus sounds professional my n1ga, made the beat sound that much more appealing (digs tha lil organ sample), this track is proof of one of ya great mixing skills dawg. hope to get to this level one day, but i like the flow, delivery on point, N vocals leveled low enough to let the beat bang. perfectness. lyrics is tite too tho, wont forget that. lol OK, next track...

run dat beat

There's A Market For...
great soundclip sample choice homey. deep sh..t. truth to the 5th power.

My President Is Black
AYE, HE MY PRESIDENT TOO n1ga!! looool. but uhh, yea, i digs this track, great beat choice too. like tha anthem before you close out. nice on the chorus, i feel ya holmes (no homo). dammit i PROMISE i'll learn how to mix like day. lol good job on this track. keep up the originality. FUC FOX NEWS!!!!!!!

SO...Bottom line, this tape is really awesome from ya last mixtapes. you really stepped ya game up this time. i'm impressed wit tha production N the compression used on the vocals N beats, so correct. i'm learning some things here yo. the messages on this tape really hit home (in a sense, lol), N you really stepped ya lyrics up too. you writing Niiice sh..t now dawg, big ups. we def gotta collab soon. --- to be honest, didnt think this tape was comin. wow huh? lol shame some of ya boys couldnt make it, hate when u waiting on verses N sh..t *reminisces on DW [no homo]*. but this tape turned out to be one of best, if not
THE best, mixtape from JaFleu i've ever heard holmes. you on ya way, see that deal you got taught you some things too.

N thass my two cents. holla @ me



Ok, I got to listen to this properly a bit earlier so here is my review/breakdown of it.

Intro - It's good to hear DJ Daddy Mack supporting you again on this mixtape, this isn't really anythin special but it serves it's purpose as an intro. It builds anticipation for the rest of the tape.

Welcome To The Market (Opening Bell) - Well the first thing that strikes me when I hear this beat is that I used this before back in '08 on "The Art of Expression". I remember you said you liked the beat at the time but I didn't think you'd use it lol, Snapy Dee did produce a classic though. Anyways, this is an excellent way to start the tape, I remember when you first dropped this I liked the line where you said "Don't forget to sag your pants if you want that chance". That line is nice, to be honest though I prefered the version without autotune because the lyrics had more potency then, it's still cool though. I'm feelin this.

My Stereo's Type - I like the way you use audio clips in some of your songs, it helps like the theme of the lyrics really well IMO, I like the way you created a metaphor by using the title that was fresh. Mr Vinyl did his thing on this track for real but to be honest it is the verses that really impressed me, especially the second verse. The story tellin from a womans perspective was ill. This song is proof that you have evolved as a lyricist which is good. At times the flow could've been IMO but it is minor, it is still a lot better than it used to be so that is good. I like this one.

Black Enough - Now this is what I'm talkin about right here, Snapy Dee created a monster with this one here, the production is ill once again. I really like the sample, anyways, a lot of what you were sayin is real talk, especially for cats trying to make it in the industry who try not to get typecasted into being a certain type of person just because they're black. There are a lot of quotables on this track, especially on the first verse, the flow was tight too. I like the use of the Chris Rock sample, it fits well with the track, it even sounds more authentic than Ludacris' Chris Rock sample on "Everybody Hates Chris". This is another dope track, one of the best on the tape.

Crabs In A Bucket - I can feel what DJ Daddy Mack was sayin here... whether it is true of him or not is another thing but he made a good point so props to him for that.

Dead Silence - I remember when I watched this interview a few years ago, I thought Cam'Ron was crazy but he just embodies the culture of the streets really. I'm glad you used that clip... yo, I'm gonna have to step my story telling game up because you are gettin ill at this. The verse is some real talk for real, especially the line where you said... "What goes around comes around, sometimes ten fold" that line is dope. I don't think I've ever heard a M.E.N.E beat before but this production sounds dope. This is one of the best story tellin tracks I've ever heard from you I like this.

J.A.F.L.E.U - This has to be one of Snapy Dee's best beats to date. It just has a vibe which makes you nod your head straight away, it's dope for real I've been listenin to this since you dropped it a few months ago and I still like it. You really blacked out on this, especially on the second verse the lyrics are sick, I'm not suprised it was featured on that mixtape last month because it is fire. If you didn't have a deal already I'm sure a track like this would get you one.

I'm A Nigger - I've always like Crim Lex's beats and this is no different, this track is short and sweet. I can identify with a lot of what you said, even though I'm not American I know what you are talkin about, especially on the second verse where you said "Get pissed when I hear a white kid recite it in a song" which is true, that's why I don't put it in my lyrics. Anyways, this is another dope joint, I really like the sample and the flow was hot.

Make Believe - This beat sound familiar for some reason, I don't know whether it is because I've heard the actual song before or just the sample. Anyways Mr Vinyl did his thing once again on this track, however, sometimes I think that the tempo of Mr Vinyl's beats make it hard for you to flow because they're usually slow and you rap fast. Other than that though this is cool, the story tellin once again is really impressive, as I said you've stepped your game up lyrically and this proves it. Your delivery is a lot better too, I can hear more emotion in your voice like when you said "I cut myself to see if I even really feel". That was sick, I like this song.

Nicey Interlude - Man, that instrumental is dope for real (Beanie Sigel ft Jay-Z) I could do with using that beat. Anyways, it's good to see Nicey giving you props on this interlude, lol at all of his AKA's, he just needs to mix his vocals a bit better.

Down 4 My Nigga$ ft Nicey & Krispy K - I aint gonna lie man, I asked Snapy Dee to send me this beat a few months ago when I was workin on "Soundscape" but he said you was using it so I had to work on somethin else, but I can't hate though because this joint is fire for real, at first I thought Nicey and Krispy K would out spit you in terms of energy but you kept up with them so props for that, it's a shame Soopa wasn't on this but it's still dope though. I can see myself playing this track often. I'm feelin this.

I Believe, I Believe - I like the Jay-Z audio clip you used at the beginning, once again it helped like the theme of the song well. This track sounds to me like somethin that would've been on the 25th Hour, it just has that motivational feel to it. You have really mastered the art of writing a dope chorus with this man, even though the beat is soulful this could still be like an anthem. The flow on this track is especially dope as well, I like the way you switched it up at certain parts of the verse, that was fresh. The audio clip of Barack Obama was nice too.

Missing You - This is another beat I thought about using but you got there before me lol, and plus I don't think I was ready to write such a personal song at the time. You did a really good job with this though, I think this was one of the first songs I heard from the mixtape and I still like it as much as I did back then. Crim Lex really did the sample justice, I like the way he flipped Notorious B.I.G's "Missing U". Overall this is another dope track, I can identify with this for real.

As The World Turnz - Hmmmm, at first I weren't really feelin the production but it has kinda grown on me since I first heard it. I like the concept behind this track, it has a nice uplifting vibe to it, the verses were dope but I wasn't really feelin this chorus to be honest, it wasn't bad at all (Actually I really like this lyrics) but I just didn't like the effect on Talton's voice, he sounds much better without it IMO, I really don't think he needs it because he has a good voice, other than that though I like this song.

Outro - Good to hear DJ Daddy Mack again... he could do with getting a better mic though.

There's A Market For Nigga$ - Talaam Acey does have a point with this speech but to be honest I don't really identify with all of what he says because he sounds like he is trying to stereotype a lot of rappers which when not all rappers are the way he described them. A lot of rappers don't ask for people to buy their CD's because sell crack or got shot, it's the people who are attracted to their music. He also seemed to stereotype little rich white kids but I suppose that's another story, overall it's a good audio clip.

My President Is Black - This is a nice way to close the mixtape, once again this is like another anthem on the mixtape. Even though it's 6 months since Obama was made president it is still fresh in people's minds so the song is still relevant. The flow seemed to slip a little in the first verse but the rest of the track was on point, I like the way you flipped the chorus by saying "My president is black, my skin tone too" that was fresh. I'm feelin this.

Overall, I have to say this is your best mixtape without a doubt... it is the most well rounded and cohesive collection of music you've ever dropped IMO. I remember you said a few months ago that your mixtape wouldn't be complete without a
Damien Becton beat but you just proved that you don't need a single producer to make you, YOU have your own sound and that is all that matters, the lyrics on this tape are another level. The production is ill and the mixing is one of the best on this site, I've heard albums with poorer mixing than this mixtape (with the expection of DJ Daddy Mack's and Nicey Interluded). I haven't really got anythin negative to say about this, if there was one thing I could criticise it would probably just that it could've had a bit more diveristy in terms of subject matter, for example I think you spoke about Obama on about 3 different songs on this tape, which is cool but you mentioned him on 2 songs on your last tape too. Other than that though this is sick, I'm really glad that you managed to drop this despite that hard times you've had personally. Hopefully you'll be able to move on to bigger and better things from here, keep it up.



This Mixtape was your best to date, lyrically and by beat choice...i like the metaphor of the crabs in the bucket daddy mack was talkin' there was maybe two or three tracks i didn't really feel too much...and some tracks i liked..but there were some tracks i'd relisten to a bunch....such as, down 4 my niggaz (cuz you matched me n krispy
) dead silence (cuz ya story tellin' was fuckin' impeccable in the song) & black enough (i just liked how everything linked)....You Gotcha Flow Down Pact And Errthing....Much Respect For Runnin' With A Topic And Deliverin'...The Only Problem Had Was Some Tracks Production...and thats a big part to me...but errthing else was nice...Much Respect Jay....This Is Why Your So Different, And Not Only Diff But Better In Aspects As Well....Delivery Was Even On Point...Some Sick Shit Dude..

9/10....classic far as hhu tho'...



Mixtape was crack...your best work so far. Delivery was pretty good, still a lil choppy, and the concept was really good. Flow is still a lil iffy at some points but you've really come a long way since your last project. The production on this was really on point too. Dead Silence = crack


Nike Laos

welcome to the market - lovin' the beat, word to snapy. flow is steady sun, likin' it, content is lalalalalala.... i feel you tho, hearin' that auto-tune in here, didn't distort the vocals completely so it wasnt bad... track was pretty nice tho, werd

my stereo's type - feelin' that audio quote in the beginning... beat is aight... turn all ya pain and sorrow into dividends, feelin' that, some real shit on this track right chere... lol @ the demon effect, werd up, be goin' in.. track was straight

Black Enough - beat is cool... haha, word to Chris Rock... civil wars between black people and niggas... and niggas have got to go. you ain't hood like 50, ain't like cam... i deff feel you on this track here, sun, werd... am i black enough for ya, ha sample is on point... bein' haitian wasn't the thing to be... werd. we done came up... good track... niggas brag about shit they supposed to do lol word

Crabs In A Bucket - young as hell in the voice lol... AHHHH thats my beat sun... sun dont sound completely comfortable with his reading voice, little subtle things in his tone and delivery... but i feel what he was sayin'

Dead Silence - damn cam, i still remember how everyone looked at sun like nigga... cmon now. beat is sick... track remind me of some wale shit, werd to the Kramer... what goes around comes around, sometimes ten-fold... i feel you... track is some dope shit, word up

J.A.F.L.E.U - beat is aight, some older type shit, scratching was on point tho... confessions of an mc, feel you haha... no shackles but actual slave to my trade... it always gets deeper, werd. track is on point but i really wasn't jammin' the shit like the other tracks so far

I'm A Nigger - nas meets wale >_>... lol nah. sound like some old country tune type shit, irony... track is cool.

Make Believe - flow is nice on this track, feelin' this track right here... slowly exhale as i exit hell... shit is nice yo, werd up... like the beat man.

Nicey Interlude - lol more aka's than sororities...

Down 4 My Nigga$ - shit goes hard, beat had sun nodding instantly... nicey did his thing on tha first verse... when you started i aint really like your delivery, but as it went on it got better... lyrically it was straight... krisp went in on his verse, shit was nice...

I Believe, I Believe - werd to the big homie obama... feelin' the concept that you rolled with on this one, hook was dope... track went hard sun

Missing You - damn @ the beat, but word tho.... feelin' this track alot sun, shit is some real shit man... lyrically you did you thing, delivery was on point... one of the top tracks on this shit imo

As The World Turnz - lol @ the beat. track's s'aight... hook was nice, lol the homie talton be doing work yo... nice.

Outro - lol ddm promo'ed himself hard on this shit...

There's A Market For Nigga$ - feelin' this shit here, werd to that black ice shit that fab had on real talk... good closing to the tape, werd up... most heads who feed say that, but it really does round the tape out well

My President Is Black - you already know, track is on point

I Believe, I Believe... Down 4 My Niggas... Make Believe... Dead Silence... Black Enough, Missing You... liked those tracks the most, overall shit was on point sun.. still can iron out some kinks in the flow but on the whole shit is on point, say woooooooord... you doin' it right son


Snapy Dee

Here's my review and once again, congratulations on the mixtape, i know you worked hard on it. [B]Welcome To The Market (Opening Bell)[/B] - One of my favourite tracks haha. I like that whole part that starts with [I]"welcome to the market young artist"[/I]. The hook is good, lalala in the background was a nice idea. I see that you changed the delivery on the 2nd verse but it's still good. [I]"Don't forget to sag your pants"[/I] haha. My favourite part is at the end: [I]"I'll die for my music, ride just to do this, there's a market for niggas and i ain't gonna use it"[/I]. [B]My Stereo's Type[/B] - Dope track title. The beat is cool. Lyically, this track is just as strong as the previous one. [I]"I know you went to university...but we're trying to release an album this summer and make you our one hit wonder"[/I]. [I]"Forget your wife and kids..."[/I] I like the voice effect on the hook. Damn, the 2nd verse is even better...[I]"maybe then you can do a song uplifting the women, but i need you to tell them it's all about the Benjamins..."[/I] And third verse is so true, [I]"create the image that claims you're the hardest"..."beef with everybody out, boy"[/I]. The outro is sick lol. Very good storytelling track. [B]Black Enough[/B] - I love the flow on that part from [I]"shit's getting out of hand"[/I] to [I]"how you're gonna be a star if you ain't hood like 50"[/I] - SICK! I like how you described the situation where they're telling you that it's gonna be hard for you to make it if you ain't "never popped the gun and sold drugs". The 2nd verse is strong...[I]"'cause i wasn't a snake, playing fake, my soul won't burn in that lake"[/I]. lol at the audio clips, Chris Rock is crazy hahaha... [B]Crabs In The Bucket[/B] - DJ Daddy Mack made a good point here, even though he sounded bored lol. Nice interlude. [B]Dead Silence[/B] - Cam'Ron should hear this track lol...really. He sounds dumb, especially at the end. I like this story you told here, man. Great message imo. The acapella part at the end is dope...[I]"all you had to do was speak"[/I]. This is definitely one of the best tracks on this tape. [B] J.A.F.L.E.U.[/B] - I like everything about this track lol, like Razor said "you really blacked out", and the flow is dope. [I]"I was born to win so where do i begin?"..."have you no eyes, have you no ears?"[/I] haha. Shit got better on the 2nd verse, especially on the first 4 bars. One of your best tracks, no doubt. [B]I'm A Nigger[/B] - Nice beat. This is a dope track. I'm not black, but i can understand what you're talking about here. [I]"Doesn't matter if we change how it's spelled you can't erase the pain"[/I] man, that line is sick. [I]"Get pissed when I hear a white kid recite it in a song"[/I] - real happens out here too, and dudes be using that word like it ain't nothing, probably because they don't even know any black people. I guess they think it's a "hip-hop thing" or something, but i never use it because it's just not right. [B]Make Believe[/B] - I'm feeling this sample. Hi-hats sound like they're not mixed properly but that's a small thing. This is another good storytelling track, i especially like the 2nd and 3rd verse. [I]"I don't make love to them, i just make believe"[/I]. I like the emotion on the last verse...[I]"mama's never home, papa's always gone, so i just move along..."[/I]. [I]"Maybe i could be the images on the TV screen, my life is as dark as the deadliest scenes"[/I] I really like this track. [B]Nicey Interlude[/B] - lol AKA this, AKA that...i love this instrumental! But yeah, he said some good things about you. [B]Down 4 My Nigga$[/B] - Damn, i love how this turned out! I really like your delivery here, i mean all of you. Lyrically it was nice too. And like i said before, too bad that Soopa didn't get on this lol. One of my favourite tracks. [B]I Believe, I Believe[/B] - I remember this track. I love the beat, i think it's perfect for a track like this. Audio clips are sick, especially the one at the end with that woman crying. Nice lyrics. I like the flow on that part [I]"Barrack Obama, the president elect"[/I]. The hook is great...[I]"nothing's impossible, impossible's nothing"[/I]. [B]Missing You[/B] - Nice beat, beautiful sample. I like your emotion on this track. Good lyrics, a lot of quotables...[I]"funny until one's gone you never fully understand their worth"[/I] that's so truth. This is one of my favourite tracks, i've been listening to it a lot since the first time you posted it. [B]As The World Turnz[/B] - This beat here has a nice melody, i just wish it had a better mix, but it's cool. I like the part about Jesus on the first verse. The second verse is sick, especially the beginning where you start to talk about your generation. [I]"Keep your eyes to the sky baby, gotta live it to the full baby..."[/I] [B]There's A Market 4 Nigga$ (Closing Bell)[/B] - I saw this video before on your myspace page. It's dope, i like how everything he said rhymed, that was amazing. [B]My President Is Black[/B] - Another one that i heard before, good track. Like i already told you, i really like that outro lol. The hook is dope too. I think that this is your best mixtape to date. You chose a good concept for it, and you made some really dope songs. Your flow and your storytelling skills are getting better and better. I can't choose a favourite track, but i can say that there definitely weren't no weak tracks on this mixtape. Every song has good lyrics and strong message, and that's what i like about your music. Keep doing your thing man, i'll be looking forward to your new projects.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Joint - Lonely At The Top (Prod Mr. Vinyl) Off Thoughts Of A MC

So as I begin work on The Prodigal'Sun album I'm working on another side project called Thoughts Of An MC (which i was orginally going to call Confessions Of An MC....might go back to that). Been going through alot and haven't really been able to be inspired to make any music but after a chat with my pops I came with an idea for one of the beats I had from Mr. Vinyl (what up bro). So with no further ado the unfinished/unmixed "Lonely At The Top". Reason I say unfinish is cause I may re-record or re-mix it


Monday, June 15, 2009

About Me Video

A little background bio about me, JaFleu filmed by myself and Jabori

Friday, June 12, 2009

Market 4 Nigga$ Concept and Tape

Cover By Sai :
DJ Daddy Mack will be officially hosting my upcoming project "Market 4 Nigga$", along side with the big homie Almighty R.I. The concept behind this joint is based of one of my favorite spoken words artist named Talaam Acey's piece "There's A Market For Niggas".

The plan is plan and simple we touching on controversial subjects in Hip-Hop/Black Culture. Subjects as The N-Word, Self Hate, Homophobia, Aids etc. I plan for this to be some off the chain in depth piff (as you youngin's say lol). Production is being down by Snapy Dee, Just Dame, Mr. Vinyl and whomever has heat that they feel will bring this to the level it needs to be. I'm going to get the label (in case you forgot, yes I'm signed to a indie label "Black Minds Ent." fill ya'll in on that and more later) behind this to help push it. Told them the concept and their excited. Me and DJ Daddy have been chatting and he's brought some crazy ideas to the table.

If you have some tracks you want to shoot my way feel free to pm me or email me @ [email][/email] or [email][/email]. This gonna be on some next level shit lol. Also I'm not sure if there is any, but any on this board but if there is a white and Latin (Mexican whatever sorry) MC on this board hit me up. I have an idea for a track called "Nigga Me" (haven't found a beat for it yet) where we talk about the word nigga/nigger from our cultures/ races perspective.

Intro - Rhetorical Imagery & Dj Daddy Mack
Welcome To The Market (Opening Bell) - Prod Snapy Dee
My Stereo's Type - Prod Mr. Vinyl
Black Enough - Prod Snapy Dee
Interlude - Rhetorical Imagery (if he did one)
J.A.F.L.E.U. - Prod Snapy Dee
Nigger - Prod Crim Lex
Interlude - Dj Daddy Mack
Dead Silence - Prod M.E.N.E.S
Make Believe - Prod Mr. Vinyl
Interlude - Nicey
Down 4 My Nigga$ ft Nicey, Krispy K - Prod Snapy Dee
I Believe, I Believe - Prod Mr. Vinyl
Missing You - Prod Crim Lex
As The World Turnz feat Talton - Prod Mr. Vinyl
Outro - Rhetorical Imagery & Dj Daddy Mack
There's A Market For Niggers (Closing Bell) - Taalam Acey
Bonus - My President Is Black

Before We Go Forward Peep My Past Projects!!!!

Well there is actually one project missing my very 1st which was Hip Hop 101, so as I find it i'll post it. Can't lie the quality was the epitome of crap recording out of my room in my parents house. Yet the lyrics and concept was that piff lmao.

No Protege, The Prototype Vol. I

Release Date: 07.10.2006


1. No protege', tha prototype intro
2. Can't hold me (Prod Andre Williams)
3. I'm in da streetz (Prod New Orleans 17th)
4. Thrill is gone ft deanero, black boi (Prod Deanero)
5. Magic moment (Prod Deanero)
6. Life of a ghetto child (Prod A2B)
7. Make you love me (Prod Fitz Classics)
8. Number one (Prod Ill Convoy)
9. Speak up (Prod Deanero)
10. Loving is wrong (Prod Fitz Classics)
11. Nothing like the real thing (Prod Deanero)
12. True love (Prod Fitz Classics)
13. Trouble ahead (Prod Ill Convoy)
14. What it is (Prod Willie James aka RJ2006)

No Protege, The Prototype Vol. II

Release Date: 03.02.2007


1. On my mind (produced by blakk ghost)
2. I'm back (produced by deanero)
3. Kick rocks (produced by damien becton)
4. Lonely girl (produced by deanero)
5. Drop that feat gq (produced by scott wu)
6. Summer in the city (produced by dj inhuman)
7. Fallen angels (produced by damien becton)
8. Don't give a feat mos (produced by deanero)
9. Keep it movin' feat gq (produced by deanero)
10. People talk (produced damien becton)
11. Hello feat eric young (produced by damien becton)
12. Blitz feat gq (produced by scotty wu)
13. Malcolm x interlude
14. Letter 2 da beast (produced by crim lex industries)
15. Have some love (produced by damien becton)
16. Ready or not (produced by deanero)
17. Standing ovation (produced by damien becton)
18. One (produced by damien becton)
19. Goodbye (produced by damien becton)

Hip Hop 102

Release Date: 07.20.2007

1.Yea Right (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
2.R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Prod A. Sizzle)
3.Legend In The Makin' ft GQ (Prod Scotty Wu)
4.Baby Baby (Prod Damien Becton)
5.Get Down feat GQ (Prod A. Sizzle)
6.Lady Love (Prod Damien Becton)
7.The Greatest ft J-High (Prod Deanero)
8.Born & Rasied In The Ghetto ft GQ, Money Making Mitch (Prod Damien Becton)
9.So Tired (Snippet) (Prod Damien Becton)
10.Have You Seen Her (Prod A. Sizzle)
11.Kept Rhymin' ft Dirty Words (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
12.Decisions (Prod Damien Becton)
13.Monae (Prod DJ Inhuman)
14.All I Need Is Time (Prod Mr. Vinyl)


Release Date: 01.14.2008

Disc 1

1. Back Against The Wall (Prod Fitz Classics)
2.One Life To Live (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
3.Forever (Prod Damien Becton)
4.Dear Hip-Hop (Prod A.Sizzle)
5.Death Before Dishonor feat GQ (Prod M.E.N.E.S)
6.Letter 2 Da Beast (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
7.So Tired feat Talton (Prod Damien Becton)
8.I Don't Know feat Kastro X (Prod Damien Becton)
9.Mad World (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
10.Same Old Me (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
11.If I Die Today (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
12.In My Soul (Prod Mr. Vinyl)

Disc 2
1.Don't Wanna Do Wrong (Prod Deanero)
2.Born-N-Raised In The Ghetto feat GQ, Money Makin Mitch (Prod Damien Becton)
3.Monae (Prod DJ Inhuman)
4.Listen feat Eric Young (Prod Scotty Wu)
5.Music's Spell (Prod Damien Becton)
6.All I Need Is Time (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
7.Kept Rhymin' feat Dirty Words
8.We Got Time (Prod Damien Becton)
9.Everything (Prod Mr. Vinyl)

The Incredible Hulk Mixtape : Unofficially Hosted By Rhectorical Imagery

Release Date: 06.25.2008

1. Opening Theme
2. Are You Ready (Prod Deanero)
3. Do It All Again feat Nicey (Prod Snapy Dee)
4. Funny Feeling (Prod Damien Becton)
5. NBS Radio Interview - Influences
6. No Hook (Prod Damien Becton)
7. So Many Times (Prod Deanero)
8. We Connect feat Lex (Prod Lex)
9. NBS Radio Interview - The Message
10. Change Gone Come (Yes We Can) (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Walk On Bye (Prod Deanero)
12. They Don't Know (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. Nightmare (Prod M.E.N.E.S)
14. Warriors feat Lyfe Jennings
15. NBS Radio Interview - What Am I Rappin' For
16. Dirty Words - Ignorance is Bliss
17. Stay On My Grind (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
18. NBS Radio Interview - What Sets Me Apart
19. Restaveck's Song (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
20. Million Miles Away (Prod Snapy Dee)
21. Next (Prod Darius)
22. NBS Radio Interview - Concept For Baby I'm A Star
23. Baby I'm A Star feat Lyfe Jennings
24. I'm Lovin' It (Prod Damien Becton)
25. Closing Theme

25th Hour Hosted By Rhetorical Imagery

Release Date: Oct. 30, 2008

1. Rhetorical Imagery Intro
2. And Here We Go (Prod Damien Becton)
3. I Used To Rule The World (Prod Damien Becton)
4. Dear Mr. Future President (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
5. I Was Wrong feat Talton (Prod Damien Becton)
6. It's My Turn (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
7. Better Believe It (Prod Damien Becton)
8. 25th Hour (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
9. Hold On (Prod Deanero)
10. Country Rap Tunes feat Talton (Prod Talton)
11. The Run Around feat Strife Divine
12. Restaveck's Song (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. Thanks To Music feat Eric Young Infinite, Soopa (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
14. It's Gonna Be Alright (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
15. Talton "Superstar" feat JaFleu (Bonus Track)