Friday, June 12, 2009

Before We Go Forward Peep My Past Projects!!!!

Well there is actually one project missing my very 1st which was Hip Hop 101, so as I find it i'll post it. Can't lie the quality was the epitome of crap recording out of my room in my parents house. Yet the lyrics and concept was that piff lmao.

No Protege, The Prototype Vol. I

Release Date: 07.10.2006


1. No protege', tha prototype intro
2. Can't hold me (Prod Andre Williams)
3. I'm in da streetz (Prod New Orleans 17th)
4. Thrill is gone ft deanero, black boi (Prod Deanero)
5. Magic moment (Prod Deanero)
6. Life of a ghetto child (Prod A2B)
7. Make you love me (Prod Fitz Classics)
8. Number one (Prod Ill Convoy)
9. Speak up (Prod Deanero)
10. Loving is wrong (Prod Fitz Classics)
11. Nothing like the real thing (Prod Deanero)
12. True love (Prod Fitz Classics)
13. Trouble ahead (Prod Ill Convoy)
14. What it is (Prod Willie James aka RJ2006)

No Protege, The Prototype Vol. II

Release Date: 03.02.2007


1. On my mind (produced by blakk ghost)
2. I'm back (produced by deanero)
3. Kick rocks (produced by damien becton)
4. Lonely girl (produced by deanero)
5. Drop that feat gq (produced by scott wu)
6. Summer in the city (produced by dj inhuman)
7. Fallen angels (produced by damien becton)
8. Don't give a feat mos (produced by deanero)
9. Keep it movin' feat gq (produced by deanero)
10. People talk (produced damien becton)
11. Hello feat eric young (produced by damien becton)
12. Blitz feat gq (produced by scotty wu)
13. Malcolm x interlude
14. Letter 2 da beast (produced by crim lex industries)
15. Have some love (produced by damien becton)
16. Ready or not (produced by deanero)
17. Standing ovation (produced by damien becton)
18. One (produced by damien becton)
19. Goodbye (produced by damien becton)

Hip Hop 102

Release Date: 07.20.2007

1.Yea Right (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
2.R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Prod A. Sizzle)
3.Legend In The Makin' ft GQ (Prod Scotty Wu)
4.Baby Baby (Prod Damien Becton)
5.Get Down feat GQ (Prod A. Sizzle)
6.Lady Love (Prod Damien Becton)
7.The Greatest ft J-High (Prod Deanero)
8.Born & Rasied In The Ghetto ft GQ, Money Making Mitch (Prod Damien Becton)
9.So Tired (Snippet) (Prod Damien Becton)
10.Have You Seen Her (Prod A. Sizzle)
11.Kept Rhymin' ft Dirty Words (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
12.Decisions (Prod Damien Becton)
13.Monae (Prod DJ Inhuman)
14.All I Need Is Time (Prod Mr. Vinyl)


Release Date: 01.14.2008

Disc 1

1. Back Against The Wall (Prod Fitz Classics)
2.One Life To Live (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
3.Forever (Prod Damien Becton)
4.Dear Hip-Hop (Prod A.Sizzle)
5.Death Before Dishonor feat GQ (Prod M.E.N.E.S)
6.Letter 2 Da Beast (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
7.So Tired feat Talton (Prod Damien Becton)
8.I Don't Know feat Kastro X (Prod Damien Becton)
9.Mad World (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
10.Same Old Me (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
11.If I Die Today (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
12.In My Soul (Prod Mr. Vinyl)

Disc 2
1.Don't Wanna Do Wrong (Prod Deanero)
2.Born-N-Raised In The Ghetto feat GQ, Money Makin Mitch (Prod Damien Becton)
3.Monae (Prod DJ Inhuman)
4.Listen feat Eric Young (Prod Scotty Wu)
5.Music's Spell (Prod Damien Becton)
6.All I Need Is Time (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
7.Kept Rhymin' feat Dirty Words
8.We Got Time (Prod Damien Becton)
9.Everything (Prod Mr. Vinyl)

The Incredible Hulk Mixtape : Unofficially Hosted By Rhectorical Imagery

Release Date: 06.25.2008

1. Opening Theme
2. Are You Ready (Prod Deanero)
3. Do It All Again feat Nicey (Prod Snapy Dee)
4. Funny Feeling (Prod Damien Becton)
5. NBS Radio Interview - Influences
6. No Hook (Prod Damien Becton)
7. So Many Times (Prod Deanero)
8. We Connect feat Lex (Prod Lex)
9. NBS Radio Interview - The Message
10. Change Gone Come (Yes We Can) (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Walk On Bye (Prod Deanero)
12. They Don't Know (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. Nightmare (Prod M.E.N.E.S)
14. Warriors feat Lyfe Jennings
15. NBS Radio Interview - What Am I Rappin' For
16. Dirty Words - Ignorance is Bliss
17. Stay On My Grind (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
18. NBS Radio Interview - What Sets Me Apart
19. Restaveck's Song (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
20. Million Miles Away (Prod Snapy Dee)
21. Next (Prod Darius)
22. NBS Radio Interview - Concept For Baby I'm A Star
23. Baby I'm A Star feat Lyfe Jennings
24. I'm Lovin' It (Prod Damien Becton)
25. Closing Theme

25th Hour Hosted By Rhetorical Imagery

Release Date: Oct. 30, 2008

1. Rhetorical Imagery Intro
2. And Here We Go (Prod Damien Becton)
3. I Used To Rule The World (Prod Damien Becton)
4. Dear Mr. Future President (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
5. I Was Wrong feat Talton (Prod Damien Becton)
6. It's My Turn (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
7. Better Believe It (Prod Damien Becton)
8. 25th Hour (Prod Crim Lex Industries)
9. Hold On (Prod Deanero)
10. Country Rap Tunes feat Talton (Prod Talton)
11. The Run Around feat Strife Divine
12. Restaveck's Song (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. Thanks To Music feat Eric Young Infinite, Soopa (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
14. It's Gonna Be Alright (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
15. Talton "Superstar" feat JaFleu (Bonus Track)

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