Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm on my shizzle right now... Shine (Prod Damien Becton) Snippet

Oh yeah baby Confessions Of An MC is like a rolling stone right. Won't stop and crushing everything in sight. I'm just bugging right now. But I been on my shizzle (do people even still say that) lately. Dame hit me up this mourning and told me "git err dun" and yeah man bada bing bada boom kablaow!!! (R.I.P Billy Mays btw). So peep the snippet of Shine. Also I gotta at the homie Smoove AB who been owning me since forever!!!! (R.I.P NBS LOL) And I got this track called "Never Leave Me Alone" that he did that I know ya'll gonna feel. Anywho I'm a little hype as you can tell by reading this. I got to update the tracklist for COAMC do to some new songs. I told ya'll July 4th is a long way and we in the zone owwwwwwwwww. Now all thats left is that darn Flowzmen collab!!!!

Shine (Prod Damien Becton) Snippet

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