Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My lyrics to "Beneath The Winters Cold" a feature for Swaggz joint *Song Added*

So Swaggz hit me up about doing a collabo on this track called "Beneath The Winter's Cold". This song sounds so beautiful. I had to hunt down the orginal. I was inspired and knocked out a verse quick. I happen to think its a dope verse btw lol. I think it just fit the zone I'm in as I'm working on Confessions Of An MC so he caught in me while I'm in my zone. Look forward to it being completed and Swaggz dropping it.

"Beneath The Winter's Cold" lyrics

Summer in my city

But why does it feel

Like the coldest winter

When they

Gaze at me

I feel


Flowing through my body

Need God to guide me

I’m loosing my mind



And they keep on piling

Boulders and boulders

On my chest and shoulders

Like it’s my fault

The good days are over

Everything has a season

Some acting like its treason

For me to chase my goals

Just leave me alone

Tried to look up

But the crown’s

Just to heavy to hold

Dear heavenly father

They say you’re the author

So I need for you to

Write something to go


In my life

Cause I’m tired of the strife

And everyone acting like

I owe them

My life

I’m just barely getting bye

Reduced to the cries

Being hunted

By rumors and lies


And once again thanks for the myspace views on "I Pray" snippet and feedback. Been hearing good things and my page got over 60plays plays on my page for that day for just a snippet, cool. :)

Song Added Click Link to check it out

Swaggz - "Beneath The Winters Snow" feat JaFleu

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