Friday, June 19, 2009

Next project up is..................... Confessions Of An MC

Ok so I decided I'm going to do a 10 track tape/mini album called "The Confessions Of An MC". I've beeb going through some trials and what have you and need to vent if you will so this will be my outlet of sorts. It won't be fully centered around me cause as you know I love to talk about what I see and hear so maybe I'll have some POV stories, social commentary and what have you. You know the usual. We already know that Mr. Vinyl is going to appear on this production wise due to "Lonely At The Top". The first song I did for this project. The plan is to have the usual suspects, Damien (god willing), Snapy Dee, Crim and so on. Feature wise, dunno if i'm really looking to have any outside of the probable Flowzmen collabo and maybe the homie Razor. Will see what happens. I know I got tracks I need to finish for Nike Laos and Razor and I promise I got ya'll come Saturday (i'm a start on them NOW). So thats it pretty much, ya'll know how I get's down. Thanks for riding with me. I'm also getting started on the The Prodigal'Sun album, hopefully I'll get a cover from the homie Sai for that and I need to ask him for a cover for this project. Had a few chats with the label and we ready to really get it in, shoutout to everyone at Black Minds Ent. Now that I think about it there is another joint I'm a point on this tape that's already done featuring Nicey, produced by Snapy Dee called "Know What I Feel". I dropped it after M4N came out, it was one of the songs I cut from there. Just re-mixed it down so check it out. Once again it's on. Send beats my way if you got them/ want to peace!!!!!

Know What I Feel feat Nicey (Prod Snapy Dee)

And thanks for the prayers for my family, really appreciate it.

Oh and I'm a have the balls to actually put a release date on this for................................. July 4th.

One more thing Nicey - Late Graduation coming soooon owwwwwww

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