Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4 1nce N My Life (Produce By Smoove Ab)

Another song from the InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute
This one is produced by Smoove Ab, who did a crazy flip of the classic "For Once In My Life"
Checkout his soundclick page To be quite frank he is one of the illest cats out no lie. Jerezy got a beast on the beats with him.

Heres some background on the song:

"For Once in My Life" is a pop song written by Ron Miller and Orlando Murden for Motown Records' Jobete publishing company in 1967 (see1967 in music). The composition was originally recorded by Jean DuShon, while other artists, such as Tony Bennett and The Temptations, recorded slow-ballad versions of the song.

The most familiar and successful version of "For Once in My Life" is an uptempo hit version by Stevie Wonder, recorded immediately after DuShon's original. Wonder's version, issued on Motown's Tamla label in 1968 (see 1968 in music), was a number-two hit in the United States in late 1968 and early 1969.

Stevie Wonder's version was recorded at about the same time as The Temptations' in the summer of 1967. However, Berry Gordy did not like Wonder's version, an upbeat rendition produced by Henry Cosby. Gordy vetoed the single's release, and the recording was shelved. Billie Jean Brown, the head of the Motown Quality Control department, finally coerced Gordy into allowing Wonder's version to be released in October 1968.[3]

Contrary to Gordy's instincts, "For Once in My Life" was a highly successful record, peaking at number-two on both the Billboard Pop Singles and Billboard R&B Singles (it was held off from the number-one spot on each chart by another Motown single Gordy had originally vetoed, Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"). "For Once in My Life", issued by Tamla with "Angie Girl" as its b-side, was later included as the title track on Wonder's For Once in My Life album.

Crazy to think Gordy of all people didn't like this song. Just goes to show even the most refine ears can miss something.

Here's my version

4 1nce N My Life (Prod By Smoove Ab)


You ain’t got to sign me

Cuz you’ll never define me

The odds, I’m defying

The mountains, I’m climbing

Must be from God see

They way that I’m rhyming

Crazy how I’m grinding

I will not even surrender

Not even to these pretenders

Breezing through the matter

Like hurricane weather

I’m feeling much better

You’ll stop me, never ever

I’m fully focus

If God is the locus

Then what you write

Is like A pencil

Without the top

It’s pointless

So your hate is hopeless

What I spit is glorious

I’m a be cocky

Motivation like Rocky

Shake up the world

Like Muhammad Ali

Pray you Saved By the Bell

When I’m in the Beilding (building)

Make it rain with flows

So wicked witches get melting

For once in my life

I can see clear the rain

I’ll enjoy the pain

I’ll learn to sustain

Honor those slain

Your deaths won’t be in vain

I put that on my name

I’m a make my father proud

As my momma’s precious child

I’ll erase any cloud

Eliminate any doubts

That could ever shroud

Only to God

I will bow

Yes this I vow

Reloaded like the matrix

For my revolution

I’ll take it to the basics

Like fresh shoe strings

Tracks I’m a lace it

Touch all bases

All trails embrace it

I’ll throw caution to the wind

Motion for the win

Hop step over sin

Breath life until mines

Reaches its conclusion

Cause even then

My soul won’t end

It’s just the beginning

For once in my life

I’m a give it all I got

Spit fire into hearts

Like my flow was a Gluck

Fully loaded passion

Of hustlers from block

Feel every tear that drops

I won’t doubt who I am

I stand as a man

Whose taking destiny

Into his own hands

Completely in tune

With God’s plans

Guess you can say

I over stand

So I’m a spit for

(Someone who needs me)

To give them motivation

To keep on fighting

And I’m a spit it for

(Someone who needs me)

To never stop

And give the hope

To keep flying

Boo @ Youtube taking away the dopeness of the quality so i put it on my myspace

The project is moving very very well right now :)

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