Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blowin' In Da Wind (Prod Snapy Dee) Off InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute

This is the first song we got done for the Stevie Wonder project. It's called "Blowin' In Da Wind" produced by Snapy Dee.

The story behind this track is it was orginally written and performed by the great Bob Dylan and Stevie
did his own renedition of the song featuring Clarence Paul in 1966. It became a big hit on the billboards. It's a song of questions which is why I kept that theme going along with my verses.

Blowing In The Wind - Bob Dylan (Orignal Version)

Blowing In The Wind - Stevie Wonder (Live Perfomance)

I also found a version of Bob and Stevie performing it together which is pretty fly

And so this leads us to my version I guess.

Blowin' In Da Wind (Prod Snapy Dee)

Holla back, peeps :)

Verse I

Why bullets sing

Like demonic choirs

Harmonizing a unified horror

America’s at war with terror

Yet ghetto birds fly

Haunting the night skies

Ignoring the babies cries


The innocent die

At the hands of guys, who try?

Despite clip wings to rise

Beyond these conditions

Monsters created

By their own ambition

Why won’t we listen?


Not heed the warnings

And seek God’s glory

And alter all our stories

Instead exposing

On shows like Maury

Young world I’m sorry

Momma’s aborting

Kings and queens

Fathers seldom seen

On everyone’s screens

And it would seem, seemed

Into young black lives

Before we even arrived

We destine to die

May I ask why?

Does it take for us?

To loose a legend

Before we enjoy

The gift from heaven

May I never fail too mention

That I cherish all of my blessings

Why am I not searching for God?

With my own eyes

When it’s clear

The answers in plain sight

Gotta look much deeper to see

It’s dancing in the air

As the winds blowing

Verse II

Why does it appear in 200 and 9

That color is still a primary issue

Why do I have to loose you?

To realize I miss you

Why are mothers being forced

To tongue kiss tissues

Why sons and daughters

Being slaughtered by the pistols

Why North Korea

Talking firing off missiles

Why schools still using

Number two pencils

Why pirates still hijacking the vessels

Why haven’t we still found a cure for aids

Why instead of direct answers

The government plays

A game of charades

With the public

Why when it’s comes to prosperity

The ghetto’s never the subject

Why don’t we stand and object?

To police brutality

And all the fatalities

Do to the food shortage in Ayiti (Haiti)

And why can’t I see

The God in me

Why is the road to become a man

Suddenly condemn

Why can’t I understand?

There’s just no stopping the sands of time

No fast forwarding or pressing rewind

And why can’t I see

What’s in plain sight

Looking for answers

Gott look much deeper

It’s dancing in the air

Life isn’t fair

It’s blowing in the wind

Close our eyes and hear

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