Sunday, July 5, 2009

Came up with a dope concept project... InPlainSight : A Stevie Wonder Tribute

Ok it's kind of crazy how the concept for this project has come together. Last night I was watching the marathon for the show In Plain Sight (its on USA, about Marshalls and Witness Protection dope show), and I thought to myself that is such a dope title I got to use it. So i think nothing of it. My home boy aparently saw something on the net about Stevie Wonder's muti tracks on Supersition. So he emails me it, man it's amazing how incredible of an artist Stevie Wonder is. So we get the talking about how great his music is and how much of a Wonder he really is to be blind but to still see the true colors of the world.

So I come up with the idea of doing a sort of tribute project much like Rhymefest did for Michael Jackson some years ago called "Man In The Mirror". Where it consists of strickly samples of Stevie Wonder's songs. And the title is so fitting "InPlainSight" because though he is blind he still saw more than we ever could. He saw what was right there in front of us that we ignore on the daily, the good, the bad, the ugly, the love, the hope, the struggle, pain, God, human nature so and so on. And he channeled all of it into amazing music.

So that's the basic setup idea of my next project. There is a saying that says something like they never give you flowers til your dead. In other words they never give you the respect or true love you deserve until your gone. Well I want to do this as my way of giving him his flowers now. Cause I've always loved his music and it has had a deep impact on my life. I know he probably will never hear it and it's all good with me. Just want to show my love for one of the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)

Oh and yeah Confessions Of An MC out now

here's some classic Stevie:

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