Monday, July 6, 2009


Ok I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this but I just feel compelled to write this. Some people ask me why when everything around me tends to look bleak or completely out of control I keep it moving and say it is all going to work out. Same goes for their personal trials, when everything is going in a downward spiral I tell you it’s going to work out. Why is it that I feel so confident when I say this? It’s because I truly, truly believe God is in control.

In these dark unsure times we are all facing. We’re battling personal demons, financial woes; outside entities tearing us down and it all feels dreary. Remember that God never gives you more than you can bear. The reason you have such strife is because you ARE stronger than what you think, and he wants you to realize it. The bible says we are more than CONQUERS! That faith as small as a mustard seed could move mountains, it’s just a matter of having faith.

Now faith isn’t always the easiest thing to have. I mean the definition is “to believe without seeing”. Even the disciples who literally walked with Jesus, and seen him do miracles had times where they lacked it. Its human nature, so don’t get depressed cause you don’t feel the most strongest in that department. I mean look at the one situation where they were on that boat during that terrible storm. The boats rocking, waves threatening to turn it over, thunder roaring in the background. They were terrified as we all are in our own plight and here’s Jesus sleeping all comfortably right. So they run to him panicking, asking him to do something. And what does he do, he asks them “where’s their faith”? And in an instance he calms the waters.

God is asking us to have faith in him and ourselves. Have faith that you’re strong enough to endure your storms and that he is there to calm the bad weather when the time is right. A pastor once told me you go through these dreadful, no hope looking times s God can get the Glory out of your Story! It serves as a perfect example of God’s power in your testimony to help other who needs that encouragement.

This is a lesson I myself have a hard time dealing with as well, I won’t lie. I consider myself like Gideon in the bible. If you don’t know that story, I’ll paraphrase it. God called him to be a warrior/leader in battles and every time God would make each battle look more and more difficult for him by increasing his enemies or taking his soldiers away (if memory serves me right). And even though every time God showed up and help Gideon win, he couldn’t help but to consistently ask God to show him a sign it was going to work out. This again is that pesky human nature! I have had plenty of times where I’ve seen God intervene in my life and yet I still question him and ask for a sign it’s going to all work out.

Faith isn’t the easiest thing to have, because as humans we have to have something solid to hold on to. We have to be able to see that clear piece of sky to know that the storm is going to end. Yet God asks us to during the darkest of times to just believe, believe it’s going to be alright. I not going to front and tell you its easy as pie, because obviously it’s not because it goes against our human nature. Just remember God isn’t asking you to have the hugest ball of faith in the world, just at the least some the size of a mustard seed so you can move mountains. Believe in yourself, and believe God Is INCONTROL!

Romans 10:13 “For whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”

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