Friday, July 3, 2009

JaFleu - Confessions Of An MC_ 2009 (Download Now)

Thank you for downloading Confessions Of An MC
I greatly appreciate the support and love
Remember Keep God 1st and Your Eyes to the Sky
R.I.P The Incredible Michael Jackson

Thank you to all the producers invovled. Damien Becton, Snapy Dee, Mr. Vinyl and Smoove AB
All the MC's I've collab with over the years. And Def to Nicey and Nike Laos. Shoutout to The Flowzmen (Nicey, Soopa, Krispy K)
And everyone at Black Minds Ent.
Thanks To my homie Talton for everything he's done for me.
And the love of my life J :) My Justified Love
This is dedicated to my Family and friends for all the struggles we've been going through.
Never worry God's got us just keep the faith in Him.
This is also dedicated to any and everyone who is going through something.
Please remember God never gives you more than you can bare.
R.I.P AJ we know you looking down on us with a big smile.

I wanted to vent about alot of things I was going through and feelings I was having.
There was a point where I felt completely crushed by the drama and turmoil. But
I caught inspiration and buried myself into my music for two weeks and this was born from it.
I Hope you guys enjoy my vent sessions. Peace

Track List

1. Only God Can Judge Me (Prod Damien Becton)
2. Know What I Feel ft Nicey (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. Lonely At The Top (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
4. Shine (Prod Damien Becton)
5. My Justified Love (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. Never Leave Me Alone (Prod Smoove AB)
7. You'll Get Bye (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
8. Hazard 2 Myself ft Nike Laos (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
9. Lost (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. Chasing Rainbows (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. My Confessions (Prod Damien Becton)
12. I Pray (Prod Damien Becton)
13. Breakaway (Prod Snapy Dee)

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