Monday, July 6, 2009

Yoooo Shoutout to my homie Sai for The Prodigal'Sun & Stevie Wonder project covers!!!!!

Shoutout to my homie Sai peep his myspace. He always holds me down and he just hooked the Stevie Wonder project up with a crazy dope cover. Man i'm even more hyped about it. If you wondering (no pun intended) or feel left out in the dark about the InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute,
make sure you check that blog out. On top of that he also put together the cover for The Prodigal'Sun
and i love the concept for that cover he states

"Before you say the writing is too subtle, it's supposed to be. Concept here is words tell less than imagery, your raps involve imagery, hence.... ya geddit?"

I def feel you on this Sai, thank you bro. Look out for the classics!!!. Also don't forget to checkout Confessions Of An MC which is out NOW!

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