Saturday, August 8, 2009

Checkout The Benchwarmers Clique FLA Stand Up/ New Song off InPlainSight

1st and formost I want to introduce ya'll to a group of MC's that really doing the it for the love of hip hop. Straight out of Fort Lauderdale Fl. The Benchwarmers Clique and make no mistake bout the name cuz these boys bring there A Game all day everyday.

Here's a vid of an intereview with the one and only Cierra from x102.3 2 get you guys familar with them.
Checkout some of there performances of My People

Here's a link 2 their myspace page:

Also heres a new song from InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute

HeavenHelpUsAll background:

Sampling Stevie Wonder's "Heaven Help Us All"

"Heaven Help Us All" is a 1970 soul single composed by Ron Miller and first performed by Motown great Stevie Wonder. The song, which showcased a departure from Wonder's earlier works displaying an earthier, gospel-infused sound, continued Wonder's string of Top 10 singles on the pop charts reaching #9 on the pop singles chart. It was one of three hits Wonder scored from his Signed, Sealed, and Delivered album.

Joan Baez covered the song and included it on her 1971 album Blessed Are....

Ray Charles also covered the song on his 1972 album A Message From the People, and with Gladys Knight on his 2004 duets album, Genius Loves Company.

Madeleine Peyroux and William Galison also covered it in 2004 on their album Got You on My Mind.

A cover of this song performed by David Ruffin appears as a bonus track on David, recorded in 1971 and released in 2004.

Elliott Yamin, who is a self proclaimed admirer of Steven Wonder, makes a homage to this song in his song "Find A Way", included in his first album. Yamin sings "Heaven help us all if love don't find a way".

Richie Sambora did a live cover of the song which is a track on the Bon Jovi album Fields Of Fire

"HeavenHelpUsAll" (Prod Snapy Dee)

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