Friday, August 28, 2009

J.A.F.L.E.U. Prod Snapy Dee Off "The Prodigal'Sun" Album

Some my remember this song from the Market 4 Nigga$ and Slip N Slide mixtape. This is one of the songs I did for The Prodigal'Sun album, just to dope to let go. So we'll just call it a "street single" lmao. Also I have another song I'll be posting later as the single "So Tired" feat Talton produced by Damien Becton. A classic song I redid just for this album. No release date just getting started, the InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute is 98% done. Just got a little sick and haven't finished, it should be out sometime Sept.

Once again it's on.............

J.A.F.L.E.U. Prod Snapy Dee

Download Links:
Dirty Version
Clean Radio Edit

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