Friday, September 25, 2009

New Project, and InPlainSight now on


Once again it's on people. First I want to again thank everyone who is checking out InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. And now if you haven't d/l'd it or you just want 2 stream it its now on so you can check it from there.

While i'm still very focus on pushing this project, I can't help but keep it moving when inspiration hits and so it has. Originally I wanted to work on The Prodigal'Sun next but I decided that that will be a follow up 2 my next project.

Dollar And A Dream (shout out to Sai for another ill cover)

Inspired by a conversation I had with Talton, where he said that everyone is chasing dreams. Rather it be music, going to school or whatever it's all a dream. Nothing in life is guaranteed, ask all those rich people who lost there money in this economy. Or the guy who spent his life in school to become an big accountant, but is now working at dollar tree cause he couldn't find a opening and got bills to pay. What makes a kid who wants to become an NBA player dream any less reachable than the kid who wants to become a lawyer? We all have to pay our dues in our chase, and I'm no different. Rather it be money, time, friends, sleep, whatever we all make sacrifices. This project is about chasing your dreams, the journey through life doing so and so much more.

This is about never letting anyone tell you 'you can't' especially yourself. This is about knowing at the end of the day, even if that dream doesn't come true, you gave it your all and if you failed, well you failed on your terms not on anyone elses. Its about being able to look in that mirror and not having to say "what if, if only I, i wish I had".

Imagine if Martin Luther King, Jr listened to everyone when they said give it up and your dream of peace isn't worth it, or Alexander Graham Bell, or Bill Gates (who i didn't know dropped out of college... thats crazy), or if someone would of told that like mixed kid from the Chi to fall back, what if he'd listened? Then the glass ceiling would of never been broke and we'd of never had our 1st Black President (that's still crazy)

One thing is for certain in life, we all have a Dollar And A Dream. And this is my story, your story, our story.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SDSU RADIO Interview 2night @ 11pm Est!!!!

The InPlainSight show that got canceled earlier last week is on for 2night at 11pm Est hope you all can tune in peace


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Monday, September 21, 2009

InPlainSIght: A Stevie Wonder Tribute *Download Now*

Thank You’s

I want to say thank you for getting this project, I truly appreciate you taking out a moment of your time to give it a listen. This project was done as a tribute to the greatness that is Stevie Wonder. Inspired by one of my favorite projects Rhymefest “Man in the Mirror” tribute to Michael Jackson, I wanted to do something honoring Stevie Wonder. I’ve always been a huge fan of his music and it has had an impact in my life. He is the epitome of having a dream come true no matter what may come your way. I could only dream that I could be ¼ the artist that he is.

I want to dedicate this project to my nieces and nephews and Lil bro. I love you all and I hope that you never stop chasing your dreams and never stop believing that God has a plan for you. Also this is dedicated to any and everybody who has a dollar and a dream, keep on keeping on. And a special dedication to our beautiful angel, Aline we love you and miss you.

Special shout out to Snapy Dee who did the bulk of the production and was just amazing through out. I’m glad I could introduce you to Stevie’s music man. You killed this man. Also what up to Smoove Ab, you killing it man, its been along time coming since NBS when you said “yo I got beats for you” and look now we got some classic music fam. Also shout out to Mr. Vinyl, you the best man, music is in NEED of your passion and artistry for real FOR REAL!!!! Thanks to Insight, you gonna blow man, Razor my UK connect you got it man, and Poetic Mind thank you for being a friend and it’s about time we did something. What’s up to my brother from another mother Talton, you the truth man! Thank you for your words of advice, all your help and for keeping me focus on my passion. What up Sai, thanks for the cover, u set the bar high for me with that. It’s bad enough I gotta go hard cause it’s a Stevie tribute, but the cover is way too ill for me to fail. Shout out to one of the greatest poets out Yantha, I see you man., what up family! Black Minds Entertainment, let’s go! The Big Homie R.I. aka Tregatron, SDSU Radio we on fire man!!! What up Mo at Urban Radio, thanks love. The Flowzmen, Nicey, Soopa, Krispy K, Florida!!! Chilling Worth, zup. Peace love and soul 2 you all until the next one. If I forgot you, you know I didn’t mean to but I love you all!

>>Click Here 2 Download<<

1. Intro
2. PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. 4OnceNMyLyfe (Prod Smoove Ab)
4. DemDayz (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. HighestGround (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. DreamCumTrue ft Insight (Prod Snapy Dee)
7. RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
8. Creepin'N2MyDreams (Prod Smoove Ab)
9. LatelyFeelin' ft Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. OrdinaryPayne (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Blowin'NDaWind (Prod Snapy Dee)
12. MistahNoeItAll (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. NevaDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline) (Prod Snapy Dee)
14. VisionzNMyMind (Prod Snapy Dee)
15. TalkWitGod ft Razor (Prod Snapy Dee)
16. HeavenHelpUsAll (Prod Snapy Dee)
17. NoNeed2Worry (Prod Snapy Dee)
18. OvaJoyed (Prod Snapy Dee)

Liner Notes/Lyrics:

All Samples are from Stevie Wonder songs

– Produced By Jason Fleurant, contains samples of “1976 Innerview”, “2008 Interview with Alysse Stewart”

PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind
– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “A Place In The Sun” – Down To Earth

Gotta find a place
Where I can escape
Gotta find a place
Where I can touch the sky
In a blink of an eye
I can kiss heaven
Faster than light
I can touch beyond millions
2 many dying
2 many crying
To many souls
Being eaten by the lions
Politicians trying to be confusin’
Powers abusin’
No father’s at home
So honestly
We loosing
Hearts turn to stone
So love’s an allusion
Surrounded by pollution
Enemies from within’
Blocking from the win
Something’s got to give, in
Things seem darkest
Tired of fightin’
Suddenly see peace quietly arisin’
From the horizon
Connecting everywhere like Verizon
Sounding off like sirens
From an ambulance
Theirs change in your circumstance
It’s in plain sight
Now you gotta see
Not with your eyes
Baby have faith, believe
See, we gonna make it
Gotta fly, gotta take it to the sky
Gotta live life
Like we free
Yeah baby, gotta run
To the place in the sun
Everybody gotta run
To the place in the sun

– produced by Smoove Ab, contains sample of “For Once In My Life” – At The Close Century

You ain’t gotta sign me
Cuz you’ll never define me
The odds, I’m defying
The mountains, I’m climbing
Must be from God see
The way that I’m rhyming
Crazy how I’m grinding

I will not even surrender
Not even to these pretenders
Breezing through the matter
Like hurricane weather
I’m feeling much better
You’ll stop me, never ever, ever

I’m fully focus
If God is the locus
Then what you write
Is like A pencil
Without the top
It’s pointless
So your hate is hopeless
What I spit's glorious

I’m a be cocky
Motivation like Rocky
Shake up the world
Like Muhammad Ali
Pray you Saved By the Bell
When I’m in the Beilding (building)
Make it rain with flows
So wicked witches be melting

For once in my life
I can see clear through the rain
I’ll enjoy the pain
And I’ll learn to sustain
Honor those slain
Your deaths won’t be in vain
I put that on my name

I’m a make my father proud
As my momma’s precious child
I’ll erase any cloud
ELiminate any doubts
That could ever shroud
Only to God
I will bow
Yes this I vow

Reloaded like the matrix
For my revolution
I will take it to the basics
Like fresh shoe strings
Tracks I’m a lace it
Touch all bases
All trails embrace it

I’ll throw caution to the wind
Motion for the win
Hop step over sin
Breath life until mines
Reaches its conclusion
Cause even then
My soul won’t even end
It’s just the beginning

For once in my life
I’m a give it all I got
Spit fire into hearts
Like my flow was a glock
Fully load with passion
Of hustlers off the block
Feel every tear that drops

I won’t doubt who I am
I'm a stand as a man
Whose taking destiny
Into his own hands
Completely in tune
With God’s plans
Guess you can say
I over stand

DemDayz (I Wish)
– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “I Wish” – Songs in the Key of Life

Remember them days
Being young and foolish
Reckless and clueless
The world was yours
All its uses
Were better suited
For your exploration
No explanation
Just extra playin
Running around
You and your home boys
Where clowns
Trying to find a shawty
To bust down
Well something’s don’t change
Man I miss them days
When life without strife
Was popping willys on bikes
Wanna be like Mike
Jackson with the glove
Jordan with the scoring
Hearts were broken
Every time the rain was pouring
Act right
Or get a whopping
Without warning
Wish I knew then homie
What I know now
Y All good things
Gotta come to an end
But memories
Turn my frowns
Upside down
I wish those days
Would come around again

Remember living carefree
High top fades being
Seen on every corner
Mismatched colors
One button up strap
On your jumper
In class counting
Time away
Cause after school
Felt like another summer day
And you had plans
To escape and play
Before the streetlights
Came on
Or else you had to pay
With that behind
Get the belt
When you get inside
But it was all worth it
With the adventures you find
Man I miss those days
Wasn’t worried bout a thing
No weight on my shoulders
Classic songs on the radio
Blasting as we sing
I Wish I knew then homie
What I know now
Y All good things
Gotta come to a end
But memories
Keep my frowns
Upside down
I wish them days
Would come back again

– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Higher Ground” - Innervisions

Hustlers keep hustling
While haters are watching
Got ambition and God
So no weapon is stopping
Schemers keep waiting
And obviously plottin’
Praying on your downfall
Like that was an option
But baby I’m locked in
On my target and goals
This food for thought
So I’m feeding your soul
This is more than just art
A template to compose
So I propose
In search of what’s yours
You never surrender
Back against the wall
Push further than ever
Even if the sky falls
Crashing down
In the river of pain
No splashing
There’s more ground to be gain
Obstacles everywhere
Trying to bring you down
Doubt looming in the air
A terrible sound
Just when it seems like
No hopes around
Feel a little unsure
Motivation drowns
Don’t u give up
Time to astound
One more turn at bat
Pitchers at the mound
Faith in God
Nothing stopping you now
Eyes fixed in
On the highest of ground
Eyes fixed in
On the highest of ground
Eyes fixed in
On the highest of ground
Eyes fixed in
On the highest of ground
Nothing's stopping you now
Till the highest ground

This is me everyday
Laugh at enemies
Frank Sinatara sh_t
Yeah I did it my way
Had doubters hatin’ fast
Nerve of them
Thinking this was drama class
Tried to study all of my plays
I’m a force not to be tested okay
So dope mos def
So I don’t hear what you say
All I got is my heart
And my drive
So move out the way
Or else get slayed
Headed for the top
Get it by any means
Songs that I sing
Is just inspiration
To sprout out hope
Like magic beans
Cause imagine scenes
Of me not achieving my dreams
Disastrous so please
Fall back as I move
Closer these
Goals set fourth
By Yours truly
Might re-act unruly
If I don’t like me
Sue me
One more turn at bat
Pitchers on the mound
Faith in God
Nothing stopping me now
Eyes fixed in
On the highest round
Gotta keep movin
To the highest of ground

DreamCumTrue ft Insight
– Produced By Snapy Dee, contains sample “Never Had A Dream Come True”

Never had a dream come true
Wishing on a shooting star
Chasing rainbows
Yeah a few
Never been about the cars
I just wanna be successful
Didn’t think it be so stressful
Now I gotta let go
Sorry but hell no
Ever have a vision of heaven
Sitting before your eyes
Vanish before you can even
Reached cloud nine
A man without a dream
Is a man who dies
Had my wings clipped
By the ones closest to I
Starting to loose my drive
Lost the keys
When ambition said goodbye
Tired of the failures and lies
It always seems to come
Before I even arrive
George and Wizzy got it
I want my piece of the pie
But how do you push forward
When no ones on your side
And how you chase your dreams?
When they say
You wasting your time
I never have a dream
Come true
In my entire life
But forget
I won’t surrender
I’m going for mine, right

RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind
– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Ribbon in the Sky” – Stevie Wonder’s Orginal Musiquarium

He sees her from the corner
Of his eyes
Lost his breath
When she approaches
Walk on bye
Her beauty unbelievable
Knew it was destine
If just for one night
To ask this angel
Would she like
To take flight
Way pass cloud nine
Into heaven
Were they could
Become one with the stars
For this he’s been patiently waitin’ for
Love at first sight
Slightly taps her arms
Kinda of nervous
Whispers… hi
She smiles
Looking directly into his eyes
He’s stun he says
Now usually I don’t do this
Generally I’m shy
But I had to take a chance
It was like a sign
From God, that you and I
Were meant to be
And maybe unify in life
So baby
May I have your name
And maybe we can get into some things
Maybe we can
Takes steps
Towards where joys begins
Sorry if I’m to forward
So baby, what’s your name?
Giggling she replies
Alright cool
My name Chante
But how about we just start
With you buying me a drink

Normally, she thinking all men are dogs
Cause the only ones she ever met
Are wannabe’s, gangstas and thugs
Even in the office
Hands touching everywhere
Beyond a simple hug
Til she met this one
She was unsure of
It was like he was
From out this world
Her radars
Ain’t go off
Something deep side was burning
When the eyes locked
Could it be?
Her gift from above
A perfect gentlemen
Holding hands
This is what she’s been dreaming of
Finally standing
In her presence
As they dance
On the crowded floor
It feels like
It’s just them
Forever more
Even if it’s just this one night
It seems like
She found love at 1st sight
Wants to tell him
What he makes her feel like
Suddenly feeling a little bold
Whispers in his ear
Let’s get up out of here

– Produced by Smoove Ab, contains sample of “Creepin” – Fulfillingness’ First Finale

We on the beach touchin’
Sand in the hair
Hands caressing
Bout 2 teach a lesson here
Kissing on your body
Love’s in the air
Strangers watchin’
But we just don’t care
You moaning
Girls there’s no stoppin’
In the spot
I’m striking
Lighting up your life
Like lighten
This is just excitin’
The look in your eyes
As I
Unleash pleasure
That’ll make your toes curl
Welcome 2 my world
Baby girl
I woke up 2 the sound
Of a alarm clock blasting
Damn just a dream
I hate when that happens

Girl you got me wondering
What it is that you do?
What’s the voodoo?
That got me wanting you
Wonder if you feel the same
Do you share my thoughts?
I’m just saying baby
This is just like art
When U close your eyes
And you can see us
I may be the prince that’s
Rescuing the princess
Lay you down
On the grass
Let’s begin this
Or I’ll be the prisoner
Lovin’ you my sentence
Venture into pleasure
I could do this forever
Threw away my clock so
I don’t awake up to
The sound of a alarm clock blasting
And we can stay in your dreams
Girl, you gonna love
When this happens

Seems like you got a hold on me
Every single night
Fantasies keep coming
Visions of us taking flight
Mile high club
Or love below
The ocean floor
Or maybe something more
Maybe you can be the maid
Or I’ll be the landlord
Maybe under trees shade
Or as the rain pours
Can’t get you out
Damn I want you right now
Dancing in my mind
Gotta figure this out
Baby got a spell on me
Cuz time apart
Is just hell on me
You invading my thoughts
Always awaking up to
The sound
Of a alarm clock blasting
Making love in our dreams
Love when it happens

LatelyFeelin’ ft Talton
– produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Lately” – Hotter than July

Staring in the mirror
Slowly picking me apart
Trying to make some sense
On what’s been going on
Confused on how I’m no longer
Close to your heart
Maybe I’m just trippin’
Is it reality
Trying to paint a clearer picture
Retrace all our steps
Thought I gave you the world
Thought love had reached the depths
Of our soul
Maybe I imagine more
Then what was there, or
I’m just being paranoid
But there’s a void
Hear a distance
In your voice
Have you, gone and made that choice
That there’s nothing left to explore
Emptiness in our kisses
No tears
As she misses
Starting to see the symptoms
Broken hearted, another victim
Of tragic circumstance
Did we have our last dance?
Gave it our best
But I guess this is the end
Of the road
Another love story
Run its course
Lately, I’m just a little lost
Baby I don’t know

Listening to Jahiem
Better put that woman first
Sending her roses to her door
Thinking you gone make it work
Reality setting in
Not matter what you just cursed
That best thing to ever happen
Now the center of your hurt
Questioning your manhood
Did you do all you could
Did you really give it your all
Were you really all that good
Mess up part is you were
But what happen is with her
Just not being happy
So the love’s now long gone
Crazy how it’s easy
To pour it all into a verse
Pray that you happy
And you find that women’s worth
Emptiness in our kisses
No tears
As she misses
Starting to see the symptoms
Broken hearted, another victim
Of tragic circumstance
Did we have our last dance?
Gave it our best
But I guess this is the end
Of the road
Another love story
Run its course
Lately, I’m a little lost
Baby I don’t know

OrdinaryPayne – Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Ordinary Pain” – Songs in the Key of Life

Craziest thing in the world
Is being alone with your thoughts
Forced to review your self
Reflections become darts
Aiming shots at your heart
Gotta hide what sparks
Can’t reveal the tears
Not around your peers
Love don’t leave here
You gotta be a man
Emotions remain concealed
To many layers to peal
She broke you
But you never show it
Pain, act like you never known it
Clear her name from your mind
But alone at night
I know you sit back and cry
Front like it’s an ordinary pain
Doesn’t affect your frame
While inside it drives you insane
Yeah I feel the same
But as a man
You gotta pretend

Into thinking everything will be alright
Is what everyone's telling you
But they don’t know your life
They don’t know your fight
Kills you to see the lovers
Daydreaming of her
Thinking to yourself
Could she of found another
I was sub-par
Maybe I could have been better
Nah man, whatever
I would of endured
The harshest weather
To put a smile on her face
No more wedding cake
Gotta let her go
It’s curtains
So you got to take the blow
Guess these are the breaks
Can’t justify fate
No erasing
Or redoing the takes
These feelings you gotta shake
Bury them deep
Put up a wall that won’t break
Front like it’s an ordinary pain
Doesn’t affect your frame
While inside it drives you insane
Yeah I feel the same
But as a man
You got a image so pretend

With the silly dream
Love don’t conquer all
Just except
What’s happening

That you wish you could
Reverse the time
To days when love
Was on your side
Say goodbye

Burn down the memories
Suit up with armory
Cuz cupid's arrow’s will be targeting
Save that good guy sh_t
For the chucky dolls
Cause in reality
The bad is the winner
That takes all
Words of a pimp
This ain’t the life
Kill being a simp
Player, where’s your pride
Front like it’s an ordinary pain
Doesn’t affect your frame
You’re a man
So a image pretend

– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Blowing in the Wind”

Why bullets sing
Like demonic choirs
Harmonizing a unified horror
America’s at war with terror
Yet ghetto birds fly
Haunting the night skies
Ignoring the babies cries
The innocent die
At the hands of guys, who try?
Despite clip wings to rise
Beyond these conditions
Monsters created
By they own ambition
Why won’t we listen?
Not heed the warnings
And seek God’s glory
And alter all our stories
Instead exposing
On shows like Maury
Young world I’m sorry
Momma’s aborting
Kings and queens
Fathers seldom seen
On everyone’s screens
And it would seem, seemed
Into our lives
Before we arrived
We destine to die
May I ask why?
Does it take for us?
To loose a legend
Before we enjoy
The gift from heaven
And may I never fail too mention
That I cherish all of my blessings
Why am I not searching for God?
With my own eyes
When it’s clear
The answers in plain sight
Gotta look much deeper to see
It’s dancing in the air
As the winds blowing

Why does it appear in 2000 and 9
That color is still a primary issue
Why’d I have to loose you?
To realize I miss you
Why mothers being forced
To tongue kiss tissues
Why sons and daughters
Being slaughtered by the pistols
Why North Korea
Talking firing off missiles
Why schools still using
Number two pencils
Why pirates still hijacking the vessels
Why haven’t we still found a cure for aids
Why instead of direct answers
The government plays
A game of charades
With the public
Why when it’s comes to prosperity
The ghetto’s not in the subject
Why don’t we stand and object?
To police brutality
And all the fatalities
Do to the food shortage in Ayiti (Haiti)
And why can’t I see
The God in me
Why is the road to become a man
Suddenly condemn
Why can’t I understand?
That there’s no stopping the sands of time
No fast forwarding or pressing rewind
And why can’t I see
What’s in plain sight
Looking for answers
Gotta go much deeper
It’s dancing in the air
Life isn’t fair
It’s blowing in the wind
Close our eyes and hear

– Produced by Mr. Vinyl, contains sample of “He’s Mista Know It All” - Innervisions

Come up in my face
Tell me that you need my faith
Sell me everything
From the tile
2 the kitchen sank
Tell me that you gonna make
The world a better place
And make the children safe
Only to just skate
Off into the distance
Once the race was finish
Lock us up in prison
For crimes of just livin’
Slick talking politicians
Ignore petitions
Begging for a change
Treated us like slaves
Then wonder why we behave
As we do
Getting on TV
With a smile
And a big F U
To the working class
How can you be so cruel?
Can’t get a pass
This is dedicated to you
Mr. Know It All
Quick to fall
Out of your obligations
Just my observation
You obviously just faking
The funk
Captured the sun
Bury it in your trunk
I’m sorry had enough?
Of empty promises
And I won’t be tolerant
You talk too much
You worry me to death
Your times ran out
I need for you to exit stage left, yes
I need for you to exit stage left, yes

So your legacy
More important
Then the children
Out here warring
Streams of blood
Steady flowing
Flooding streets
Death toll souring
Out of control
And now it looks so
Another family won’t eat
Cause the taxes
Just increased
Blaming Obama
For the economy
But you vacation in
Luxurious suites
Cheating on your family
Making public apologizes
What about crooked policies
Laying at your feet
Swept under the rug
The bull, got to cease
You cop pleas
While the cops beat
And the innocent are just fleas
Your follower’s sheep
Something just ain’t right
The math ain’t adding up
While you taking flights
So you and your mistress
Can make fake love
Another child just ate
Another stray slug
In the slums you vowed to come and clean up
You talk too much
You worry me to death
Need you to exit stage left

Funny how you claimin’
That you came in the name of God
But can’t find you in a church
Or a synagogue
Unless the cameras watching
And you want to be
Charles in charge
But when the struggles poppin’
You never come
Answers me this
Why such a sharp tongue (Sharpton)
Only used on occasions
Where his face
Can be place
To raise the rates
He receives on each and every case
Jack son’s (Jackson) positions
For your own
Benefits, answer this
I don’t understand it
How easily they vanish
From the scene
After the damage is done
And no ones won
Maybe I’m just being dumb
But it’s hard where I’m from
For everyone to be a master
Guess you just
Another actor
Guess our pain is
Just not even a factor
You talk too much
You worry me to death
Your times running out
Need for you to exit stage left

NevaDreamedU’dLeave (Dear Aline)
– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “I Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer”

Dear Aline
I know you dancing
Spread wings
Now a Angel baby sing
Know you with us, even
Though not in physical
It’s better
On the other side
Hate to see my sister cry
What you left behind
Is a smile, in the harshest time
Finally at peace
Finally you’ve arrived
Didn’t see it coming
Won’t bother
To ask the Lord why
Guess he needed you
To be the next star to shine
Early that mourning
Lynda sent me a text
Telling me
That weren’t doin’ fine
I wanted to say
Baby, don’t worry
Everything will be alright
But all I could say was sorry
Hours later, got that text
That said that
You had gone and left
Overwhelmed by the stress
Random sessions
I would check
To make sure she doing was ok
Your gone
That’s crazy
Guess we all got to go
One day
But didn’t think it be so soon, baby

I just want to say thank you
For being a friend
And most of all
For holdin’ my sister down
When her trials began
Great memories
Sorry, for your families pain
But take comfort at the thought
She’s now in Heaven
Thinking bout the last time I saw you
Who’d known that be the last
And your son is amazing
And He’ll grow to be a great man
And you’ll be
His greatest fan
Cheering with the angels
From heaven
As he does, what he’s destine
Baby sister listen
In everything
There’s a lesson
And every struggle
There’s a blessing
We’ll see her again in Heaven
Dear Aline
I know you dancing
Spread wings
Now a Angel baby sing
Know you with us, even
Though not in physical we see
You gone
That’s crazy
Guess we all got to go
One day
But didn’t think it be so soon, baby

– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Visions” - Innervisions

Sometimes It feels like
The whole worlds against me
And I can’t catch a break
Is it jealousy or envy?
That makes me
Treat the reflection
In the mirror
As an enemy
I’m anxiously
Waiting on my chance
But times moving to fast
In the wrong direction
Scared I’ll wake up
I fell
Into distractions
Planted here to be romancing
Me to the dark side
See as I
See my father loosing his mind
My eyes, tear up but I don’t cry
This I won’t lie
I dream of better days
On my knees I do pray
But sometimes I feel
It’s just a waste
Other times
It’s part of me thats sayin’
It’s gonna be ok
Momma will be straight
Poppa will be safe
And my nieces and nephews
Will see success
In all ways
Can it be reality?
Or will it forever be
The visions in my mind

Now I don’t wanna hear no more
About these people dying
And I don’t wanna see no more
About nobody tryin’
To make things better
Rather, planes crashing
Or we facing
Terrible weather
I close my eyes
We all living in harmony
No more, armory
Harming we
No crack pipes
No Restless nights
No more babies
Forced to raise them selves
No more, decorating homes
With bullet shells
Emptying where souls
Once dwelled
That ship has longed sailed
I can see a place where
God has a safe hold
A place where the light
Shines forever,so bold
And we can be forgiven
For all are pass crimes
Could this be reality?
Maybe with time
Or is it all just visions in my mind

I see what Haiti could become
I see no more racism
I see those that enslaved
Finally finding freedom
I see the people reuniting
I see dreams finally flying
I see boys and girls in this world
No longer crying
I see streets painted in gold
Everyday a miracle
I see the hate
Letting go
Of the grip that it holds
I see you and I
Giving love another try
I see those that pass on
Living a beautiful life
When I close my eyes
This is what I see
Is it heaven on earth?
Or the reverse
Either way it’s peace
In the midst of this chaos
And catastrophes
I choose to escape
To the visions
In my dreams
Could they become reality?
Maybe with time
Or is it all just visions in my mind

TalkWitGod ft Razor
– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Have a Talk with God” – Songs in the Key of Life

Pressures steady building ain’t it
Feeling life is complicated
Troubles got you suffocated
Now your world’s kinda jaded
Price in full
You thought you paid it
Bashing you hands
On the pavement
Starting to get a little frustrated
Like your hope was confiscated
All your woes
You wanna trade it
Thinking life is overrated
In the worse
Haunting curse
Got you ready
Just to burst
Saving grace
You would cherish
Before your life goes and perish
Loosing every single skirmish
Let the lord come refurbish
The hole in your soul
Let miracles
Take a hold
Bring you peace
That’s untold
Like a river
Let it flow
If you feel your life is hard
And you feel
You can’t go on
I know A consular
Offers sessions at no charge
Just have a talk with God
He’ll even up the odds
Bore it all on the cross
So the comfort
Don’t dodge
Reaching for the stars
Just have a talk with God
Feeling your life’s too hard
Just have a talk with God

– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Heaven Help Us All” – Sign Sealed & Delivered

Heaven Help the girl
Whose lost in the land of make believe
Hunted by predators on the web
Trying 2 entangle she
Heaven help that boy
Who doesn’t know
How to be a man
Copies images
From his block
And music often has
Heaven help the man
Who has been beaten and broken
Heaven help that women
Whose tears
Leaves her heart soaken
Heaven help that mother
Whose gotta bury her son
Heaven help that addict
Whose addiction overruns
Heaven help that dealer
Feeling this is all he has
And heaven help that sinner
To find peace at last
Heaven help that father
Whose abandons his child
Heaven strengthen the shoulders
As the pressure begins to pile
Heaven help the seeds
2 flourish during the drought
Heaven help the sunshine
In the midst of the dark clouds
Heaven the nations
And cease the wars
And heaven help our ears
To listen to your voice
Heaven help the angels
That have lost there way
And heaven help us all
As I pray

Heaven help the child
Who was born with sickle cell
And Heaven help the hustler
Whose just sick of the cells
And Heaven help the woman
Who learn she’s got aids
And Heaven help the struggle
And ease all they pain
And Heaven help the lovers
Maintain communication
And heaven help the soldiers
And the families out here praying
Heaven help the ghettos
And all souls overcome
And Heaven help the children
And may God’s will be done
Heaven help the lairs, nay-sayers and the fake
Heaven help the truth, the light, and the way
Heaven help our future
Let us learn from the past
And heaven bless the present
And help us make that stand
And heaven help that girl
That was molested so young
And heaven help that boy
Who was told
Live by the gun
And heaven help all those
Who been ‘suaded by TV
And heaven us all
With a dollar and a dream

– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “With a Child’s Heart” - Uptight: Everything's Alright

Crazy is the world that we live in
Daily things be spinning
Outta control
Crooked cops on the patrol
Don’t even know
Whose friends or foe
Everyone's breaking the code
Of secrecy, no mercy
Even kids, purposely
Having babies outta wedlock
Bullets cover sandlots
And you can’t stop
Thinking bout the horrors
Tomorrow may bring
Feeling that you at the brink
Of destruction
Praying that God will give you something
To hold on to
As the news
Showcase stories
That leaves your heart
With a flurry of fears
The future isn’t clear
But God hasn’t forsaken
So you hold back your tears
Cling on to your faith
With a child-like heart
Cause if for Moses
The Red Sea, he did part
Then you know
There’s still light
After the dark

Even the apostles were scared on the ship
When the storm got crazy
And the boat was bout to flip
And they walked with God
So doubt you can’t dismiss
It’s human nature
That that fears gonna hit
All he asks
Is that we have a little faith
To move the mountains
That in our lives exists
But it’s easier said than done
When your feeling overcome
By the feeling of hopelessness
Swallowed by the bottomless pit
Children being raised without Fathers
By daughters
Who could be the sisters
Of they mothers
Molested and robbed
At the alter
By preachers misusing
God’s words to gather
The pleasures of this world
Makes me want to hurl
But false prophets seeking profits
Get dealt with
Just keep your eye
On the King
Who offers the rest for the restless
Once your soul’s
On the guest list

I know you can’t help
Feeling daze and confused
When the days are fused
With trials that leave you
Broken and torn
Physically, emotionally
And spiritually scorn
Bout ready to curse
The day that you were born
Tired of momma’s
Black dresses
Another solider to mourn
And another falls
Before the break of dawn
Dreading every phone call
Tired of the wars
Begging for new cards
Praying for the stars
To change
Don’t want to hear
Someone else shoes
Are worse than your pain
I fully understand
You got the right to be mad
Right to be fed, up
Screaming you had enough
Just know
That God’s in full control
I offer this piece
In hopes that it brings you peace
Even though it looks bleak
Jesus got you
Just breathe

– Produced by Snapy Dee, contains sample of “Overjoyed” – In Square Circle

I look into the eyes of my nephew
And what I see
Is a glimmer of hope
And a future awaiting
So I pray to Lord
He be nothing like me
‘Cept for
When he finds it
He follows his dreams
So never knowing what tomorrow
Might bring
Can be a bit freighting
But that’s what makes life exciting
In the pursuit of happiness
Gotta believe in Heaven’s gifts
So close your eyes
And see the world
Through the glasses
Of Stevie wonder
Never take a thing for granted
Rather it rains
Or sun’s rays in summer
Stop to smell the roses
Make joy last a little longer
Live life to the full
Till you reach the great be yonder

This is for my for nieces
I hope your hearing
Never doubt your feelings
Just God revealing
His path for you to take
Never loose your faith
Take your time in this life
Don’t get caught up
In the chase
And you’ll find the peace
Overwhelming inside
Promise to guide you
Through the mountains you climb
Go further than I
And see the world
Through the glasses
Of Stevie wonder
Never take a thing for granted
This song I write to you
Follow your heart
Even if they say it’s impossible
Shoot for the stars
Never let anyone tell you
Who you are
And greatness will never trail
From you to far
And my nephews
This world is yours
All I ask
That you keep faith in God
You got a dream
You gotta follow that
And I promise that
You’ll never regret it
Cause dreams come true
Remember Your Uncle said it

And to my unborn child
Outside daddies calm
But inside he's wild
And it'll probably be awhile
Till I finally get see ya
Study your features
I pray I be a good enough teacher
More of a man
I pray you understand
If I don't live up to the hype
I'm not a man
And I'm scared to drop my seed
Fraid that i'll curse you see
I don’t want you to be responsible
For my evil deeds
And I don't know rather your a boy or a girl
Or rather you'll have my smile or hers
And for that matter
Don't even know if I've met your mother
But i do promise, im gonna love her
Give you a happy home
Work hard now
So you see the glitter and gold
And I can see you in my dreams
Sorry if your time on earth is never seen
Can't wait for the memories,
Between you and me
Till then I say peace

Saturday, September 19, 2009

InPlainSIght Snippets

Once again I'm sorry that the show didn't go down last night, and I should be informing you guys soon about the resheduled show. I put together the snippets for this project to give you guys a taste of what's to come. Sept. 22 InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute will be available!!!

InPlainSight Snippets

1. Intro
2. PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. 4OnceNMyLyfe (Prod Smoove Ab)
4. DemDayz (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. HighestGround (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. DreamCumTrue ft Insight (Prod Snapy Dee)
7. RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
8. Creepin'N2MyDreams (Prod Smoove Ab)
9. LatelyFeelin' ft Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. OrdinaryPayne (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Blowin'NDaWind (Prod Snapy Dee)
12. MistahNoeItAll (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. NevaDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline) (Prod Snapy Dee)
14. VisionzNMyMind (Prod Snapy Dee)
15. TalkWitGod ft Razor (Prod Snapy Dee)
16. HeavenHelpUsAll (Prod Snapy Dee)
17. NoNeed2Worry (Prod Snapy Dee)
18. OvaJoyed (Prod Snapy Dee)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

VisionzNMyMind (Prod Snapy Dee) Snippet & Finalized Tracklist

What up ya'll, September 22 is fast approaching and I had 2 do some final mixing here and there. Just recorded the last track for this project, it samples Stevie Wonder's classic and one of my all time favorite songs by him "Visions". I love this song, and Snapy once again came through and delivered a great version of the track.

Here's the OG Stevie Wonder "Visions"

And he's the snippet off "VisionzNMyMind" (Prod Snapy Dee)

I'm as I said many times before excited about this project and hope you all enjoy it. It was fun putting it together. Here is the final tracklist:

1. Intro
2. PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. 4OnceNMyLyfe (Prod Smoove Ab)
4. DemDayz (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. HighestGround (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. DreamCumTrue ft Insight (Prod Snapy Dee)
7. RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
8. Creepin'N2MyDreams (Prod Smoove Ab)
9. LatelyFeelin' ft Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. OrdinaryPayne (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Blowin'NDaWind (Prod Snapy Dee)
12. MistahNoeItAll (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. NevaDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline) (Prod Snapy Dee)
14. VisionzNMyMind (Prod Snapy Dee)
15. TalkWitGod ft Razor (Prod Snapy Dee)
16. HeavenHelpUsAll (Prod Snapy Dee)
17. NoNeed2Worry (Prod Snapy Dee)
18. OvaJoyed (Prod Snapy Dee)

And oh yeah its going down tomorrow night I believe, I will hit you guys up with an exact time (please stay tuned 2 for possible postings) I'm a assuming 10 0r 11 but SDSU Radio via Blogtalkradio the Big Homie, Tregatron will have me on the show. We will be previewing the whole project talking bout tracks in detail and just keeping it HIP HOP!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enuff is ENUFF "D.O.R. Death Of Racism" aimed @ Fox News coming soon!!!!

Man enough is enough I'm tired of all the bull crap thats going on right now. All the blatant hate rather you feel its racists or just plan ignorant hate. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Back, Sean Hannity, shoot all of Fox News is taking things way 2 far. Now I know I'm a nobody but I'll be damned if I don't use the only weapon I have to say/ do something... my words. They'll probably never hear it, shoot if by some happenstance they do they'll just clown "he's a nobody, he's a black racist" etc but I don't care. This isn't gonna be some real disrespectful ignorant track its just gonna be a real track. So expect "D.O.R. Death Of Racism" coming soon. To quote Jay
"It's not a diss song, its a real song"
. We gotta use are voice and speak up, especially all my fellow artist. That same intensity you had when you believed in Obama and rallied to vote him in office, that same passion our people had when they fought for their rights we need it now. Some will say "Oh well they aint coming at me directly, etc etc" but lets be real, you don't check them now or stand up now don't be shocked when things get ugly. And I mean uglier than the signs and guns being brought to the railies. Just look at what these people are about, they don't even know what their marching for other than pure hate: Imagine if Martin Luther or Ghundi just said "eh, one person can't change the world" One becomes many, lets go.

"An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Final Mixdown of "LatelyFeelin' feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

Did a couple of mixes here and there and decided 2 change the hook up a bit I like this version best so here is the final version of "LatelyFeelin'"

If You feel like hearing the og versions click here

Also remember September 22 InPlainSight will be out and next weekend I will be on SDSU Radio via with the Big Homie R.I. aka Tregadon aka That Dude lmao previewing the entire project. Stay tuned 2 the blogspot/facebook/myspacefor the details

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember Remember the 11th of September

Man just thinking about it is crazy. To think 8yrs ago to this day I had just turned 17 the whole world a head of me. Chilling in my science class in the back clowning with my homie Karl, our teacher we always joked was a pothead and that he had a secret stash somewhere in the classroom. We just living it up, Karl was tryin 2 holla @ this girl and the TV was on in the classroom. We notice that the 1st tower was hit, i remember someone sayin WTF, and we thought the teach was just showing a movie. Then it happens, right before our eyes after someone clarified this was live feed. BAM! A plane flys right into the 2nd tower. You could feel the fear, tension, uncertainty in the room. WTF is going on. Later on the announcements we learned the country was under attack and they sent us home. I remember the bus ride home we were all joking but nervous as fuck looking up into the sky. How could this be? How in of all places of America? There was always a level of security you felt living in America. Even though we lived in the hood, round dealers, killers and crooked cops, you still had a level of security feeling no one would dare attack us. That day they brought to reality the notion WE ALL could get TOUCHED. No one was invincible. Yet at the same time it brought on unity, it brought the American dream to life that we were all one. Not to long after the feeling faded but for those days those moments everyone was family, everyone was hurting. We must never forget not just those we lost, not just that fear and uncertainty, but the unity and love. Sept 11 can't be about mourning cause then the terrorist win. It should be a celebration of the lives of all the heroes and a rekindling of America being a family. That's just my piece, so peace. The towards my have fallen bout our spirit still stands tall!

Remember, Remember the 11th of September!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

InPlainSight Release Date & Tracklist!!!! (Tracklist Updated & Radio Show Info)

Quick update 09/09/09

Just had to do one more song so I updated the tracklist
also be on the look for SDSU Radio on BlogTalkRadio next week where I'll be on with the Big Homie, Tregatron previewing "InPlainSight" giving you insight behind tracks and what have you. So stay tune I'll be posting the exact date and time soon, peace


Well this has been a fun and exciting journey sort of speak. But all good things must come to an end. And with that said, I have pick a release day for InPlainSight and set up a tracklist. As of this moment this is what the track list looks like.

Release Date: Sept. 22, 2009


1. Intro
2. PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. 4OnceNMyLyfe (Prod Smoove Ab)
4. DemDayz (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. HighestGround (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. DreamCumTrue ft Insight (Prod Snapy Dee)
7. RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
8. Creepin'N2MyDreams (Prod Smoove Ab)
9. LatelyFeelin' ft Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. OrdinaryPayne (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Visionz* (Prod Snapy Dee)
12. Blowin'NDaWind (Prod Snapy Dee)
13. Livin'4DaCity * (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
14. MistahNoeItAll (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
15. NevaDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline) (Prod Snapy Dee)
16. TalkWitGod ft Razor (Prod Snapy Dee)
17. HeavenHelpUsAll (Prod Snapy Dee)
18. NoNeed2Worry (Prod Snapy Dee)
19. OvaJoyed (Prod Snapy Dee)

Now there are still somethings that are liable to change. I'm recording one song 2night and should be getting the last track from Mr. Vinyl any day now. Also I'm still re-recording/mixing/adding stuff to songs because I need this project to sound as great as I possible can make it. Not just for the sake of good music and how much hard work we've put into and the people listening. But I don't want to ruin the amazing art which Stevie has painted over the years with his music. So once again its on.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Song "LatelyFeelin'" feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

Flip the Stevie Wonder classic "Lately" heres some background on the og

"Lately" is a 1981 single written, recorded, and produced by singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder. Released from his 1980 album Hotter Than July, the song reached number three in the UK, and nuber sixty-four on the Billboard Pop Singles chart.
A cover version of this song was recorded by S Club 7 for their 7 album, and by Jodeci which was a 1993 #1 Hit R&B single. The release spent four weeks at the top of the Hot R&B Songs chart, and was Jodeci's biggest pop hit, peaking at four on the Billboard Hot 100[1].

Stevie Wonder's "Lately"

Shoutout to Talton for coming through and laying the magic down on this track really bringing it to life. Zup, 2 Poetic Mind who was in the build watching the classic being formed. I hope you guys enjoy this. Snapy Dee did thing once again and just took this to a whole new level. InPlainSight out later this month.

"LatelyFeelin'" feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

I'll be remixing it down even better when i get home so expect that later on 2night, just did this one via my headphones while at work. Shout to Philps there headphones are dope (can i get a check :))

Re-Mixed Down Off "LatelyFeelin'" feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

Video Update

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

InPlainSIght: A Stevie Wonder Tribute Update

Ok time to give a quick update on whats going on with the project. Glad to say we are 98% complete. Just waiting on one more track from Smoove Ab, Mr. Vinyl and Snapy Dee. I'll be finishing up a track tonight called "PlaceNDaSun" which will feature a incredible poem read my by friend Poetic Mind. Here's a list of tracks currently completed for it, and no this is not a track list

OrdinaryPayne - Snapy Dee
LateyFeelin'feat Talton - Snapy Dee
HeavneHelpUsAll - Snapy Dee
4OnceNMyLyfe - Smoove Ab
HighestGround - Snapy Dee
DreamCumTrue ft Insight - Snapy Dee
TalkWitGod ft Razor - Snapy Dee
NeverDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline)- Snapy Dee
NoNeed2Worry - Snapy Dee
BlowinNDaWind - Snapy Dee
DemDayz - Snapy Dee
MistahNoeItAll - Mr. Vinyl

to be finished
PlaceNDaSun feat Poetic Mind - Snapy Dee
Overjoyed - Snapy Dee

maybe another feature or not we shall see

oh btw please make sure u get Yanatha's "Walk Through Life's Journey, Vol 1" Audio Book its way 2 dope not to have it