Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enuff is ENUFF "D.O.R. Death Of Racism" aimed @ Fox News coming soon!!!!

Man enough is enough I'm tired of all the bull crap thats going on right now. All the blatant hate rather you feel its racists or just plan ignorant hate. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Back, Sean Hannity, shoot all of Fox News is taking things way 2 far. Now I know I'm a nobody but I'll be damned if I don't use the only weapon I have to say/ do something... my words. They'll probably never hear it, shoot if by some happenstance they do they'll just clown "he's a nobody, he's a black racist" etc but I don't care. This isn't gonna be some real disrespectful ignorant track its just gonna be a real track. So expect "D.O.R. Death Of Racism" coming soon. To quote Jay
"It's not a diss song, its a real song"
. We gotta use are voice and speak up, especially all my fellow artist. That same intensity you had when you believed in Obama and rallied to vote him in office, that same passion our people had when they fought for their rights we need it now. Some will say "Oh well they aint coming at me directly, etc etc" but lets be real, you don't check them now or stand up now don't be shocked when things get ugly. And I mean uglier than the signs and guns being brought to the railies. Just look at what these people are about, they don't even know what their marching for other than pure hate: Imagine if Martin Luther or Ghundi just said "eh, one person can't change the world" One becomes many, lets go.

"An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere"

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  1. i agree wtichu on the last quote...and i remember with the whole obama photo shit and what not...but ain't nas do enuff??...>_>