Tuesday, September 8, 2009

InPlainSight Release Date & Tracklist!!!! (Tracklist Updated & Radio Show Info)

Quick update 09/09/09

Just had to do one more song so I updated the tracklist
also be on the look for SDSU Radio on BlogTalkRadio next week where I'll be on with the Big Homie, Tregatron previewing "InPlainSight" giving you insight behind tracks and what have you. So stay tune I'll be posting the exact date and time soon, peace


Well this has been a fun and exciting journey sort of speak. But all good things must come to an end. And with that said, I have pick a release day for InPlainSight and set up a tracklist. As of this moment this is what the track list looks like.

Release Date: Sept. 22, 2009


1. Intro
2. PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. 4OnceNMyLyfe (Prod Smoove Ab)
4. DemDayz (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. HighestGround (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. DreamCumTrue ft Insight (Prod Snapy Dee)
7. RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
8. Creepin'N2MyDreams (Prod Smoove Ab)
9. LatelyFeelin' ft Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. OrdinaryPayne (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Visionz* (Prod Snapy Dee)
12. Blowin'NDaWind (Prod Snapy Dee)
13. Livin'4DaCity * (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
14. MistahNoeItAll (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
15. NevaDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline) (Prod Snapy Dee)
16. TalkWitGod ft Razor (Prod Snapy Dee)
17. HeavenHelpUsAll (Prod Snapy Dee)
18. NoNeed2Worry (Prod Snapy Dee)
19. OvaJoyed (Prod Snapy Dee)

Now there are still somethings that are liable to change. I'm recording one song 2night and should be getting the last track from Mr. Vinyl any day now. Also I'm still re-recording/mixing/adding stuff to songs because I need this project to sound as great as I possible can make it. Not just for the sake of good music and how much hard work we've put into and the people listening. But I don't want to ruin the amazing art which Stevie has painted over the years with his music. So once again its on.

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  1. Much Respect 4 your hustle J! Funny thing is Friday on my way home from work "Lately" came on the radio. I turned it to 10 and the thoughts goin through my head was identical too yours. Stevie Wonder does not get the respect he deserves...but when he passes mad headz are gonna be on it like he was the best. Can't wait to hear the finished product my nigga...stay up & ima stay tuned!