Wednesday, September 2, 2009

InPlainSIght: A Stevie Wonder Tribute Update

Ok time to give a quick update on whats going on with the project. Glad to say we are 98% complete. Just waiting on one more track from Smoove Ab, Mr. Vinyl and Snapy Dee. I'll be finishing up a track tonight called "PlaceNDaSun" which will feature a incredible poem read my by friend Poetic Mind. Here's a list of tracks currently completed for it, and no this is not a track list

OrdinaryPayne - Snapy Dee
LateyFeelin'feat Talton - Snapy Dee
HeavneHelpUsAll - Snapy Dee
4OnceNMyLyfe - Smoove Ab
HighestGround - Snapy Dee
DreamCumTrue ft Insight - Snapy Dee
TalkWitGod ft Razor - Snapy Dee
NeverDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline)- Snapy Dee
NoNeed2Worry - Snapy Dee
BlowinNDaWind - Snapy Dee
DemDayz - Snapy Dee
MistahNoeItAll - Mr. Vinyl

to be finished
PlaceNDaSun feat Poetic Mind - Snapy Dee
Overjoyed - Snapy Dee

maybe another feature or not we shall see

oh btw please make sure u get Yanatha's "Walk Through Life's Journey, Vol 1" Audio Book its way 2 dope not to have it

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