Friday, September 4, 2009

New Song "LatelyFeelin'" feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

Flip the Stevie Wonder classic "Lately" heres some background on the og

"Lately" is a 1981 single written, recorded, and produced by singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder. Released from his 1980 album Hotter Than July, the song reached number three in the UK, and nuber sixty-four on the Billboard Pop Singles chart.
A cover version of this song was recorded by S Club 7 for their 7 album, and by Jodeci which was a 1993 #1 Hit R&B single. The release spent four weeks at the top of the Hot R&B Songs chart, and was Jodeci's biggest pop hit, peaking at four on the Billboard Hot 100[1].

Stevie Wonder's "Lately"

Shoutout to Talton for coming through and laying the magic down on this track really bringing it to life. Zup, 2 Poetic Mind who was in the build watching the classic being formed. I hope you guys enjoy this. Snapy Dee did thing once again and just took this to a whole new level. InPlainSight out later this month.

"LatelyFeelin'" feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

I'll be remixing it down even better when i get home so expect that later on 2night, just did this one via my headphones while at work. Shout to Philps there headphones are dope (can i get a check :))

Re-Mixed Down Off "LatelyFeelin'" feat Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)

Video Update

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  1. greatness....greatness..i really can't wait for this one...