Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember Remember the 11th of September

Man just thinking about it is crazy. To think 8yrs ago to this day I had just turned 17 the whole world a head of me. Chilling in my science class in the back clowning with my homie Karl, our teacher we always joked was a pothead and that he had a secret stash somewhere in the classroom. We just living it up, Karl was tryin 2 holla @ this girl and the TV was on in the classroom. We notice that the 1st tower was hit, i remember someone sayin WTF, and we thought the teach was just showing a movie. Then it happens, right before our eyes after someone clarified this was live feed. BAM! A plane flys right into the 2nd tower. You could feel the fear, tension, uncertainty in the room. WTF is going on. Later on the announcements we learned the country was under attack and they sent us home. I remember the bus ride home we were all joking but nervous as fuck looking up into the sky. How could this be? How in of all places of America? There was always a level of security you felt living in America. Even though we lived in the hood, round dealers, killers and crooked cops, you still had a level of security feeling no one would dare attack us. That day they brought to reality the notion WE ALL could get TOUCHED. No one was invincible. Yet at the same time it brought on unity, it brought the American dream to life that we were all one. Not to long after the feeling faded but for those days those moments everyone was family, everyone was hurting. We must never forget not just those we lost, not just that fear and uncertainty, but the unity and love. Sept 11 can't be about mourning cause then the terrorist win. It should be a celebration of the lives of all the heroes and a rekindling of America being a family. That's just my piece, so peace. The towards my have fallen bout our spirit still stands tall!

Remember, Remember the 11th of September!

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