Thursday, September 17, 2009

VisionzNMyMind (Prod Snapy Dee) Snippet & Finalized Tracklist

What up ya'll, September 22 is fast approaching and I had 2 do some final mixing here and there. Just recorded the last track for this project, it samples Stevie Wonder's classic and one of my all time favorite songs by him "Visions". I love this song, and Snapy once again came through and delivered a great version of the track.

Here's the OG Stevie Wonder "Visions"

And he's the snippet off "VisionzNMyMind" (Prod Snapy Dee)

I'm as I said many times before excited about this project and hope you all enjoy it. It was fun putting it together. Here is the final tracklist:

1. Intro
2. PlaceNDaSun ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
3. 4OnceNMyLyfe (Prod Smoove Ab)
4. DemDayz (Prod Snapy Dee)
5. HighestGround (Prod Snapy Dee)
6. DreamCumTrue ft Insight (Prod Snapy Dee)
7. RibbonNDaSky ft Poetic Mind (Prod Snapy Dee)
8. Creepin'N2MyDreams (Prod Smoove Ab)
9. LatelyFeelin' ft Talton (Prod Snapy Dee)
10. OrdinaryPayne (Prod Snapy Dee)
11. Blowin'NDaWind (Prod Snapy Dee)
12. MistahNoeItAll (Prod Mr. Vinyl)
13. NevaDreamedU'dLeave (Dear Aline) (Prod Snapy Dee)
14. VisionzNMyMind (Prod Snapy Dee)
15. TalkWitGod ft Razor (Prod Snapy Dee)
16. HeavenHelpUsAll (Prod Snapy Dee)
17. NoNeed2Worry (Prod Snapy Dee)
18. OvaJoyed (Prod Snapy Dee)

And oh yeah its going down tomorrow night I believe, I will hit you guys up with an exact time (please stay tuned 2 for possible postings) I'm a assuming 10 0r 11 but SDSU Radio via Blogtalkradio the Big Homie, Tregatron will have me on the show. We will be previewing the whole project talking bout tracks in detail and just keeping it HIP HOP!

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