Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Single 4 Dollar And A Dream "Lonely People" (Prod Snapy Dee)

Everybody who is anybody knows the classic Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby" better known to some as "Lonely People". Love this song and the story telling. Well I wanted to flip this track for "Dollar And Dream". As far as I can recall there are 3 sampled version of this in Hip-Hop, one by Talib Kweli, B.O.B and one by Ja Rule. All of which are dope, and this song is such a classic created by one of the greatest bands of musicans ever so I hope we did it justice. I know Snapy sure did with the way he flipped it.

Lonely People (Prod Snapy Dee) Full Song

She got that look in her eyes
Going down 2 night
Licking on her lips
Making sure
Her dress tight
Doesn’t care about the world
Only thing on her mind
Where all the ballers at
Gotta get on the grind
Dancing so seductive
Rubbing on her thighs
Tries 2 her escape
So lonely in life
Funny what some do
Just 2 touch the sky
Wingless, flys
Many dreams die
Many put inner feelings
On hush
Cuz you know the only goal
Is lust
But to be recognized
Is a must
Pops pills for that
Added push
Just some of the things
Goes through of us
Guess another one
Bites the dust
In search of love
Hide from the truth
Call everyone’s bluff
Baby what’s the use
Some forget there worth
Can’t let go
But inside they hurt
yeah I know
Some go 2 clubs
Others buried in work
Never look above
Restless search
Empty souls
Craving more
Danger shows
There’s a war
Going on outside
Look around
Lonely (people) right

We all were masks
Just 2 hide
The haunting feelings
Dealing with inside
And I won’t lie
Cause many times
I dreamt that I
Wore other shoes
Saw other views
Cause I refuse
To deal with the truth
Awkward stages
Pass our youth
Tell me
What’s a young man to do?
What am I 2 do?
Some sought out medicine
To deal with depression
Only for it
2 become an obsession
Now oppression
In every dark corner
There are countless lessons
Some live their lives
Hidden in fear
Fraid that world will
Mock they tears
Got to choose what roads
Which way 2 you go
Follow the crowd
Or do it on your own

An outcast or a star
Still very alone
Flashing lights
Lead you far from home
Want to be the best
But the pressure grows
Life’s just a test
But failures shown
Some digress
But other will get grown
As the spotlight glows
All the worlds a stage
Better know your role
Here we go
Chasing you dreams
The hardest road
Some forget they worth
Can’t let go
But inside it hurts
yeah I know
Some go 2 clubs
Buried in work
Never look above
Restless search
Empty souls
Craving more
Danger soars
There’s a war
Lonely(People), whoa

The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"

Talib Kweli "Lonely People"

B.o.B "Lonely People"

Ja Rule "Father Forgive Me"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snapy Dee "Zašto je tako (Why Is It Like That)" ft JaFleu, Razor"

More than a dope producer, Snapy Dee is a MC with soul. And had came up with a dope idea for a collabo between he, Razor and I for a call 2 stop the violence. And the cool thing is the fact we all represent different parts of this world. Snapy representing Serbia, Razor the United Kingdom and I the USA. It's the same struggle, same pain no matter where you are. And music is a great uniter. So please enjoy the not only Snapy produced track, but the dope rhymes he spits in his native language.

This is more than just music, it's a movement. Cause if music doesn't cause you 2 move then whats the point?

Snapy Dee "Zašto je tako (Why Is It Like That)" ft JaFleu, Razor"

Snapy also made the video, so props on that 2

and if your wondering, he sampled Al Green's "Too Much"

Please God talk to us
Lord give us a sign
Feels like the end of the world
With all this chaos and crime
And I can’t comprehend the drama
Or the reason why
You pull a nine
On somebody
Just cause the colors he flies
The government lies
The heartless rise
And the babies get ignore
We need change 2night
Stop the violence
End the silence
Speak up or we lost
Senseless dying
Time we buying
But the game has no pause
Loosing balance
Got me questioning
Where’s the love
I’m not trying 2 preach 2 ya
I'm just tryin 2 speak 2 ya
We need unification
Kids can’t even chill
On they summer vacations
And seems everyday
There’s another war
Within or between nations
And all I’m sayin
Is when will it end
Stop the violence
Cause we all need each other 2 stand
We all need each other 2 stand

Snapy Dee's Myspace
Razor's Soundclick

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uh Oh!!! "Feelin' Good" Prod Mr. Vinyl off "Dollar And A Dream"

I just started this project what tuesday and already have 6 songs done. 5 of which I did 2day, I still owe Kron a verse (i got you). Nicey if you reading, I did the verse for our collab will send it. I think i'm a shoot for recording bout 2-3 months and pick the best out the batch. I wonder how many joints I can do in that time spam. Any who, I couldn't hold this song back. You sprinkle some classic Nina Simone, the dopeness of Mr. Vinyl and well... me and this is what you get!!!!

"Feeling Good" (Prod Mr. Vinyl)

Used 2 be me against the world
Now it’s me and my words
Capturing souls
Shining on foes
Minus the diamonds and pearls
Feeling free as a bird
No restriction
Bout to conquer Earth
Clear vision
Finally quenching my thirst
Please listen
Feel the force in the verse
These are the odes
Of he whom the bell tolls
A odyssey
Chalked full of miracles
A mirror for
Everyone to see
Face there inner demons
On the road 4destiny
We all God’s children
So please don’t envy me
Just on my mission
Got a dollar and a dream
And ambition as the steam
To push my motivation
Into reality
Trying to get that feelin’
Where I’m on top of the world
And I can say I made it
Now watch the dream unfurl
I know ya’ll n____ hate it

I was told this world ain’t ready
For what I have 2 offer
Feelin’ comfortable in these shoes
So much more 2 conquer
Eyes 2 the sky
So you’ll never take me under
Fight till the world is mine
Behold the 8th wonder
Build a bridge with what I write
So lost souls can get over
God appointed me to be
What’s reals warrior
Pen as my axe
Mike as my sword
Tongue spills words
That your heart just absorbs
Mama always told me
JJ you’ll be a star
I don’t wanna be famous
I just want to inspire all
I just wanna keep it real
Give them hope thru these bars
Make them beat obstacles
Laugh at the odds
This is my diary
That’s why the passions fiery
Guess all I’m tryin 2 say
Is with all this honesty
Poured over dope beats
There is no denying me
Haters blind, prepare 2 see
Holla at me

Went from MizUndaStood
To doing all I could
On my 25th Hour
Burnt the Market
Round these fools
Confessions of a MC
Hip Hop 101
No protégé
The prototype
Where it all begun
Smash all doubts
Like the Hulk
Incredible growth with my flow
Easily, I took a hold
Of what’s In Plain Sight
Now I’m back once more
With a dollar and a dream
Cause now, I fully believe
In the talent I’ve been given
Fully focus
There’s no competition
I’m just doing me
Till the wheels fall off
Speak from heart
So my point is never lost
Haters start your engine
But you in permanent park
I don’t need the plaques
Or chains
Careless bout the charts
Baby I’m doin' good
So please enjoy my art
Hello world
It’s JaFleu
Now where do I start?

the same is Nina Simone's "Feeling Good"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Snippet!!! "Dollar And A Dream" Prod Snapy Dee

This is the 1st official song me and Snapy have done for "Dollar And A Dream". It funny cause he literally sent me the track this mourning (another smashing production from him). And like 20 minutes after I got it I wrote it all. And soon as I got home its was recorded lol Can't give ya'll the full thing baby, so here's a taste.

"Dollar And A Dream" Prod Snapy Dee - Snippet

Also checkout my homie Outlawstarr latest track "Skull Crack" featuring non other than ur boy JaFleu and Mex-16.

I promise Dollar And A Dream will be a classic we are already in the zone. Peace

Also once again special shoutout 2 Alban Dupoizat for making this dope pic for me . This will now and 4ever b my logo bro thank u