Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Single 4 Dollar And A Dream "Lonely People" (Prod Snapy Dee)

Everybody who is anybody knows the classic Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby" better known to some as "Lonely People". Love this song and the story telling. Well I wanted to flip this track for "Dollar And Dream". As far as I can recall there are 3 sampled version of this in Hip-Hop, one by Talib Kweli, B.O.B and one by Ja Rule. All of which are dope, and this song is such a classic created by one of the greatest bands of musicans ever so I hope we did it justice. I know Snapy sure did with the way he flipped it.

Lonely People (Prod Snapy Dee) Full Song

She got that look in her eyes
Going down 2 night
Licking on her lips
Making sure
Her dress tight
Doesn’t care about the world
Only thing on her mind
Where all the ballers at
Gotta get on the grind
Dancing so seductive
Rubbing on her thighs
Tries 2 her escape
So lonely in life
Funny what some do
Just 2 touch the sky
Wingless, flys
Many dreams die
Many put inner feelings
On hush
Cuz you know the only goal
Is lust
But to be recognized
Is a must
Pops pills for that
Added push
Just some of the things
Goes through of us
Guess another one
Bites the dust
In search of love
Hide from the truth
Call everyone’s bluff
Baby what’s the use
Some forget there worth
Can’t let go
But inside they hurt
yeah I know
Some go 2 clubs
Others buried in work
Never look above
Restless search
Empty souls
Craving more
Danger shows
There’s a war
Going on outside
Look around
Lonely (people) right

We all were masks
Just 2 hide
The haunting feelings
Dealing with inside
And I won’t lie
Cause many times
I dreamt that I
Wore other shoes
Saw other views
Cause I refuse
To deal with the truth
Awkward stages
Pass our youth
Tell me
What’s a young man to do?
What am I 2 do?
Some sought out medicine
To deal with depression
Only for it
2 become an obsession
Now oppression
In every dark corner
There are countless lessons
Some live their lives
Hidden in fear
Fraid that world will
Mock they tears
Got to choose what roads
Which way 2 you go
Follow the crowd
Or do it on your own

An outcast or a star
Still very alone
Flashing lights
Lead you far from home
Want to be the best
But the pressure grows
Life’s just a test
But failures shown
Some digress
But other will get grown
As the spotlight glows
All the worlds a stage
Better know your role
Here we go
Chasing you dreams
The hardest road
Some forget they worth
Can’t let go
But inside it hurts
yeah I know
Some go 2 clubs
Buried in work
Never look above
Restless search
Empty souls
Craving more
Danger soars
There’s a war
Lonely(People), whoa

The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"

Talib Kweli "Lonely People"

B.o.B "Lonely People"

Ja Rule "Father Forgive Me"