Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snapy Dee "Zašto je tako (Why Is It Like That)" ft JaFleu, Razor"

More than a dope producer, Snapy Dee is a MC with soul. And had came up with a dope idea for a collabo between he, Razor and I for a call 2 stop the violence. And the cool thing is the fact we all represent different parts of this world. Snapy representing Serbia, Razor the United Kingdom and I the USA. It's the same struggle, same pain no matter where you are. And music is a great uniter. So please enjoy the not only Snapy produced track, but the dope rhymes he spits in his native language.

This is more than just music, it's a movement. Cause if music doesn't cause you 2 move then whats the point?

Snapy Dee "Zašto je tako (Why Is It Like That)" ft JaFleu, Razor"

Snapy also made the video, so props on that 2

and if your wondering, he sampled Al Green's "Too Much"

Please God talk to us
Lord give us a sign
Feels like the end of the world
With all this chaos and crime
And I can’t comprehend the drama
Or the reason why
You pull a nine
On somebody
Just cause the colors he flies
The government lies
The heartless rise
And the babies get ignore
We need change 2night
Stop the violence
End the silence
Speak up or we lost
Senseless dying
Time we buying
But the game has no pause
Loosing balance
Got me questioning
Where’s the love
I’m not trying 2 preach 2 ya
I'm just tryin 2 speak 2 ya
We need unification
Kids can’t even chill
On they summer vacations
And seems everyday
There’s another war
Within or between nations
And all I’m sayin
Is when will it end
Stop the violence
Cause we all need each other 2 stand
We all need each other 2 stand

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Razor's Soundclick

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