Monday, November 23, 2009

Got an Idea: The ReasonablePrint Mixtape???? Hmmm.........

So I've recovered (sort of) from whatever sickness I was battling last week and am back focus on the music. And I came up with and idea. Since I'm working on the album "Dollar And Dream" which has no release date yet (maybe January... all tho it could come out earlier lol) and I'm taking my time with it I think I gotta drop something in the meantime. Something to end the year just right.

1st I want to once again say thank you 2 all that copped the "InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute" and all the other projects I dropped this year (Confessions Of An MC, Market 4 Nigga$: Hosted By Dj Daddy Mack). I really appreciate it. So keeping with the fact I like 2 do projects with a bit of a concept, I'm thinking of doing a quick mixtape.

If you know me, you know I really don't like rapping on other rappers instrumentals. I like making original stuff, basically albums disguise as mixtapes. But I want 2 do something out of the norm for me. So I'm going 2 do (or at least thinking bout doing) something kind of in honor of my fav MC, Jay-Z. I present 2 you "TheReasonablePrint".

The idea is 2 take a instrumental (or 2 but preferably 1) of my fav song on all Jay-z's 11 (Reasonable Doubt - Blueprint 3) albums and spit on them. Pretty simple right?! I just want to flex my MCness (is that even a word?) a little bit. I'm going 2 check with Nicey 2 see if he still has the Flowzmen collabos over Roc Boyz and Dynasty. If so, they will be added 2 this project. So yeah, Dollar And A Dream out...2010, and maybe TheReasonablePrint (If it goes down) Late December.

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