Friday, December 31, 2010

Alicia Keys and Aaliyah Paintings

Last night I was chilling at the beach (yep I was shocked the cops didn't pull me over when I crossed that Palm Beach bridge too) when I heard a car passing by playing "Woman's Worth" by Alicia Keys. And then I kid you not the next car play Aaliyah's "Try Again", so I decided to paint portraits of them. Had to make up for the two days I didn't paint because I was sick. Buy The Prints Here

Alicia Keys "Woman's Worth"

Aaliyah "Try Again"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something A Little Different "James Brown. Prince, Michael Jackson" Painting Set

It started with a request, I normally don't take request when it comes to painting for various reasons. However I decided I'd give it a try when I was asked to paint an "Abstract" painting of Prince. I don't really do abstract (at least I don't think I do), so I decided I'd give it a try.

So using the style of "Contour-lining" I made this painting of Prince. However it wasn't as she had envision, which is cool (still one of the reasons I'm not a fan of request). I happen to liked how it came out and decided to create a set.

Since James Brown is the Godfather of Soul, and back in the day people would always say that Prince and Michael were some what heir apparent to him, I decided to make a set of Brown, Prince and MJ.

Nothing to go nuts over, I thought it was kinda of cool. Something a little different. Don't know if it qualifies for "Abstract". I'm going to have to take better pictures later on before I upload them to my site to make prints available.

Video of : James Brown, Prince And MJ on Stage together

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Painting Responding 2 Cipha Sounds Anti-Haitian Girls Comment

If you haven't heard Cipha Sounds on air made derogatory comments about Haitian Women on Hot97. He was making a bullshit joke where he said

"The reason I'm HIV negative is cause I don't mess with Haitian girls."

. I thought we come a long way from dumb shit like this. I was heated when I heard this and even more heated at his whack ass apology. So out of my frustration I decided to paint this. Just to let him and everyone know that Haitian Girls Are Beautiful Angels. Click Here To By The Print

And since I posting up new stuff, here's another painting I did earlier today of Barack Obama. Click Here To By The Print

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Biggie & 2Pac Paintings

There is no real great concept behind me painting these other than I was listening to a mix of Biggie and Pac on my way home, after reading my homie ConsiderThis lyric in a freestyle cipher where he said "when u hustle on it...just to get ya mama off the block/where my man J paints verbal murals of Big and Pac...". I guess you could take note that I used two conflicting colors to show how opposite they really were. Like how with Biggie I used Blue which is usually associated with be cool/cold...and Biggie was known to be a cool, level headed smooth guy, with the coldest flow.

Whereas I used Red when painting 2Pac, which you can associate with passion, fire, hot. And 2Pac was some what a hot head, passionate, very fiery. I'm mean in that right you can say "Oh that's brilliant Jay" but I'd of been lying to you. I'm not as clever as most think, all though subconsciously I could of done it.

Notorious B.I.G


Biggie And Pac - Runnin'

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joint I wrote "Till You And I Become We, I'm Doing Me"

Started off as just a status, but I guess the rapper in me couldn't stop and it just became something more.

Till You And I Become We, I'm Doing Me

They always tell me 'Jay it's time you settle down, find you a wife'

I'm like 'Dude, I'm 26 can I not just enjoy my life?'

Still I got one eye open, in search of Miss Right

But for now, I'm using tunnel vision and taking in the sights

Contradiction, I know

Thats just how it goes

No chains on him, so binding me is just a no

I been there before, didn't workout so more

Reason for your boy to spread the wings and just soar

Only way I'm landing, is if it's in God's plannin'

And she's got the qualities, to take me 2 another planet

And maybe then I'll change views

Settle in the driver seat, and just cruise

2 the future, but they say love's for fools

And I'm no jester, so it maybe this is never

Who am I kidding, can't do this forever

So 2 my counterpart, that has my heart

Never release me, whenever it is we start

Right now I'm just sowing the wild oats, without planting any seeds

Cause the day I do, it's with whom, i plan to grow the tree

So 2 whom it my concern, for when You and I become WE

Someday will be the moment

But for now I'm doing me

Concept of "BeAFatherUrKillinUrSons" Painting

Last night before I went to The Stage, I did this quick painting based of the Jay-Z song "Meet The Parents" off The Blueprint2. Definitely a very underrated and often unacknowledged cut but guess people don't listen to music they skim through it right?

Anyway, it's a story that a lot of us have not only heard on a daily basis but sadly live, but with a twist. Its about a woman who falls for the thug, thugs knocks her up and bounces so she is forced to raise him solo. Yet here's the twist.....

Listen to the track to avoid SPOILER

Yeah the father runs into his fatherless son, who is now caught in the cycle of street life. He kind of recognizes the boy but since he hasn't seen him cept for twice as a baby he treats him as some average wanna-be-thug. And it ends with him killing his own son.

To me the thing is not only literally did he kill his son, but by not being thats their for the child he killed any chance of him avoiding this cycle. Fathers that aren't there are killing their kids, their robbing them of so much. So be a father to your kids, or wear a rubber, and ladies be more selective and think about what your doing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Concept for "2Roads 2 AmericanDreams"

It started as a idea, sparked by the opening lines from my one of my homie ConsiderThis signature pieces “America is….fucked up I assume”. That whole piece is a remarkable glare at the ugliness that is America. While it is a beautiful, wondrous place it has a dark side so evil it of turn Darth Vader good. And those lines, though I’ve heard them countless times before stayed in my head. And on that night it sparked a image in my head that I said I’d eventually paint. And last night while listening to Nas “Untitled”, I finally decided to do it.

I think the first thing anyone is going to notice is the provocative image of a black man being hung by the Statue of Liberty, via a chain that has the words NIGGER on it. I’m sure millions of thoughts run through your head when you do look at it, I know when I finally stepped back after it was done I did. I wonder what people’s initial thoughts are?

The painting is called “2Roads 2 AmericanDreams”, and that center image isn’t the real story. It’s an outcome though, that happens daily in the midst of this story; it’s a reminder of what often times becomes the end of the journey for black people. Yet the real story is being told at the bottom of the painting, the two roads leading to the Stature of Liberty, which represents the “American Dream”.

One road comes from the Suburbs and is broad; the other is from the Ghetto and is narrow and twisted. I used these to places as a metaphor for not just white and blacks (even though the color choice suggest otherwise), but for poverty and wealth, the haves and have not’s. When you have money, or are better off, or in most cases white in America your road to the American Dream are a lot easier; broader. Where as if you’re from poverty, the ghettos, or ethnic your journey is harder, filled with twist and narrow. Yet the one thing both roads really have in common is that it’s over treacherous waters. Even if your road is easier it doesn’t mean its safe.

And for blacks, no matter which road you take the end result is even if you get success, love and all you wish for, America is still waiting to remind you that you’re a Nigger. “In America you’ll never be free” raps Nas on “Breathe” and it’s true. We call it the Land of the Free, but is it really? There is always this chain around our necks that is ready to be pulled as soon as you “fuck up”, even if it’s a minor thing. It’s funny cause the world of American is standing up by the hands of slaves (note the bottom of the painting) and yet if you bring that up its “reverse racism”. How can America be the land of the free when it’s built by slaves? As the man is hanging I also have the American flag waving in the air, and what’s sort of hard to tell is that the red strips drip, their dripping blood. Why, because America was built by blood.

Now don’t think me to be some radical, racist or deep thinker. I’m not. I just painted what seems to feel a like a reality. I’m not saying it’s the only reality, or that I don’t love America because I do. Yet it would be foolish of me not to express something when inspired. I’ll l end it with a quote from Jay-Z out of his book Decoded where he says :

‎"Artists can have greater access to reality; they can see patterns and details and connections that other people, distracted by the blur of life, might miss. Just sharing that truth can be a very powerful thing.

Buy The Print @

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Painting "Nation Lives On"

With "Nation Lives On" I just wanted to capture the resolve and strength of a Haitian couple and show through their unborn child Haiti still survives and still has hope. Because you never know who the child will be, and as long as we pass on our culture no Hurricane, Earthquake, or Election can destroy us.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Concept Behind New Painting "WithDaSameSwordMostKingz"

While reading Jay-Z’s book “Decoded” I had came to a point where he was talking about how he was inspired by the artwork of the late Jean-Michael Basquiat. He was a young Brooklyn, New York artist who died at an early age. A quote Jay said in referring to some of the artwork of Basquiat that he now owns moved me; he said “The paintings don’t just sit on my walls, they move like crazy”. I hope one day I can have people feel that way about what I do.

Basquiat did a painting about jazz player Charlie Parker and called it “Charlie the First” , in the bottom corner he had wrote “MOST YOUNG KINGS GET THEIR HEADS CUT OFF” and that line had inspired Jay-Z to write the song “Most Kingz” (which originally he spat over the Kanye West “Grammy Family” beat). In it Jay wrote about the difficulty of rising to the top because in this world they bring you up just to tear you down. The line that best showed it was “same sword that they knight you with, they gonna goodnight you with”. That line struck a chord with me.

Most Kingz feat Chris Martin

Jay-Z Breaks Down "Most Kingz"

T idea that the same world that praises your achievements and wishes you the best, will turn on you and not only pray for your downfall but work to make it so. To quote Jay-Z “Don’t believe me, ask Michael/ see Martin, see Malcolm/ You see Biggie, see Pac/ see success and it’s outcome”. I wanted to try to capture that image that was now stuck in my head that most kings will get their heads cut off by the same sword that knights you, that gives you praise and acclaim.

To somewhat explain the painting, I set out to paint a young man who you could see in his face he is literally dealing with the pressure of being “King”, and praying for strength. And I don’t mean king in the sense of all mighty rulers, but in the sense that you could be king or queen as in just being on top or succeeding in life. Chasing and achieving your dream. What I meant by literally dealing with the pressure is I painted the crown to be bricks. I wanted to capture the idea of “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”. When your “on top” or succeeding, from the outside looking in, it looks like the good life. Yet the reality of it is people don’t see the enormous weight of maintaining that success, the work put in and the many people trying to take your spot. You never know just how heavy the crown is, till you put it on.

I chose to make the world hold a two headed sword. On one end it’s knighting him, giving him praise, cheering him on. It has faith in what he is doing and wants him to succeed, yet on the other end of this very same sword it’s cutting at his neck. Slowly cutting his head off, because with each step forward, people in the world plan on bringing you down. The roads in the background exemplify the idea of the journey to this point. We all have to take our steps to destiny and it comes with ups and downs and twists.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Value of Investing in African-American Art (Video)

Funny I was telling my friend how growing up I never really seen much black/african-american art so I didn't really feel connected to it. I used to feel like if you weren't doing Picasso/ Michelangelo type work, or paintings of boats and stuff you didn't really factor. That was just my ignorance and in part reality.

I have this dream of one day opening my own art museum of art work from young up and coming urban artist just doing there thing. I think if you can see art from cats around the way that maybe didn't go to school or just opted to say screw the rules and just create from their hearts you'd see more people taking interest in art. Especially in the hood.

Art seems like the one talent that always falls to the waste side. Just like their are amazing singers, poets, rappers dancers, musicians their are incredible artist who don't even bother 2 flex their talent because they don't feel inspired, or feel like they can't be themselves or go anywhere with it. I feel like my art isn't really anything, the only reason it's getting attention is because there isn't 2 many artist you can physically touch where i'm from. But they are there,they just need to be inspired to shine.

With that said, I came across this video that I thought was cool.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Work Completed on "Raising Haiti" Painting

Just added a lil detail to the wings, a little more color to the smoke

. Most importantly the creed on the Haitian Flag "L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE"

Which means "Through Unity We Find Strength"

Click Here for previous blog about the concept of this painting.
I need to get myself a new cam so I can record and do sped up videos again lol

A Work In Progress "Raising Haiti' Painting 4ftx3ft Canvas

This is something I started last night, started at 9pm ended at 2am. Thanks to my good friend Yanatha, (Click to check out Yanatha's new audio book "Walk Through this Journey Volume Two: The Next Step Forward") I got linked up with Lynn University to display some of my art at the "Journey Of Hope" event going down January 12. 2011. It's honoring the 12 students, and 2 professors that were lost while in Haiti during the tragedy. I'm still completely shocked and awed about getting that phone call asking me if I was interested.

So I'll be bringing 10 paintings one of which is this one I'm working on called "Raising Haiti". It was inspired by this drawing I did back in January of this year when I first got back into art. I was asked by a friend to create a logo for their group working in Haiti. It was one of the designs I came up with at the time.

So I some what took that idea for this painting from it. There's still somethings I want to add, and more detailing I want to do. But there is only so much your mind is going to want to do when your working on one thing for 5hrs lol.

I think it's interesting that I got asked to do this event due to the fact that the reason I started taking art seriously after I was inspired by a friend to draw something was because of the pain I felt from the earthquakes in Haiti. As a Haitian myself, I felt powerless and so hurt by what happen, I just needed a outlet. In the past I'd of turn to music, but I was no longer rapping at the time. So I guess God so it fit to tell me draw, and here we are today. I'll updated this later when it's completed.

Also Happy Birthday to Jay-Z and since it's his Bday and this ties in with this blog here's the song he did about Haiti

Jay-Z "Stranded" feat Bono, Rhianna, and The Edge"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Painting "Rise Above It"

"Rise Above It"

Was watching the Heat game last night and before the game they were talking about this art show where they were painting on backboards. I thought that was cool, so I came up with the idea of painting something basketball related. Original painting is 30X40inches

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Painting Inspired By Kanye West "Lost In The World"

I've been bumping Kanye's new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" something crazy. And while every song is amazing and dope, my favorite for some reason is "Lost In The World".

Something about that song just sticks with me, so last night while I'm bumping songs by Queen (man that band is awesome) I decided to paint my interpretation of the song.

The man holding the world represents someone just being lost gazing at life, the song starts off saying "I'm up in the woods, I'm down on my life/ I'm building a cil to slow down the time". So I have him in a wooden area looking down on the world/life. I purposely start to mash up the "slow down the time" lines to give this dreary lost confused feeling that I got from that part of the song.

The woman is on his mind, that why I have her coming out of his head. Inside her you see these spirits, one is a devil, angel, a woman throwing up the peace sign and another with a gun. Those represent how Kanye felt about the woman he loves when he says

"Your my devil, you my angel, your my heaven, your my hell.....your my war, your my truce".

I just happen to really dig this song. Nothing to deep about this lol.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Concept Behind: Hip Hop Kings Painting

The funny thing about this canvas and frame is someone through it in the trash. And as I was taking out my trash I saw it and said to myself, some white paint and I can paint over it. Never mind the frame was still in great shape.

The reason I choose the artist, album titles and song titles are as followed. I feel each MC rather you liked them or not made a huge impact on Hip Hop culture (good or bad) and rule their respective aspects of Hip Hop.

I choose Jay-Z because he symbolizes the Hustler's Success. He shows that the sky is the limit and then some. When people thought you could only go so far with rap he took steps beyond. "Marcy to Madison Square" and Now boardrooms. He shows you can still have clever lyricism, be true to who you are and still make hits.

Song: Hardknock Life - I choose Hardknock Life because it was Jay's biggest hit and ties in the idea of gritty street life but mega radio smash. It became the anthem of hoods and even suburbs, with out this song would we have Jay-Z?

Album: The Blueprint- This album was the epitome of lyricism and main street appeal. When you think Jay you think The Blueprint which ushered in a new sound for Hip-Hop.

Nas symbolizes the street poet/prophet. The guy whose lyrics read so beautifully and resonate on so many levels. He's the one that can talk about the street life and paint so vividly with words he doesn't need a video. He is a man who made a song where he spit the whole story backwards. What other MC can make albums like Hip Hop Is Dead and then follow it with Untitled while at the level he is?

Song: One Mic - What makes this song so powerful is it displays the poetry, the angst, fury, passion of every street corner, every downtrodden person just needing one chance. If you were to say what one Nas song I should ever listen to, 9 out of 10 people will say "One Mic".

Album: Illmatic - I defy you to find a Hip Hop head who doesn't agree this is a top 5 album. This classic captures the heart of the hood, of a young man just trying to get by. It's lyrics are just so real and powerful and changed the course of Hip Hop music

50 Cent represents bringing back that hardcore edge at a time that Hip Hop had lost it. He had this aggressive, dangerous appeal that just struck you and was able to capitalize on it to ridiculous success.

Song: Many Men - why did I choose Many Men out off all the 50 Cent songs. Easy, I dare you to play this song and not feel unstoppable and gangster. 50 touched on that feeling of haters trying to stop you and you saying no and because you did try I'm going even harder.

Album: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'- This album was like a hurricane that just came out of no where. It mixed perfectly the tone of aggressive street life, and how to make it mainstream. Again this is another album that when it dropped changed the way Hip Hop music was sounding.

And last is Kanye West. I picked Kanye because he was the epitome of artistry in Hip Hop. With every album he drops he challenges the boundaries of what Hip Hop music is suppose to sound like and pushes it further.

Song: Through The Wire - I picked it because it capture Ye's passion fully. Here he is spitting with his mouth wired shut about his struggle to get on and how he has his dream right in front of him and he won't stop now. Ye is quoted as saying he was the fan that got to close to the stage. This song he pushed him self. His belief in who he was cause himself to go into his own pockets when no one believed in him and make the video and push it to radio.

Album : College Dropout - I choose it because it was Kanye vs The World. No one believe in him, no one thought he could be who he was today. And he took his sound, flipped it and pushed his dream on the world. And every album since he has changed the way the world hears Hip Hop.