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Superman: Earth One ---- DAYUM!!!

*Pardon The Interruption But I'm About To Get My Nerd On*

When I 1st heard about the new graphic novel about Supes I thought "Really, another origin story". I mean didn't just redo cannon history with Secret Origins? Never mind Smallville, which is in it's final season. So i'm thinking what could they possibly do that's going to be interesting at this point. Well the answer.....blow a lot of shit up!!!

Ok so amplify what you know about The Man Of Steel and let's take it to the max. You ever wonder what that 1st time was like for him to don the tights and cape? This graphic novel does an amazing job showing progression from a boy who sets out to become a hero but then thinks of the possible consequences of being that Icon weigh in to the point he almost never comes to action. That is until faced with a situation where you can man up or run.

I felt it dealt greatly with the choice of Young Clark Kent. Just arriving to Metropolis, he has the mind that can get him the highest paying job and the physical gifts to become a sports phenomena. He could live a comfortable life or he can sacrifice any chance of normalcy by becoming a hero unlike anything seen before. It gives you a real understanding of the phrase (my apologies for using a Marvel phrase here) "With great power comes great responsibility".

The best part is the challenge he has to encounter. Yes people the villain and his connection to The Last Son Of Krypton is a spin to die for in the story of Superman. The writers dared to go somewhere else with this story and succeed immensely. Like everyone else I'm tired of Luthor always being Clark's foe and man the choice here was great! And the ending is beautifully left open to leave your jaw like WOW!!! And who of thunk Jimmy Olsen had was a badass.

Writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis I salute you both. The storytelling was amazing and the imagery was awe-inspiring. This story was captivating from beginning to end. Now this is how you tell a young Superman story. Rather your a comic geek, causal reader, or just looking for some great fantasy to escape to where you can feel the journey of the protagonist, then this is the story for you.

Superman: Earth One is a 5 out of 5 for sure. And I don't know if Zack Synder had his story for the new Supes movie already but if anything I think he should follow Chris Nolan's lead and maybe take this story to the big screen.

Artist I Grew Up Loving: Louisianne Saint-Fleurant

When I was younger, I'd say freshmen year of high school I was going through that whole "who am I" phase that we all go through. I used to do web searches of my last name all the time to just see if I could fine anything cool associated with it. One name I would always see was Louisianne Saint-Fleurant. Is she related to me, more than likely not, but what intrigied me about her all these years was her art and accomplishments as an artist.

Born in 1922 in Petit-Trou de Nippe, Haiti, Louisianne Saint-Fleurant is the "godmother" of the Saint-Soleil School of Painting. She is also the mother of the famous painters Stivenson Magloire, and Ramphis Magloire.

Saint-Fleurant is one of the five founders, and perhaps the most remarkable artist in this famous school, which borrows little from other influences in Haitian art (aside from vodou), and lent a new image to Haitian painting. She is certainly among the foremost female Haitian artists, and has has an enormous influence on the evolution of art in this country.

In the words of Andre Malraux, who "discovered" this new movement in 1974 and introduced it to the world - "it is impossible to determine where it came from or to whom it speaks." In L'Intemporal, Malraux quotes Louisianne Saint-Fleurant to the effect that: "It is through Vodou that we would best approach the creative process of the Saint Soleil painters. In the final analysis, the painter paints because he or she is 'mounted' (possessed) and paints what the loa wants."

Saint-Fleurant is now practically blind, and no longer paints. The paintings in our collection were acquired from the artist between 1983 and 1990, and are excellent examples of her work of that early period. You may also want to take a look at our collections of the paintings of Levoy Exil and fellow Saint Soleil School cofounderDieuseul Paul.

Much the same with a lot of Haitian artists I'd later research, I notice and loved her use of colors. And how unique her artwork was. It had a definate signiture that when you saw it you knew it was hers...something I hope I can one day achieve with my work.

Some of her work:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meanings Behind My Fav Paintings Part II

The Blood

The thing with this painting was I intentionally set out to do something "religious". It was a Sunday, and I was walking to work. I had passed the Catholic church as I usually do, while services where changing and people where leaving others coming. I looked up at the beautiful statute of Mary and decided I wanted to do a painting of Jesus. But I didn't want to do any old painting of Jesus on a cross. The fact I choose not to give him a face or facial features was completely intentional because to be quite frank I have no real clue what he looked like. And nor do most people (sorry folks that white guy with the blonde hair isn't him). Yet we do get caught up in the arguments over facial features, but the real important thing when talking about Jesus is "The Blood". They say there's power in the blood and it's by his blood that we were healed and redeemed.

So my objective was to focus on "The Blood" in a way. When blood is inside your body it's blue but once outside it's red. So When I painted my Jesus on the cross, I used mostly blue for his inners and outside red to overall paint him in a glow of blood. The yellow hands are the hands of God holding the world up in this darkest yet beautiful hour of The Son dying for The Worlds sins. It was just a way for me to put my own spin on the image of Jesus on the cross, but most importantly to try to shift the conversation from skin tone and facial features to what really matters.

Souls Reaching From Heart 2 Heart

My muse one day called me and told me to listen to this Dave Matthews song that made her think of me. The Space Between. After listening to it I wanted to express this idea of soul mates reaching out to each other hearts via their heart. Not even needing words to touch one another's deep truth.

The reason I love this painting isn't because of how beautiful it came out. It's what it ended up happening. I was watching the movie "Slow Burn" (I highly recommend it) and decided I wanted to just paint something of a beautiful black woman. I just had this vision in my head. And I just started out wanting to mess with the idea of contour-lining to give it a more abstract feel.

Now contour-lining is when you draw something using one continuous line. Meaning you never pickup the pencil till the drawing is complete. I think your also now suppose to look at it as your drawing but I break and reshape rules cause that's just how I roll lol. So when you look at the painting and you see the black lines that was me highlighting the literal path of lines I made when I drew it to show how intricate the painting actually is. Side note, instead of using acrylic or oil I opted to use Water Colour on canvas to do something different.

But the real reason it is one of my personal favorites is the events that occurred a week later. It was another Wednesday night and I went to my favorite open mic The Stage. And Shawn aka ConsiderThis was outside as I was heading in. I randomly told him to walk with me to my car (to this day I don't know why) and took him to the trunk of my car where I always have a couple of paintings. I pop open the trunk and the 1st painting he saw was "Lovely". And his reaction was priceless when he said that tonights feature poet, Ebony Payne (whom I had never met before in my life and is a REMARKABLE Poet) looked just like the painting dreads and all.

Me personally I'm like okay whatever Shawn, but at the same time am like if this is the case ok let's give it to her as a gift for performing. So we go inside and Shawn takes me to Ebony and I'm literally floored at the uncanny resemblance to her. Now you'd think that was enough right? No what makes it even more crazier is Ebony and I are talking and she tells me how her and her people where trying to create the cover for her new album. And she wanted to have blue hair to resemble this goddess in the picture, and they were gonna try photo-shopping that. And it just so happens that in the painting I did I gave the woman blue hair. I remember when debating what I was gonna do with colors I specifically said I want to do blue for her hair no matter what. So the fact that this painting I did a week prior to even meeting Ebony not only looked like her but captured the idea she wanted for her album cover is just insane...I guess God does work in mysterious ways.


I was having one of the artist block moments where I couldn't figure out what I wanted to paint. I been starring at this blank canvas for days with no idea. While also in the back of my mind I was thinking about a very close friend of mine and how she was dealing with the chaos of her world. So as a facebook status I asked for a suggestion of a concept to paint.

Enter Shauntel to the rescue when she wrote
"purity...spirituality...something oxymoronic to what people consider the norm."

Now the challenge was how to I show something that would display such a intriguing concept. Then while thinking of my friend I came up with the idea of a woman who is a angel but also a devil in tears from the pain and confusion of her world. Feeling she doesn't know where to go so she's conflicted in purgatory. It's how I see this friend of mine. She's such a beautiful angel but has a little bit of devilish ways as we all do. In the end she's just trying to do her best but is caught up. I wanted to show her pain and confusion the best I could from the outside looking in.

In the end what's more of an oxymoron than having a angel whose a devil praying? I originally said that Shauntel had to name it but she couldn't come up with something. So after a while for it being around it hit me one day to called it "Conflicted Purgatory" . I just think it sounds neat :)

Sped Up Videos Of Me Painting

I'm very aware I've been slacking on making new videos and I promise to eventually start doing some more. But here's the few I've done so far of sped up videos of my paintings

Angel Mother

Haitian Boys Playing Soccer

The Future





Another G.O.O.D. Friday Joint From Mr. West "The Joy" feat Jay-Z

One thing you got to love about Kanye's G.O.O.D Friday movement (granted most of the time the song doesn't even surface till Saturday morning) is not only free music till Christmas but he brought back the posse cut. You know when a bunch of MCs gang up on the track and just go hard. That was the beauty of Hip Hop, the unity (trust we see you Khaled).

Well here's the latest installment from the G.O.O.D Music crew "The Joy". Yeezy, Hov, Charlie (I'll show ya'll how to sing) Wilson, Kid Cudi and the legendary Pete Rock and Curtis Mayfield (you read that right lol, it's a sample).

Click Here "The Joy"

Kanye lyrically just gets better and better it is crazy. This song just has you hyped for that Kanye/Jay-z collabo album "Watch The Throne". Jay-Z is just so at home on this track...and it's great to finally hear him on a Pete Rock track.

Be sure to visit Kanye West's website to catch up on all the previous "G.O.O.D. Fridays"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kid Cudi Switches Lanes From Rap To Rock

People fall out of love or loose passion for something all the time. And when it comes to artist in any form it usually means they've evolved, need a new challenge or something else to channel their expression through because they felt they've done all they can. I personally felt this when I decided to put the mic down and ended up picking up a paint brush.

Well Kid Cudi is no exception to this either. And in a interview with MTV promoting his new album "Man On The Moon II: Legend Of Mr. Rager". He explains why he's deciding to make the move.

What he sad makes sense. Why try to force yourself to do something your not motivated to do any more? Funny thing though is this isn't a huge stretch of Cudi, seeing that most of his albums he was sort of doing a rock/harmonizing vibe. I mean who listens to songs like "Pursuit Of Happiness" or "Soundtrack To My Life" and thinks rapper? Either way I wish the best for the man.

Man On The Man II will be out in November.
Check out the single for the album which funny enough has Cudi already traveling down the path of ROCK.

"Erase Me" feat Kanye West

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Waka Floka Say What? U Mad @ Baracka Flocka lol

Waka waka waka

Nah But seriously apparently the self proclaim "One real Hood Ass Nigga" is offened by the parody that has set the net ablaze. Unless you just don't have internet access (which means your not even reading this) then you know all about Jason Davis spoof on Waka's "Hard In The Paint" where he plays President Obama and calls it "Head Of The State".

Check it out

Now word is according to NYMAG.COM Waka is highly offended. Going off on Twitter as it being a form of disrespect and
"let other people see how ignorant other people can be"

Really bruh bruh?
Well you know Waka is the never mind lets just see what his mother/manager Debra, felt about it “That’s not a positive image for us, period, as African-Americans, where we came from, where we’re going today,”

Ok really? Are you guys really gonna try to take a moral ground on this video. I call BULLSHIT!!!!

This is the same dude whose music is the epitome of ignorance. The original song is so ignorant, I swear I lost brain cells viewing just to compare it to the spoof. Your so called righteous stand is a FAIL x 1000. What about the image that you portray in a "serious" manner?

Oh hold your breath, I know it's just music right? You just depicting the struggles of the everyday man right? Fuckouttahere! You can't push poison and then call someone else out. If anything the parody is a major step up from the og.

I mean are we talking about this same guy?



C'mon fam, seriously? This is just sad man. By all means do you! You have a lane making ignorant music yourself, but don't be trying to talk about how some else is portraying us in a negative light when all you got to do is look yourself in the mirror. But I guess ignorance is bliss.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hammer Time Been Ran Out...New Music From Saigon

"I lost thirty mill so I spent another 30
cuz unlike Hammer 30 mill can’t hurt me" - Jay-Z

And then the earth trembled as a man reached into his closet, found his pair of dusty singing tap shoes and parachute pants and boogied on down to the studio The Beast was awoken from his slumber and ready to devour his foe who dare uttered his name....let me stop. So the former rattail rocking MC Hammer got his panties in a bunch over a punchline.


And now in some twisted sense of defending Hip Hop from Hellboy(as he refers to Jay-Z) he's going to waste his and our time with a diss track. A diss track that didn't come out in this day and age a day or two after the "offensive remark" no but a month later. And just so happens that Hammer has a album coming out that day. STOP IT HOMIE!!!

We love you Stanley, you were a big contributer to Hip Hop but stop right there man. We don't believe you, you need more people!!! Don't ruin your legacy by becoming a joke to this generation. Unless you intend on dropping a Ether size diss (which we all know your not).

Your so called beef is pointless and corny. So you mad that Jay stated a clear fact?Your name has been used in far worse punchlines, I'm guessing someone was like "yo this is gonna be great marketing"...Stanley they lied to you. Beefs are played out now, especially when it's a bitter old man shouting at a highly successful old man (sorry jay you are kinda up there) who won't even acknowledge you. Did you not see how well that worked out for Dipset and they were popping at the time.

MC Hammer Jay-Z Diss Trailer

Hammer, Stanley, just chill fam. Yeah you may get views online and hey you'll maybe even become a trending topic on twitter but that's it. It won't translate to sells and it won't gain you any respect. Tricks are for kids fam, just make music (which I didn't even know you was still doing so props for that there) and collect checks.

But it's to late isn't it Stanley, the ball is already in "motion" and your ready to strike right? Well fine then homie, do you Mr. Hammer. But your time has been ran out man, Hammer Time is over. Just chill bro, sit down somewhere and chill.

On another note, Saigon is back....finally with some new music.

Sounds like that Saigon cats been waiting for. Word is The Greatest Story Never Told will finally be told...I hope. Atlantic really dropped the ball with Saigon's album so it's no surprise they were screwing with Lupe. I mean Sai even had a Jay-Z verse/ co-sign, how many new artist get that? Not sayin Saigon ain't play his part in the Atlantic troubles but c'mon Plies gets green lit to drop a album every month with no problems lol

Songs called "You Make Me Sick"

Nolan reveals Batman 3's title and 2 Things Not 2 Expect In The Movie

According to a interview with Hero Complex, the mastermind behind Dark Knight and Inception is ready to take the Batman trilogy to it's end. Revealing the title will be called "The Dark Knight Rises"

The movie is scheduled for release in July. And has already started filming in Louisiana...leading many to speculate that maybe Killer Croc maybe a villian. While that's not confirm nor denied yet, Nolan did make to things clear.

1) He will not be jumping on the 3D bandwagon for DKR
2) The Riddler is not, I repeat IS NOT a villian in this movie.

Everybody and there momma (including me) was speculating due to Heath's untimely death that The Riddler would be the next villian. Due to the fact he was somewhat a similar character...(seriously not really).

Rumors went from Johnny Depp to even Eddie Murphy playin The Riddler

(Thank God that ain't happen).

For now Nolan is keeping things underwraps but I'm sure he's going to be knocking out another great film...Joker or no Joker.

Checkout the interview at Hero Complex

I just hope he doesn't do that damn voice thing to Batman again, how am I suppose to take a guy in a cape with a lisp seriously?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lupe New 1st Single 4 L.A.S.E.R.S "Show Goes On"

Time for L.A.S.E.R.S with the Label finally backing Lupe Fiasco and giving the project a release date (After missing chances to back "Shining Down" and "I'm Beaming" we have a official single.

Ala "Show Goes On" and yes people the show does. Fiasco goes in lyrically as usual, giving you uplifting lyrics with such skill with the flow. The track has a triumph feel from the jump as the hook sings "Alright, already the show goes on!"

Lupe Fiasco - "Show Goes On"

"they treat you like a slave/ put chains all on your soul/ and put whips up on your back/ they be lyin' through they teeth/ hope you slip up off your path/ i don't switch up, i just laugh/ put my kicks up on they desk, unaffected by they threats/ and get busy on they ass/ see thats how that Chi-Town made me/ thats how my daddy raised me/ that glitter may not be gold, don't let nobody play me "

"even if they ban us/ they'll never slow my plans up"

"yeah yeah the world is yours/ i was once that boy/ terrified of the world, now i'm on a world tour"

Tracks that were orginally supposed to be singles:
"Shining Down"

"I'm Beaming"

The video was paid for out of pocket by Lupe himself

L.A.S.E.R.S is slated to drop March 8, 2011 but let's hope we can get it sooner his it's been completed and Lupe is already working on "Food And Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album"

And has released a song for it : "Go To Sleep"

The Meanings Behind Some Of My Favorite Paintings I've Done

This should be considerably hard to choose my favorites because there my baby's but I actually can.

The Potential For Good And Evil

Easily one of my favorite painting I ever done. The idea of doing something conflicting good and bad/ hot and cold came from my friend Melody. I love the idea of the baby representing the spirit to be born looking the mirror and it's reflection revealing the opposite nature. I think we all have this inner struggle, battle, potential for Good and Evil. it's what makes us human. And the free will to choose between to two. Some lean more towards good others evil. It's a slippery slop sometimes and as clear as the fork in the road on what path to take in others.

Her Strength

This was early on when I 1st started painting and I was using paper. This I specifically did for my friend and muse Yari after hanging out with her. In the conversation she said something that sparked the thought in my head bout how strong she was holding up her world and enduring the treacherous waters of life. And How she felt I was helping her through the journey. Hence my hands holding her up as she burderns her world. I used the image of Prometheus holding the world as my idea for a reason. Just felt it added depth to the idea of the pressure she was under and how she though heavy still bore it.

"Music Is The Sound Of Love"

This is one of those paintings I always say I want to do more of. Like I want to do a series of them different versions. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. I needed a topic to paint one day and Talon suggested "Music Is The Sound Of Love". So after thinking and thinking I decided what better way to show music be love than to have music notes making love. What you may notice alot of times in my art (something I've become known for" is the lack of me putting actual features on faces. I do it alot with erotic art and what not. The reason being isn't because I'm lasy lol But I want you to focus more on the bodies. The way there are interacting, the positioning, the way the shadows touch. Body language tell more the tale than facial expressions. At least to me.

The West Palm Renaissance

Inspired by The Harlem Renaissance and one night chilling at my favorite open mic The Stage. I thought about all these talents just ready to burst out of my home town and reshape who we all are. So I aimed to capture all these ideas into one painting. The white paint dancing in the green background to me elevates the idea of it being a movement, almost making you see them in action. I believe I started writing the poem and then end up doing the painting, and then finished the poem.

In the midst of chaos, in the arms of pain
In the rain of turmoil, hidden in the clouds of shame
Birth in the heart of struggle
Beauty forever remains
When the darkest of nights arrive, the sun shines within
When the world breaks, and the soul cries
When your heart shakes, and the truth lies
There we see God, and there we will find
The design to push further, the power of life
When bullets fill the night skies
And tears stream from mother’s eyes
The passion lives, when hope dies
From out of the ashes
Like a Phoenix rise
Things you can only imagine
Will now in reality shine
This is the moment defined
As the Angel’s ushered time
The talents are ignited
The fires burn
The desire to bring forward
A new view of our world
Out of the ghettos, suburbs
Jail cells and streets
A energy unlike any other
Boiling from the heat
So Poets run to these streets
And from your heart SPEAK!
Rappers grab your mics
And over these beats BREATHE!
Singers sing your songs
So LOUD your souls feel the air!
Artist grab you canvas
And VISUALLY take us there!
With each BANG of the drum
Our heat beats become one
Divided we fall
But how can they STAND a large sum?
Of dreamers, awaken
A collective using what God’s given
To express what they believe
Now is the mature growth
Of generations of the planted seeds
From where the pain comes
This is our response
Welcome to the days
The days of The West Palm Renaissance

2 Not 1

Also one of my first paintings on canvas. I think when it comes to black males in particular there's the battle of the image of what he's suppose to be. Is he the good guy, Obama type or the bad guy, Thug type. But society doesn't allow a in between. So what I did is 2 separate paintings that are one. It's one man's struggle with his identity, or is it how he's perceive, or is it him trying to decide what it is the woman wants him to be, etc you can make ur own interpretation I remember the day I made it and the conversation that caused it. I had felt like the person couldn't decide what type of man she wanted. Did she want the good man or the thug? I felt conflicted. Maybe she wanted a well balance of both? So thats how it came about. I used to have it hanging on my wall and I'd stare at it for hours on in just thinking about that conflict. I later decided to go back and create the one of a woman because I realize that I as well as society tend to be guilty in not knowing exactly what I want from a woman. And realize there is more to us all.


This started off as a verse to a song then became a poem and back to a verse again for another song I did when I was rapping for the Stevie Wonder: InPlainSight mixtape. The hand you see is my own reaching into the womb of the unknown woman taking it to what looks like space but is really a spirit world where my unborn child is. It's me reaching out to it (boy or girl) my as those words in the poem/verse are my reaching out. But what's cool is because art can be interpreted in some many ways was the way my friend Ester saw it. She saw it as though God was reaching out to her choosing her like the bible verse:

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb 1 I chose you. 2 Before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”
- Jeremiah 1:5

The verse that sparked it all for me was from "Overjoyed"

And to my unborn child
Outside daddies calm
But inside he's wild
And it'll probably be awhile
Till I finally get see ya
Study your features
I pray I be a good enough teacher
More of a man
I pray you understand
If I don't live up to the hype
I'm not a man
And I'm scared to drop my seed
Fraid that i'll curse you see
I don’t want you to be responsible
For my evil deeds
And I don't know rather your a boy or a girl
Or rather you'll have my smile or hers
And for that matter
Don't even know if I've met your mother
But i do promise, im gonna love her
Give you a happy home
Work hard now
So you see the glitter and gold
And I can see you in my dreams
Sorry if your time on earth is never seen
Can't wait for the memories,
Between you and me
Till then I say peace

Love Triangle

You ever been in love with someone who loves you but also loves someone else? I tried to capture the idea of a love triangle where a woman is choosing between two lovers. Its crazy cuz there all binded together by her cuz of the emotions and she's trying to balance out her relationships and desire. It's almost as though they become slaves to love. One thing most don't notice is with her hands I made her make the shape of a heart emphasizing love. Love will have you up in the clouds right, so thats why there souring. I personally felt bound to someone because of my love for them and unfortunately realized I'd be forever tied to the other person so long as that person is in love. So I just wanted to express that notion. Capture that struggle.

So that's just a little breakdown the meanings of some of my favorite paintings that I made. They meant something to me for one reason or another.

Be sure to checkout my artwork at:

Why Jawn Murray Shouldn't Get A Pass

Remember when Don Imus took his foot and inserted it into his mouth with the whole "Nappy Headed Hoes" comment aimed at the Rugters women basketball team alluding to the light skin v dark skins in Spike Lee's "School Daze".

Remember the uproar that ensue after word. Al Sharpton's hair was plastered on every tv station demamading his head. While I never felt he should of gotten fired but just seriously punish, the end result was him getting the boot.

The reasoning was... well we demand racial sensitivity. But how can we demand that from others and not hold ourselves to a higher standard?

When Jawn Murry tweeted

He should of gotten smacked up a view times by his female family members. Ok maybe I took it to far but seriously bro, wtf. How you think it's cool to talk down on your own people like that? How can we have our own people in public positions speak like this and expect the world to respect us?

Everyone is always coming down on rappers and the "Hip Hop" generation but what about the older heads who should know better? What about the clean cut black males who look down on there own? Even if you meant it as a joke it wasn't funny and alot of truth is said in jest.

Oh but lets cue the "Apology" after the realizing the backlash was heavy. And of course everyone will forgive him cause he's one of us. Ummm no! It shouldn't work like that at all. Jawn shouldn't get a pass for being ignorant, just as we wouldn't allow someone outside the race to get a pass.

I see what he was trying to say originally about Tyler Perry making the movie but you failed miserably, once you decided to be a dick about it. And just insulted black woman (I don't care if you thought you were aiming at a certain few).

Why isn't Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson making him kiss the "Negro King" ring? Shouldn't he be held to a higher standard?

Truthfully just like I felt Don Imus shouldn't of been fired for his comments I don't feel Jawn should. Yet I do feel he should feel the fire for disrespecting his own women and then having the audacity to insult them further more when people where offended (rightfully so) by his remarks.

Basically you can't expect others to respect us if we don't even respect us. Jawn shouldn't get a pass for being a jackass, toast!

Hey Jawn,

The real story about The Miami Heat is the UNSELFISNESS + Lebron Commercial

Forget all you heard this year back and forth about LeBron being a bitch. Or being a trader. Or all the negative feedback the collasal offseason Heat signings got. The real story is that these 3 mega stars (Wade, Bron, Bosh) took pay cuts to not only join forces but to pay for other players like Udonis Haslem.

But this is the story they don't want to tell you. This isn't what going to make the headlines. Much like how Bron's "Decision" show's money from advertisment all went to The Boys And Girls Club. Oh don't believe me well check for youself "Click ME".

How about this latest story about the paycuts they took (we're talking about 17 million *cue Dr. Evil* bucks each) just to keep Haslem, a home town hero.

In a day and age where athletes are just supposed to be selfish and money grubbing whores that are self centered how is this not the story? How is this remarkable tale not being told. We ofter shudder at a athletes words about "It's not about the money" cause 9/10 it usually is but what about this time when it really wasn't about the money but winning?

What are we telling our kids? Its not ok to sacrifice your own personal goals for a collective goal? Isn't that what we have them play sports for, to learn teamwork and that life isn't soley about them but the betterment of the overall plan?

How do we scuff at these superstars teaming together to do something amazing putting egos and money aside to chase the dream? Granted I'm bias as a Heat fan, but I applaud them.

And shoutout to Nike for that LeBron commercial...hi haters!

what more needs to be said, right Chuck

So 2night is opening nite so Let THE GAMES BEGIN!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My version of Kanye West "Banned" Album cover

So when Kanye dropped the cover (what we now learn is 1 of 5) for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" he was met with hella controversy for the album cover. Word was it was "banned".

Now me personally I find it to be dope.

Inspired by it I pulled out the canvas and oil paints and did my own version of the cover tada

I'm gonna be giving it away Wednesday Night. So if you in the Palm Beach area make sure you hit The Stage for the 1st Annual Erotic Poetry Halloween Bash! @ RJ's Lounge 3111 45TH ST, West Palm Beach, FL 9:30-11 rock a costume!!!!

It's a's a's the return of THE BLOG!!!!

In the infamous words of the late B.I.G. "Things Done Changed" and indeed they have. It's been a minute to long and I'm back on my blog tip...for now. Sorry for the abrupt disappearance but it happens.

As most know, I'm no longer rapping. It's been close to a year since I hung up my mic and the itch ain't there. I feel I did all I really wanted to do with music. All it was meant for was for me to just express myself and I appreciate everyone that rocked with me in that journey. But it's a new day to say the least.

The creative juices where still flowing and pouring and I needed a new outlet. Funny that that new outlet would be a gift I've hidden and long abandoned. Thanks to a beautiful muse and the tragedies that had occured in January in Haiti I had rediscovered my talent and passion for art. And a whirlwind romance of artistic expression took over

Be sure to check out my website to peep the gallery of art. You can also buy prints of my artwork via that site. In various sizes, frames, matts etc (ok enough plugging...nah this is my blog so I can plug away lol)

nah but seriously check the progress from January to now

Thank you all for being down with me from day one. Now let's get this show on the road!!!

So now that I'm no longer rapping what is that blog going to be about? It'll be about what ever I feel like yapping about lol My art, poetry, society, music, etc. So once again it's on...holla!!!
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