Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hammer Time Been Ran Out...New Music From Saigon

"I lost thirty mill so I spent another 30
cuz unlike Hammer 30 mill can’t hurt me" - Jay-Z

And then the earth trembled as a man reached into his closet, found his pair of dusty singing tap shoes and parachute pants and boogied on down to the studio The Beast was awoken from his slumber and ready to devour his foe who dare uttered his name....let me stop. So the former rattail rocking MC Hammer got his panties in a bunch over a punchline.


And now in some twisted sense of defending Hip Hop from Hellboy(as he refers to Jay-Z) he's going to waste his and our time with a diss track. A diss track that didn't come out in this day and age a day or two after the "offensive remark" no but a month later. And just so happens that Hammer has a album coming out that day. STOP IT HOMIE!!!

We love you Stanley, you were a big contributer to Hip Hop but stop right there man. We don't believe you, you need more people!!! Don't ruin your legacy by becoming a joke to this generation. Unless you intend on dropping a Ether size diss (which we all know your not).

Your so called beef is pointless and corny. So you mad that Jay stated a clear fact?Your name has been used in far worse punchlines, I'm guessing someone was like "yo this is gonna be great marketing"...Stanley they lied to you. Beefs are played out now, especially when it's a bitter old man shouting at a highly successful old man (sorry jay you are kinda up there) who won't even acknowledge you. Did you not see how well that worked out for Dipset and they were popping at the time.

MC Hammer Jay-Z Diss Trailer

Hammer, Stanley, just chill fam. Yeah you may get views online and hey you'll maybe even become a trending topic on twitter but that's it. It won't translate to sells and it won't gain you any respect. Tricks are for kids fam, just make music (which I didn't even know you was still doing so props for that there) and collect checks.

But it's to late isn't it Stanley, the ball is already in "motion" and your ready to strike right? Well fine then homie, do you Mr. Hammer. But your time has been ran out man, Hammer Time is over. Just chill bro, sit down somewhere and chill.

On another note, Saigon is back....finally with some new music.

Sounds like that Saigon cats been waiting for. Word is The Greatest Story Never Told will finally be told...I hope. Atlantic really dropped the ball with Saigon's album so it's no surprise they were screwing with Lupe. I mean Sai even had a Jay-Z verse/ co-sign, how many new artist get that? Not sayin Saigon ain't play his part in the Atlantic troubles but c'mon Plies gets green lit to drop a album every month with no problems lol

Songs called "You Make Me Sick"

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