Friday, October 29, 2010

Kid Cudi Switches Lanes From Rap To Rock

People fall out of love or loose passion for something all the time. And when it comes to artist in any form it usually means they've evolved, need a new challenge or something else to channel their expression through because they felt they've done all they can. I personally felt this when I decided to put the mic down and ended up picking up a paint brush.

Well Kid Cudi is no exception to this either. And in a interview with MTV promoting his new album "Man On The Moon II: Legend Of Mr. Rager". He explains why he's deciding to make the move.

What he sad makes sense. Why try to force yourself to do something your not motivated to do any more? Funny thing though is this isn't a huge stretch of Cudi, seeing that most of his albums he was sort of doing a rock/harmonizing vibe. I mean who listens to songs like "Pursuit Of Happiness" or "Soundtrack To My Life" and thinks rapper? Either way I wish the best for the man.

Man On The Man II will be out in November.
Check out the single for the album which funny enough has Cudi already traveling down the path of ROCK.

"Erase Me" feat Kanye West

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