Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meanings Behind My Fav Paintings Part II

The Blood

The thing with this painting was I intentionally set out to do something "religious". It was a Sunday, and I was walking to work. I had passed the Catholic church as I usually do, while services where changing and people where leaving others coming. I looked up at the beautiful statute of Mary and decided I wanted to do a painting of Jesus. But I didn't want to do any old painting of Jesus on a cross. The fact I choose not to give him a face or facial features was completely intentional because to be quite frank I have no real clue what he looked like. And nor do most people (sorry folks that white guy with the blonde hair isn't him). Yet we do get caught up in the arguments over facial features, but the real important thing when talking about Jesus is "The Blood". They say there's power in the blood and it's by his blood that we were healed and redeemed.

So my objective was to focus on "The Blood" in a way. When blood is inside your body it's blue but once outside it's red. So When I painted my Jesus on the cross, I used mostly blue for his inners and outside red to overall paint him in a glow of blood. The yellow hands are the hands of God holding the world up in this darkest yet beautiful hour of The Son dying for The Worlds sins. It was just a way for me to put my own spin on the image of Jesus on the cross, but most importantly to try to shift the conversation from skin tone and facial features to what really matters.

Souls Reaching From Heart 2 Heart

My muse one day called me and told me to listen to this Dave Matthews song that made her think of me. The Space Between. After listening to it I wanted to express this idea of soul mates reaching out to each other hearts via their heart. Not even needing words to touch one another's deep truth.

The reason I love this painting isn't because of how beautiful it came out. It's what it ended up happening. I was watching the movie "Slow Burn" (I highly recommend it) and decided I wanted to just paint something of a beautiful black woman. I just had this vision in my head. And I just started out wanting to mess with the idea of contour-lining to give it a more abstract feel.

Now contour-lining is when you draw something using one continuous line. Meaning you never pickup the pencil till the drawing is complete. I think your also now suppose to look at it as your drawing but I break and reshape rules cause that's just how I roll lol. So when you look at the painting and you see the black lines that was me highlighting the literal path of lines I made when I drew it to show how intricate the painting actually is. Side note, instead of using acrylic or oil I opted to use Water Colour on canvas to do something different.

But the real reason it is one of my personal favorites is the events that occurred a week later. It was another Wednesday night and I went to my favorite open mic The Stage. And Shawn aka ConsiderThis was outside as I was heading in. I randomly told him to walk with me to my car (to this day I don't know why) and took him to the trunk of my car where I always have a couple of paintings. I pop open the trunk and the 1st painting he saw was "Lovely". And his reaction was priceless when he said that tonights feature poet, Ebony Payne (whom I had never met before in my life and is a REMARKABLE Poet) looked just like the painting dreads and all.

Me personally I'm like okay whatever Shawn, but at the same time am like if this is the case ok let's give it to her as a gift for performing. So we go inside and Shawn takes me to Ebony and I'm literally floored at the uncanny resemblance to her. Now you'd think that was enough right? No what makes it even more crazier is Ebony and I are talking and she tells me how her and her people where trying to create the cover for her new album. And she wanted to have blue hair to resemble this goddess in the picture, and they were gonna try photo-shopping that. And it just so happens that in the painting I did I gave the woman blue hair. I remember when debating what I was gonna do with colors I specifically said I want to do blue for her hair no matter what. So the fact that this painting I did a week prior to even meeting Ebony not only looked like her but captured the idea she wanted for her album cover is just insane...I guess God does work in mysterious ways.


I was having one of the artist block moments where I couldn't figure out what I wanted to paint. I been starring at this blank canvas for days with no idea. While also in the back of my mind I was thinking about a very close friend of mine and how she was dealing with the chaos of her world. So as a facebook status I asked for a suggestion of a concept to paint.

Enter Shauntel to the rescue when she wrote
"purity...spirituality...something oxymoronic to what people consider the norm."

Now the challenge was how to I show something that would display such a intriguing concept. Then while thinking of my friend I came up with the idea of a woman who is a angel but also a devil in tears from the pain and confusion of her world. Feeling she doesn't know where to go so she's conflicted in purgatory. It's how I see this friend of mine. She's such a beautiful angel but has a little bit of devilish ways as we all do. In the end she's just trying to do her best but is caught up. I wanted to show her pain and confusion the best I could from the outside looking in.

In the end what's more of an oxymoron than having a angel whose a devil praying? I originally said that Shauntel had to name it but she couldn't come up with something. So after a while for it being around it hit me one day to called it "Conflicted Purgatory" . I just think it sounds neat :)

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