Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Meanings Behind Some Of My Favorite Paintings I've Done

This should be considerably hard to choose my favorites because there my baby's but I actually can.

The Potential For Good And Evil

Easily one of my favorite painting I ever done. The idea of doing something conflicting good and bad/ hot and cold came from my friend Melody. I love the idea of the baby representing the spirit to be born looking the mirror and it's reflection revealing the opposite nature. I think we all have this inner struggle, battle, potential for Good and Evil. it's what makes us human. And the free will to choose between to two. Some lean more towards good others evil. It's a slippery slop sometimes and as clear as the fork in the road on what path to take in others.

Her Strength

This was early on when I 1st started painting and I was using paper. This I specifically did for my friend and muse Yari after hanging out with her. In the conversation she said something that sparked the thought in my head bout how strong she was holding up her world and enduring the treacherous waters of life. And How she felt I was helping her through the journey. Hence my hands holding her up as she burderns her world. I used the image of Prometheus holding the world as my idea for a reason. Just felt it added depth to the idea of the pressure she was under and how she though heavy still bore it.

"Music Is The Sound Of Love"

This is one of those paintings I always say I want to do more of. Like I want to do a series of them different versions. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. I needed a topic to paint one day and Talon suggested "Music Is The Sound Of Love". So after thinking and thinking I decided what better way to show music be love than to have music notes making love. What you may notice alot of times in my art (something I've become known for" is the lack of me putting actual features on faces. I do it alot with erotic art and what not. The reason being isn't because I'm lasy lol But I want you to focus more on the bodies. The way there are interacting, the positioning, the way the shadows touch. Body language tell more the tale than facial expressions. At least to me.

The West Palm Renaissance

Inspired by The Harlem Renaissance and one night chilling at my favorite open mic The Stage. I thought about all these talents just ready to burst out of my home town and reshape who we all are. So I aimed to capture all these ideas into one painting. The white paint dancing in the green background to me elevates the idea of it being a movement, almost making you see them in action. I believe I started writing the poem and then end up doing the painting, and then finished the poem.

In the midst of chaos, in the arms of pain
In the rain of turmoil, hidden in the clouds of shame
Birth in the heart of struggle
Beauty forever remains
When the darkest of nights arrive, the sun shines within
When the world breaks, and the soul cries
When your heart shakes, and the truth lies
There we see God, and there we will find
The design to push further, the power of life
When bullets fill the night skies
And tears stream from mother’s eyes
The passion lives, when hope dies
From out of the ashes
Like a Phoenix rise
Things you can only imagine
Will now in reality shine
This is the moment defined
As the Angel’s ushered time
The talents are ignited
The fires burn
The desire to bring forward
A new view of our world
Out of the ghettos, suburbs
Jail cells and streets
A energy unlike any other
Boiling from the heat
So Poets run to these streets
And from your heart SPEAK!
Rappers grab your mics
And over these beats BREATHE!
Singers sing your songs
So LOUD your souls feel the air!
Artist grab you canvas
And VISUALLY take us there!
With each BANG of the drum
Our heat beats become one
Divided we fall
But how can they STAND a large sum?
Of dreamers, awaken
A collective using what God’s given
To express what they believe
Now is the mature growth
Of generations of the planted seeds
From where the pain comes
This is our response
Welcome to the days
The days of The West Palm Renaissance

2 Not 1

Also one of my first paintings on canvas. I think when it comes to black males in particular there's the battle of the image of what he's suppose to be. Is he the good guy, Obama type or the bad guy, Thug type. But society doesn't allow a in between. So what I did is 2 separate paintings that are one. It's one man's struggle with his identity, or is it how he's perceive, or is it him trying to decide what it is the woman wants him to be, etc you can make ur own interpretation I remember the day I made it and the conversation that caused it. I had felt like the person couldn't decide what type of man she wanted. Did she want the good man or the thug? I felt conflicted. Maybe she wanted a well balance of both? So thats how it came about. I used to have it hanging on my wall and I'd stare at it for hours on in just thinking about that conflict. I later decided to go back and create the one of a woman because I realize that I as well as society tend to be guilty in not knowing exactly what I want from a woman. And realize there is more to us all.


This started off as a verse to a song then became a poem and back to a verse again for another song I did when I was rapping for the Stevie Wonder: InPlainSight mixtape. The hand you see is my own reaching into the womb of the unknown woman taking it to what looks like space but is really a spirit world where my unborn child is. It's me reaching out to it (boy or girl) my as those words in the poem/verse are my reaching out. But what's cool is because art can be interpreted in some many ways was the way my friend Ester saw it. She saw it as though God was reaching out to her choosing her like the bible verse:

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb 1 I chose you. 2 Before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”
- Jeremiah 1:5

The verse that sparked it all for me was from "Overjoyed"

And to my unborn child
Outside daddies calm
But inside he's wild
And it'll probably be awhile
Till I finally get see ya
Study your features
I pray I be a good enough teacher
More of a man
I pray you understand
If I don't live up to the hype
I'm not a man
And I'm scared to drop my seed
Fraid that i'll curse you see
I don’t want you to be responsible
For my evil deeds
And I don't know rather your a boy or a girl
Or rather you'll have my smile or hers
And for that matter
Don't even know if I've met your mother
But i do promise, im gonna love her
Give you a happy home
Work hard now
So you see the glitter and gold
And I can see you in my dreams
Sorry if your time on earth is never seen
Can't wait for the memories,
Between you and me
Till then I say peace

Love Triangle

You ever been in love with someone who loves you but also loves someone else? I tried to capture the idea of a love triangle where a woman is choosing between two lovers. Its crazy cuz there all binded together by her cuz of the emotions and she's trying to balance out her relationships and desire. It's almost as though they become slaves to love. One thing most don't notice is with her hands I made her make the shape of a heart emphasizing love. Love will have you up in the clouds right, so thats why there souring. I personally felt bound to someone because of my love for them and unfortunately realized I'd be forever tied to the other person so long as that person is in love. So I just wanted to express that notion. Capture that struggle.

So that's just a little breakdown the meanings of some of my favorite paintings that I made. They meant something to me for one reason or another.

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