Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nolan reveals Batman 3's title and 2 Things Not 2 Expect In The Movie

According to a interview with Hero Complex, the mastermind behind Dark Knight and Inception is ready to take the Batman trilogy to it's end. Revealing the title will be called "The Dark Knight Rises"

The movie is scheduled for release in July. And has already started filming in Louisiana...leading many to speculate that maybe Killer Croc maybe a villian. While that's not confirm nor denied yet, Nolan did make to things clear.

1) He will not be jumping on the 3D bandwagon for DKR
2) The Riddler is not, I repeat IS NOT a villian in this movie.

Everybody and there momma (including me) was speculating due to Heath's untimely death that The Riddler would be the next villian. Due to the fact he was somewhat a similar character...(seriously not really).

Rumors went from Johnny Depp to even Eddie Murphy playin The Riddler

(Thank God that ain't happen).

For now Nolan is keeping things underwraps but I'm sure he's going to be knocking out another great film...Joker or no Joker.

Checkout the interview at Hero Complex

I just hope he doesn't do that damn voice thing to Batman again, how am I suppose to take a guy in a cape with a lisp seriously?

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