Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The real story about The Miami Heat is the UNSELFISNESS + Lebron Commercial

Forget all you heard this year back and forth about LeBron being a bitch. Or being a trader. Or all the negative feedback the collasal offseason Heat signings got. The real story is that these 3 mega stars (Wade, Bron, Bosh) took pay cuts to not only join forces but to pay for other players like Udonis Haslem.


But this is the story they don't want to tell you. This isn't what going to make the headlines. Much like how Bron's "Decision" show's money from advertisment all went to The Boys And Girls Club. Oh don't believe me well check for youself "Click ME".

How about this latest story about the paycuts they took (we're talking about 17 million *cue Dr. Evil* bucks each) just to keep Haslem, a home town hero.

In a day and age where athletes are just supposed to be selfish and money grubbing whores that are self centered how is this not the story? How is this remarkable tale not being told. We ofter shudder at a athletes words about "It's not about the money" cause 9/10 it usually is but what about this time when it really wasn't about the money but winning?

What are we telling our kids? Its not ok to sacrifice your own personal goals for a collective goal? Isn't that what we have them play sports for, to learn teamwork and that life isn't soley about them but the betterment of the overall plan?

How do we scuff at these superstars teaming together to do something amazing putting egos and money aside to chase the dream? Granted I'm bias as a Heat fan, but I applaud them.

And shoutout to Nike for that LeBron commercial...hi haters!

what more needs to be said, right Chuck

So 2night is opening nite so Let THE GAMES BEGIN!

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