Thursday, October 28, 2010

Waka Floka Say What? U Mad @ Baracka Flocka lol

Waka waka waka

Nah But seriously apparently the self proclaim "One real Hood Ass Nigga" is offened by the parody that has set the net ablaze. Unless you just don't have internet access (which means your not even reading this) then you know all about Jason Davis spoof on Waka's "Hard In The Paint" where he plays President Obama and calls it "Head Of The State".

Check it out

Now word is according to NYMAG.COM Waka is highly offended. Going off on Twitter as it being a form of disrespect and
"let other people see how ignorant other people can be"

Really bruh bruh?
Well you know Waka is the never mind lets just see what his mother/manager Debra, felt about it “That’s not a positive image for us, period, as African-Americans, where we came from, where we’re going today,”

Ok really? Are you guys really gonna try to take a moral ground on this video. I call BULLSHIT!!!!

This is the same dude whose music is the epitome of ignorance. The original song is so ignorant, I swear I lost brain cells viewing just to compare it to the spoof. Your so called righteous stand is a FAIL x 1000. What about the image that you portray in a "serious" manner?

Oh hold your breath, I know it's just music right? You just depicting the struggles of the everyday man right? Fuckouttahere! You can't push poison and then call someone else out. If anything the parody is a major step up from the og.

I mean are we talking about this same guy?



C'mon fam, seriously? This is just sad man. By all means do you! You have a lane making ignorant music yourself, but don't be trying to talk about how some else is portraying us in a negative light when all you got to do is look yourself in the mirror. But I guess ignorance is bliss.

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