Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Jawn Murray Shouldn't Get A Pass

Remember when Don Imus took his foot and inserted it into his mouth with the whole "Nappy Headed Hoes" comment aimed at the Rugters women basketball team alluding to the light skin v dark skins in Spike Lee's "School Daze".

Remember the uproar that ensue after word. Al Sharpton's hair was plastered on every tv station demamading his head. While I never felt he should of gotten fired but just seriously punish, the end result was him getting the boot.

The reasoning was... well we demand racial sensitivity. But how can we demand that from others and not hold ourselves to a higher standard?

When Jawn Murry tweeted

He should of gotten smacked up a view times by his female family members. Ok maybe I took it to far but seriously bro, wtf. How you think it's cool to talk down on your own people like that? How can we have our own people in public positions speak like this and expect the world to respect us?

Everyone is always coming down on rappers and the "Hip Hop" generation but what about the older heads who should know better? What about the clean cut black males who look down on there own? Even if you meant it as a joke it wasn't funny and alot of truth is said in jest.

Oh but lets cue the "Apology" after the realizing the backlash was heavy. And of course everyone will forgive him cause he's one of us. Ummm no! It shouldn't work like that at all. Jawn shouldn't get a pass for being ignorant, just as we wouldn't allow someone outside the race to get a pass.

I see what he was trying to say originally about Tyler Perry making the movie but you failed miserably, once you decided to be a dick about it. And just insulted black woman (I don't care if you thought you were aiming at a certain few).

Why isn't Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson making him kiss the "Negro King" ring? Shouldn't he be held to a higher standard?

Truthfully just like I felt Don Imus shouldn't of been fired for his comments I don't feel Jawn should. Yet I do feel he should feel the fire for disrespecting his own women and then having the audacity to insult them further more when people where offended (rightfully so) by his remarks.

Basically you can't expect others to respect us if we don't even respect us. Jawn shouldn't get a pass for being a jackass, toast!

Hey Jawn,

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