Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Concept Behind: Hip Hop Kings Painting

The funny thing about this canvas and frame is someone through it in the trash. And as I was taking out my trash I saw it and said to myself, some white paint and I can paint over it. Never mind the frame was still in great shape.

The reason I choose the artist, album titles and song titles are as followed. I feel each MC rather you liked them or not made a huge impact on Hip Hop culture (good or bad) and rule their respective aspects of Hip Hop.

I choose Jay-Z because he symbolizes the Hustler's Success. He shows that the sky is the limit and then some. When people thought you could only go so far with rap he took steps beyond. "Marcy to Madison Square" and Now boardrooms. He shows you can still have clever lyricism, be true to who you are and still make hits.

Song: Hardknock Life - I choose Hardknock Life because it was Jay's biggest hit and ties in the idea of gritty street life but mega radio smash. It became the anthem of hoods and even suburbs, with out this song would we have Jay-Z?

Album: The Blueprint- This album was the epitome of lyricism and main street appeal. When you think Jay you think The Blueprint which ushered in a new sound for Hip-Hop.

Nas symbolizes the street poet/prophet. The guy whose lyrics read so beautifully and resonate on so many levels. He's the one that can talk about the street life and paint so vividly with words he doesn't need a video. He is a man who made a song where he spit the whole story backwards. What other MC can make albums like Hip Hop Is Dead and then follow it with Untitled while at the level he is?

Song: One Mic - What makes this song so powerful is it displays the poetry, the angst, fury, passion of every street corner, every downtrodden person just needing one chance. If you were to say what one Nas song I should ever listen to, 9 out of 10 people will say "One Mic".

Album: Illmatic - I defy you to find a Hip Hop head who doesn't agree this is a top 5 album. This classic captures the heart of the hood, of a young man just trying to get by. It's lyrics are just so real and powerful and changed the course of Hip Hop music

50 Cent represents bringing back that hardcore edge at a time that Hip Hop had lost it. He had this aggressive, dangerous appeal that just struck you and was able to capitalize on it to ridiculous success.

Song: Many Men - why did I choose Many Men out off all the 50 Cent songs. Easy, I dare you to play this song and not feel unstoppable and gangster. 50 touched on that feeling of haters trying to stop you and you saying no and because you did try I'm going even harder.

Album: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'- This album was like a hurricane that just came out of no where. It mixed perfectly the tone of aggressive street life, and how to make it mainstream. Again this is another album that when it dropped changed the way Hip Hop music was sounding.

And last is Kanye West. I picked Kanye because he was the epitome of artistry in Hip Hop. With every album he drops he challenges the boundaries of what Hip Hop music is suppose to sound like and pushes it further.

Song: Through The Wire - I picked it because it capture Ye's passion fully. Here he is spitting with his mouth wired shut about his struggle to get on and how he has his dream right in front of him and he won't stop now. Ye is quoted as saying he was the fan that got to close to the stage. This song he pushed him self. His belief in who he was cause himself to go into his own pockets when no one believed in him and make the video and push it to radio.

Album : College Dropout - I choose it because it was Kanye vs The World. No one believe in him, no one thought he could be who he was today. And he took his sound, flipped it and pushed his dream on the world. And every album since he has changed the way the world hears Hip Hop.

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