Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AND VOTE 2DAY... it's your God Given Right as an American!

My father was that man that would be at the polling booth before the poll workers. Ready to toss his opinion into that election box with a sea of others. Rather he fully believed or not his voice mattered, I don't know. What I do know is he BELIEVED in the right to have a say or at least say something.

Malcolm X - Ballot or Bullet

My father and mother are immigrants from Haiti. They've witness the ills of whack elections and unruly governments. They know the outside looking in beauty of America and the inside looking out ugliest of America. And you better believe they have never taken for granted the chance to vote.

I know many of us have our doubts about the voting system. We believe it's rigged and our say doesn't matter. We believe an secret society already holds the answers and plays the strings of political puppets and that these politicians are nothing but smoke and mirrors. I understand where many of you are coming from. However I will tell you this one fact. If your don't vote, you don't have the right to complain.

Think about all those lives that were given to prove we weren't THREE-FIFTHS of a person but 100 percent entitled to be EQUAL. Think about all who died to give you a chance to walk into a voting booth and state your opinion on whats going on today. Remember this, while yeah it feels your voting for the lesser of two evils, there are also a bunch of amendments, and rights that are being masked on those ballots that effect your day to day.

I know voting today isn't as cool to you or hip as it was in 2008 when you where caught up in the emotional whirlpool of President Obama . But it is every bit as important. Some say, well where's the change? Things don't happen overnight but a lot has changed, a lot has been passed for the better. This isn't about being a Republican or a Democrat or Tea-Party, THIS IS ABOUT RAISING YOUR VOICE AND LETTING IT BE HEARD!

I can't and won't promise you anything. But I will say this, the day of the 1st election I could ever vote in (Bush V. Kerry) my father walked in my room early before the sun even rosed. Fresh from walking down to the local voting booth, sticker gleaming on his shirt as a shield of a proud American. And he said to me "Make sure you go and vote, because if you don't then why am I here". These were the words of a Haitian Immigrant who came to this land for a better life and raised his children here in hopes of them having a better life. So vote, not cause I tell you, or Obama, or your favorite actor/rapper/singer, but because it's your God Given Right as an American.

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