Friday, November 12, 2010

Painting Inspired by a photo of Wilkine Brutus and Kaye Ree

So I was on my homie Wilkine Brutus webisite "The Vanguard Element" and I was reading this brilliant article he was writing about interracial relationships (Click to read "Interracial Vs Intercultural Relationships: The Playoffs") when I saw this photo of him and Kay Ree. I seen it before a while ago on his facebook page but that was before I was really into painting. Anyway I was inspired by the beauty and power display in this photo...oh Wilkine is there to I guess lol (i kid bro lol). So I decided to try and capture that with a painting. I know I can't in no way do this incredible photo and Kaye's beauty any justice but I tried lol. I love to do paintings of people with out them knowing it because it makes me feel more free and when I spring it on them the element of surprise means alot to me. So I'm glad that they both liked it and look forward to giving it to them.

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