Monday, November 1, 2010

Saw 3D Game Over!!! Review

You know the saying all good things must come to an end...or does it?

Well after 6 installments the final twisted gore filled chapter is here, and not only is it here but it's in 3D. You know the basic story (and if you don't why are you even wasting your time here?), someone kidnaps people who are doing shady shit and forces them to make a choice "Live Or Die". Setting up various traps (usually some what an extension of the reason they are there) for the victims to go through to survive.

Ah but lately that hasn't been to much the case strangely. Since the *spoiler if you haven't see 1-6* passing of the OG Jigsaw, John (Tobin Bell) the victims have not only been the guilty but people who just so happen to be associated with them. I mean love ones who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

But overall, if your caught up by The Jigsaw Killer you most likely deserve it. One big lesson with this final chapter in the saga is learning to watch what you say, cause it may come to haunt you. And in the case of Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery) a so-called "Survivor" banking off making it out of Jigsaw's trap it could not be truer.

The acting has step up a lot this time. And the story's twists in the end made everyone stand up and applaud. Especially when we finally get to find out whatever happen to "The Good Doctor" Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) and what role if any does he play in the history of Saw.

I must say Tobin is def cashing in a nice check for someone who barely even appears in this one...I mean granted he's dead. And doubt worry people, one thing Saw sticks to is making sure the dead are still dead. Saw 7 is a must see for fans who adored Saw 1 and 2, endured 3,4,5, and enjoyed 6. Where 6 closed a lot of loose end stories, 7 puts the final nail in the coffin.

Of course the biggest star for the Saw movies are the traps themselves. And Man!!!! They were not playing around. To let you know they were going in from the jump, the 1st trap is a public one that will make anyone who is currently in a love triangle think twice. The traps were insane and bloody is a understatement. While the 3d felt very wasted, the 3d glasses kept anyone from seeing my eyes closed to avoid looking at the brutal outcomes (granted they were probably flinching them selves).

Saw 7 or Saw 3D is definitely everything it needs to be, with an ending that will make any true follower go "Hell yeah". The only draw back was the 3d. I mean the trailers had more visually stunning things happening. A side from a gut or a window shatter, you really don't even notice the 3d work. Nonetheless it was still a good movie.

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