Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The STUPIDITY Of Funkmaster Flex dissing 2Pac 15yrs Later

So out of the blue one day a short clip surface of Funkmaster Flex at what looked like a concert saying "Fuck 2Pac". Check the video out.

Now at first I thought to my self that this was probably some old vintage thing that resurfaced and that people were overreacting. I mean my logic was okay he was in the heat of the moment during the whole "East vs West" war so I kind of get it. Until audio came out yesterday of Flex on his show attempting to clarify his statement.

So not only was this a recent event he tried to justify it. Like I said it's one thing to go on that rant in the middle of that "War'. But to out of the blue diss a dead man, a man that you yourself has claimed to be a "Hip Hop Legend" years later is just playing yourself and pitiful.

So your logic is that Pac brought a lot of negativity to the game with the beef. Now I co-sign this sentiment completely but how can you be so anti-Pac because of that and yet be so Pro-50 Cent who built his career on negativity and beef? If your taking a righteous stand on negativity in our culture then how can you co-sign some of the many negative music poisoning our people?

Before you say, well you have to play the songs are you not the same DJ who took a stand claiming you weren't going to play certain artist records anymore because of their "disloyalty" to their group or boss? And did you not proceed to do so? So you can't honestly tell me a name like Flex can't say "I'm not playing these songs because they bring a 'negative energy'".

Seriously Flex, I understand where you were coming from and that you were trying to sort of save face. You have a right to your opinion and you have a right to say how you feel my man. But at the same time you have to realize you have a real voice so you can't just be spitting out bullshit. Just keep it 100 man.

2Pac died do to the negativity and unfortunately so did Biggie. So whats the point of putting out more negativity? Instead of reflecting on the wrong, lets learn from those dark moments in our culture's history and focus on the positive. If you are going to make some stand, then stand all the way. Instead of ruffling feathers and offering a half-ass reasoning for an emotional out burst my friend. Peace fam! It's a new day, everybody got cameras.

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