Friday, November 12, 2010

US Postal Man fired over Woman's racist outburts. wtf?

I'm not going to even say anything just watch the video. According to the post man (check his youtube page) she felt it was his fault her car was getting repo because he was delivering the letter in which it tells her it was getting taking back. To make matters worse according to him, he was fired with no actual investigation and the officer on the scene did nothing due to her being his neighbor. Even though she clearly physically puts hands on him in attack.

Well this thing has gone beyond viral. The Infamous 4Chan has gone into payback mode. For those who don't know 4Chan is a group of highly skilled hackers that basically you don't cross cause they WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. Please believe me there is a looooooooooong list of victims and she is apparently next. Her information, address, numbers etc have been release on the net and every site is going ape shit.

I'm not going post any of that stuff. I think it sucks that she bout to get got and hope it really doesn't go far (but it will). All I know is it's 2010, with a Black President and this bull still goes on. I'm not even mad about the ranting woman but the fact that the Post Office allegedly fired him on the spot. It is what it is I suppose.

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