Thursday, December 16, 2010

Concept of "BeAFatherUrKillinUrSons" Painting

Last night before I went to The Stage, I did this quick painting based of the Jay-Z song "Meet The Parents" off The Blueprint2. Definitely a very underrated and often unacknowledged cut but guess people don't listen to music they skim through it right?

Anyway, it's a story that a lot of us have not only heard on a daily basis but sadly live, but with a twist. Its about a woman who falls for the thug, thugs knocks her up and bounces so she is forced to raise him solo. Yet here's the twist.....

Listen to the track to avoid SPOILER

Yeah the father runs into his fatherless son, who is now caught in the cycle of street life. He kind of recognizes the boy but since he hasn't seen him cept for twice as a baby he treats him as some average wanna-be-thug. And it ends with him killing his own son.

To me the thing is not only literally did he kill his son, but by not being thats their for the child he killed any chance of him avoiding this cycle. Fathers that aren't there are killing their kids, their robbing them of so much. So be a father to your kids, or wear a rubber, and ladies be more selective and think about what your doing.

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