Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joint I wrote "Till You And I Become We, I'm Doing Me"

Started off as just a status, but I guess the rapper in me couldn't stop and it just became something more.

Till You And I Become We, I'm Doing Me

They always tell me 'Jay it's time you settle down, find you a wife'

I'm like 'Dude, I'm 26 can I not just enjoy my life?'

Still I got one eye open, in search of Miss Right

But for now, I'm using tunnel vision and taking in the sights

Contradiction, I know

Thats just how it goes

No chains on him, so binding me is just a no

I been there before, didn't workout so more

Reason for your boy to spread the wings and just soar

Only way I'm landing, is if it's in God's plannin'

And she's got the qualities, to take me 2 another planet

And maybe then I'll change views

Settle in the driver seat, and just cruise

2 the future, but they say love's for fools

And I'm no jester, so it maybe this is never

Who am I kidding, can't do this forever

So 2 my counterpart, that has my heart

Never release me, whenever it is we start

Right now I'm just sowing the wild oats, without planting any seeds

Cause the day I do, it's with whom, i plan to grow the tree

So 2 whom it my concern, for when You and I become WE

Someday will be the moment

But for now I'm doing me

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