Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Biggie & 2Pac Paintings

There is no real great concept behind me painting these other than I was listening to a mix of Biggie and Pac on my way home, after reading my homie ConsiderThis lyric in a freestyle cipher where he said "when u hustle on it...just to get ya mama off the block/where my man J paints verbal murals of Big and Pac...". I guess you could take note that I used two conflicting colors to show how opposite they really were. Like how with Biggie I used Blue which is usually associated with be cool/cold...and Biggie was known to be a cool, level headed smooth guy, with the coldest flow.

Whereas I used Red when painting 2Pac, which you can associate with passion, fire, hot. And 2Pac was some what a hot head, passionate, very fiery. I'm mean in that right you can say "Oh that's brilliant Jay" but I'd of been lying to you. I'm not as clever as most think, all though subconsciously I could of done it.

Notorious B.I.G


Biggie And Pac - Runnin'