Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Value of Investing in African-American Art (Video)

Funny I was telling my friend how growing up I never really seen much black/african-american art so I didn't really feel connected to it. I used to feel like if you weren't doing Picasso/ Michelangelo type work, or paintings of boats and stuff you didn't really factor. That was just my ignorance and in part reality.

I have this dream of one day opening my own art museum of art work from young up and coming urban artist just doing there thing. I think if you can see art from cats around the way that maybe didn't go to school or just opted to say screw the rules and just create from their hearts you'd see more people taking interest in art. Especially in the hood.

Art seems like the one talent that always falls to the waste side. Just like their are amazing singers, poets, rappers dancers, musicians their are incredible artist who don't even bother 2 flex their talent because they don't feel inspired, or feel like they can't be themselves or go anywhere with it. I feel like my art isn't really anything, the only reason it's getting attention is because there isn't 2 many artist you can physically touch where i'm from. But they are there,they just need to be inspired to shine.

With that said, I came across this video that I thought was cool.

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