Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Work In Progress "Raising Haiti' Painting 4ftx3ft Canvas

This is something I started last night, started at 9pm ended at 2am. Thanks to my good friend Yanatha, (Click to check out Yanatha's new audio book "Walk Through this Journey Volume Two: The Next Step Forward") I got linked up with Lynn University to display some of my art at the "Journey Of Hope" event going down January 12. 2011. It's honoring the 12 students, and 2 professors that were lost while in Haiti during the tragedy. I'm still completely shocked and awed about getting that phone call asking me if I was interested.

So I'll be bringing 10 paintings one of which is this one I'm working on called "Raising Haiti". It was inspired by this drawing I did back in January of this year when I first got back into art. I was asked by a friend to create a logo for their group working in Haiti. It was one of the designs I came up with at the time.

So I some what took that idea for this painting from it. There's still somethings I want to add, and more detailing I want to do. But there is only so much your mind is going to want to do when your working on one thing for 5hrs lol.

I think it's interesting that I got asked to do this event due to the fact that the reason I started taking art seriously after I was inspired by a friend to draw something was because of the pain I felt from the earthquakes in Haiti. As a Haitian myself, I felt powerless and so hurt by what happen, I just needed a outlet. In the past I'd of turn to music, but I was no longer rapping at the time. So I guess God so it fit to tell me draw, and here we are today. I'll updated this later when it's completed.

Also Happy Birthday to Jay-Z and since it's his Bday and this ties in with this blog here's the song he did about Haiti

Jay-Z "Stranded" feat Bono, Rhianna, and The Edge"

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