Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Art @ Lynn University - Knights Unite "Celebration Of Life"

Me with Dr. Phil Riordan VP of Student Life, really appreciate meeting him and the things he said about my art...and Yes I always wear the ratty Buccs hat, its my good look hat

Yesterday was a incredible crazy day. I'm just going to use exerts from my facebook status(s) to explain bare with my spelling lol. It was a extremely honoring and humble experience. I was truly grateful to be a part of it. I thank and love everyone who has supported me. What a way to start off 2011, I wonder what happens by 2012 (provided the world doesn't end lol)

Had a great time got tons of compliments & encouragement...met the University Prez and VP lookin 4ward 2 comin back...oh and a sold a painting :) next the stage
16 hours ago

Comin back from lynn right of 95 & pbl my car stops do to overheatin...stranger helps pull it over to the side as gratitude i give him a paintin then he tells me it my be a chance meetin cuz his best friend is an art dealer so we exchange info..who knows
15 hours ago via Mobile Web

I truly cannot begin to explain how crazy a day it was & how God stamped his mark all thru it, hit The Stage & it's crazy Sophia would be there talkin about being in Haiti pregnant during the earthquake, just 2weeks prior i ran into her & she told me her tale & I told her I had something 4 it was great 2 present the painting to her right b4 I performed....oh yea I performed 2 lol

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