Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Painting "untitled"

I was reading one of my older poems and I came up with this idea to paint to images. One side me in kind of agitated or just thinkin, and the other me happy, smiling. While using the colors and shadowing to show a deeper feeling meaning...all thats bull lol. But this poem did spark a poem I wrote.

I Could...

The way my brush strokes cross the canvas
I can capture your soul’s true colors
The way my pen inks cross the page
I can capture your emotions
I can express my inner feelings
With the most simplest of motions
And still I feel
Burden my this notion
That I could make the universe cry
With a string of words
And I could bring back life
When paint drips on this world
That I’m deeper than the roots
Of the oldest of trees
And still I can’t make the world
Care to know me
Or look past the image
Ignore their own thoughts
I can’t make you wear these shoes
Can’t force you to take my walk
I can give you the keys to my mind
Even open the door
But still they view pass the eyes
And ignore the score
I can create an image that says it all
Or write a poem
Whose impacts so huge
Yet the words are so small
And still I’ll be alone
For no one to see
Cause they can’t get pass
Who they think is me
So I’ll never be deep
Never paint that perfect song
Never write that potent image
Even if I did it all day long
I’ll never be more than what the eye sees
And that doesn’t frighten me
Cause in the end
That’s who I’ll always be
Even if I could change
What you think or see