Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Painting: Lupe Fiasco "Words I Never Said"

I've been listening to Lupe's new single "Words I Never Said" and was inspired by the idea of having these thoughts and words that you want to get out to the world but you can't. You can't because your afraid to say them or society has you jailed so you can't break what conforms you. So these words, these thoughts become so loud inside you, till they finally break free.

Skylar Grey sings:

It’s so loud Inside my head
With words that I should have said
As I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said
I can’t take back the words I never said

I was heavily influence by Lupe's last verse to do this painting:

I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence
Fear is such a weak emotion thats why I despise it
We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth
So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you
Sometimes I’m like the only person I feel safe to tell it to
I’m locked inside a cell in me, I know that there’s a jail in you
Consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few
My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally yelling through

The concept is Lupe is trapped in society's/or his own personal jail but his thoughts (that have been gagged) are breaking free from not just his mind but the bars that lock him.

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