Thursday, February 24, 2011

R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie One of my Hereos

Tuesday February 21, 2011, I got on Twitter and saw a man I've admired for years name trending. I thought it was odd that he would be, but then figured it had something to do with the All-Star Superman Animation releasing that day. I was sadden to see that Dwayne McDuffie had passed.

Dwayne McDuffie (Click to read McDuffie's Bio) was an remarkable writer for comic books and tv. He wrote and produced for Cartoon Network's Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and made Ben 10 awesome. He wrote some of the best stories for a lot of comics. He blazed a trail for a lot of blacks in that industry. As much as I love comics, you have to understand there is still a under tone of racism involved because it's demographic is mostly white.

JLA25 solicit.png

I'm not calling them racist, but I've always found it annoying as a kid that it's more acceptable and likely I can read a comic about a blue alien with super powers saving Earth on a day to day basis rather a black man with powers. And so did McDuffie, so not only did he's JL featured John Stewart a strong black man as Green Lantern and he co-created Milestone Comics. Milestone Comics featured superheros who just so happen to be black. The most famous being Static aka Static Shock (who went on to have a cool cartoon and possibly a live action movie) and Icon. Milestone eventually got brought into DC Comics.

McDuffie On Black Writers and Comics


For me to see not only black heroes, but to find out a black man was making all these moves behind the scenes and wrote some of my favorite stories and shows was inspiring. I kept telling myself one day I'll go to a comic-con and meet him and tell him in person, but sadly that won't be the case. So rest in peace Dwayne McDuffie, and thank you.

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